zero trust

Companies Don’t Trust Themselves With Zero Trust

Zero trust may be an ideal solution to an increasingly porous cybersecurity approach. So why aren’t more organizations trusting? Cybersecurity seems to be in the middle of a perfect storm. Data breaches and other cyberthreats are on the rise. The number of endpoints accessing the network is skyrocketing. Users are ... Read More
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cyber resilient

What We Can Learn From Cyber Resilient Leaders

What separates those organizations that are cyber resilient and those that aren’t? Accenture’s study tells us Organizations are spending a lot on their cybersecurity systems, so it makes sense that they think they are well-protected from cyberattacks. And they are getting better at cyber resiliency and preventing direct attacks. It’s ... Read More
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endpoint security

Your Smartphone: Ground Zero for Cyberattacks

Your network was hacked. You search to find the vulnerability that led to the hack. Here’s a tip that might expedite that investigation: start with the mobile phones connected to your network. With increasing frequency, smartphones are ground zero for cyberattacks, but too often they are ignored as a source ... Read More
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Survey: SMBs Plan to Embrace AI but Don’t Know the Risks

Is 2020 the year that AI technology takes hold in SMBs? According to a study from Zix-AppRiver, the answer is yes. Nearly 9 out of 10 SMBs report they have a high interest in adopting AI this year; for businesses with more than 150 employees, the interest in AI jumps ... Read More
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security budget

Security Pros Offer Best Bangs for 2020 Budget

How best to utilize your 2020 security budget? Here are a few recommendations from those in the know The new year is a chance for a fresh start, and for many organizations, that fresh start comes with a new budget and spending agendas. According to research by IDC, businesses spent ... Read More
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cloud miconfigurations

Cloud Misconfigurations: The Security Problem Coming From Inside IT

Cloud misconfigurations are becoming a major security risk among organizations using public clouds The need for smart cybersecurity never gets a holiday. That was made clear in December, a time when many organizations slow down production or close shop for a few days, when several high-profile data breaches were announced ... Read More
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Deepfakes Pose New Security Challenges

Expect to hear a lot about deepfakes in 2020. It’s not that manipulating images is anything new, but with technology advantages and the increasing use of biometrics as an authentication tool, deepfakes will impact cybersecurity efforts. For example, cybercriminals are now perfecting deepfakes to impersonate people to steal money and ... Read More
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database security

Best of 2019: End-of-Life Devices Pose Data Breach Risk

As we close out 2019, we at Security Boulevard wanted to highlight the five most popular articles of the year. Following is the third in our weeklong series of the Best of 2019. End-of-life devices not properly sanitized of data can cause compliance issues and make corporate data vulnerable GDPR, ... Read More
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Best of 2019: Companies Ignoring Third-Party Breach Alerts

As we close out 2019, we at Security Boulevard wanted to highlight the five most popular articles of the year. Following is the first in our weeklong series of the Best of 2019. What would you do if you found out through a third party that your organization had been ... Read More
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mobile strategy

Lack of Mobile Strategy Creates Security Holes

How a security-focused mobile strategy can help organizations stay safe in their digital transformation efforts and beyond The focus of many organizations’ digital transformation has been on mobile devices. Employees depend on their smartphones and tablets (and a multitude of apps) to conduct everyday business, from anywhere at any time ... Read More
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