Planning a Secure Transition From WFH to the Office

Organizations need to safely return devices and transition people back into the workplace post-COVID-19. What does that mean? As of this writing, all 50 states have allowed some sort of re-opening efforts. For some, the stay-at-home orders have been totally lifted, and for the rest, it is expected changes will ... Read More
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COVID-19 cybersecurity

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Cybersecurity Teams

COVID-19 has impacted the work-life of millions, including cybersecurity professionals. Although good cybersecurity is built on anticipating threats and defending against what could happen, no one expected the total upheaval to everyday work structures. Cybersecurity teams are challenged to protect networks, devices and data accessed remotely while working remotely themselves ... Read More
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Businesses Underestimate COVID-19 Cybersecurity Risks

COVID-19 has been impacting the world for at least five months, and cybercriminals have not let up in their attempts to manipulate the crisis for their own gain. For example, in the week before Easter—the original hoped-for date to “re-open” the country—Google reported 18 million phishing and malware scams related ... Read More
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manufacturing remote

Manufacturing Also Faces Remote Working Security Risks

Threats to the operational technology network in manufacturing facilities during remote work are high considerations in the time of COVID-19 When talking about security risks due to COVID-19, much of the discussion centers around displaced workers moving from office to home. What’s left out of the discussion is the security ... Read More
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The Impact of Coronavirus on the Threat Landscape

How has the coronavirus impacted the outlook on security over the next few years? The Information Security Forum (ISF) recently released its annual “Threat Horizon” report, looking ahead to 2020-2022. And frankly, the future of security looks a bit scary. The three key themes from the report are: Invasive Technology ... Read More
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security training

A Remote Workforce Makes Security Training More Critical

Security professionals have long struggled with implementing effective cybersecurity training. Employees don’t like it—and, in fact, many of the training options are tedious or not interactive or frequent enough to ensure the message is getting through. Anecdotally, there are times when security managers have had to visit certain employees in ... Read More
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Hackers Using APTs To Exploit Covid-19 Fears

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre recently released a rare joint statement warning of the rise of APT groups using phishing campaigns exploiting the world’s fears about COVID-19. “Their goals and targets are consistent with long-standing priorities such ... Read More
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DDoS attacks

Increase in Small DDoS Attacks Could Take Down VPNs

Data breaches and ransomware might hog the headlines, but don’t forget to pay attention to DDoS attacks. According to research from Neustar, DDoS attacks increased by 168% in Q4 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. However, despite a year ago or so ago, when the attacks were getting ... Read More
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COVID-19 Response: Following Best Telehealth Security Practices

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything: where your employees work, how they work and even how they go to the doctor. To limit in-person interactions with medical staff and to help prevent the spread, people are being encouraged to use telehealth options whenever possible. However, like any online ... Read More
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digital identities

Risks to Digital Identities: A Q&A With Ted Shorter, CTO at Keyfactor

Here are a few tips to help organizations keep their digital identities secure during the COVID-19 crisis The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of workers to connect to corporate networks remotely. During this time, there have been warnings of an increase in cyberattacks and phishing scams, and there’s been a ... Read More
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