Are Cybersecurity Intelligence and Security Metrics Statistically Significant?

It is customary to begin an article on cybersecurity with some statement about the exponential growth of threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, etc. I’m no different. It seems like a reasonable, generally accepted thing ...
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Security Struggling to Stay Ahead of More Sophisticated Threats

Will organizations ever reach a point where they feel confident about their security and the ability to defend against threats and breaches? I hope the answer is yes, someday our security systems ...
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Keeping Workplace Privacy Accidents to a Minimum

Data privacy is taking center stage in countries worldwide. Organizations are strengthening privacy controls in the face of endless data breaches, tighter regulations, stiff penalties and customer pushback. We’re undergoing a major ...
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Among Cybersecurity Pros, Security Paranoia Runs Deep

Cybersecurity pros are a paranoid bunch, at least according to a survey Lastline conducted at the RSA Conference in March. It makes sense when you think about it. After all, these are ...
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Forgo the FUD to Prevent the Security Breach

How fear, uncertainty and doubt feed the false belief that security breaches can’t be avoided Coming off the heels of the Facebook breach news, it might sound downright crazy to suggest that ...
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Is Vulnerability Management Now Out of Our Control?

I can think of three events that have happened over the last few years that were harbingers of what’s to come. The first—and most recent—was the FBI’s stern call to the public: ...
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In Defense of Honest Security Reporting

I have to say as I settled in to have lunch and read my friend and associate Alan Shimel’s column, “Security Desensitization: Another Data Breach, Blah, Blah, Blah,” I just about choked ...