Protect Your Robot's Identity

Develop a Game Plan to Protect Your Robot’s Identity

Verifying one’s digital identity is tough. If someone has your credentials, it’s very difficult to detect the difference between legitimate access and a breach. But that verification process is even more difficult when it is a robot in your cloud system. Robots serve a useful purpose. There is even a ... Read More
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Future Without Passwords

Moving Slowly Toward a Future Without Passwords

It seems like every week brings some sort of new password-related frustration. Usually it involves a data breach of some website where passwords weren’t encrypted and are now compromised. But there are other situations that come up, too, like the time I found someone had co-opted one of my email ... Read More
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Malicious Insider Threat

Are You Prepared for a Malicious Insider Threat?

Earlier this month, Tesla became the poster child of the damage a single malicious insider can do to your company. Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an email to employees about an employee who allegedly “conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage” to corporate operations, which included changing the code on Tesla’s ... Read More
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Language Matters Data Breach

Language Matters When It Comes to a Data Breach

Data breaches were not going to stop just because the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect May 25. One of the first ones to happen since the compliance regulations went live happened June 3, when event ticketing company Ticketfly was hacked and taken offline. It was ... Read More
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Risk of the Unsecured Presidential Phone

Risk of the Unsecured Presidential Phone

When President Trump meets with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, it’s a good bet that at some point he’ll be sharing tweets about the event, written and sent on his smartphone. Most Americans may think the biggest risk here is what he might say on Twitter, but there is growing ... Read More
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Rethinking Cybersecurity About Data

Rethinking Cybersecurity: It’s All About the Data, Not the Malware

“It’s time to change the way we think about cybersecurity.” That was the message I heard repeatedly in conversations and at keynote addresses at the OpenText Enfuse 2018 conference I attended in May. “Security isn’t just around malware anymore,” said Lalith Subramanian, VP of Engineering for Analytics, Security and Discovery ... Read More
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Good Leadership Results in Better Security Practices: James Comey's Keynote Address to OpenText Enfuse 2018

Good Leadership Results in Better Security Practices: James Comey’s Keynote Address to OpenText Enfuse 2018

“I made a mistake.” That’s how former FBI Director James Comey introduced himself to the audience attending the OpenText Enfuse 2018 conference in Las Vegas. I heard the murmurs around me, “Was this about the emails?” Comey smiled. “I screwed up the way I entered the conversation about encryption,” he ... Read More
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Tariffs Expected to Increase Hacks

New Tariffs Expected to Increase Hacks on Intellectual Property

Could a trade war create a spike in hacking attempts? That’s the concern of cybersecurity professionals, who believe that the proposed new tariffs instituted by the United States will lead to an uptick in cyberattacks from China, and this could directly affect American intellectual property (IP). The Back Story China ... Read More
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Time to Rethink Security

Password Apathy: Time to Rethink Security?

Recently, Twitter asked its 330 million users to do something distasteful: Change their passwords. The social media company discovered a bug in the system that caused passwords to be stored in a readable text format. Although Twitter said there is no reason to believe any passwords were stolen or compromised, ... Read More
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Government-Sponsored Cyberattacks

Tech Companies Vow Not to Participate in Government-Sponsored Cyberattacks

Security experts (and security writers) spend a lot of time talking about cybercriminals and hackers—the so-called bad actors who are after data to use or sell on the dark web. But the time has come to expand our thinking of who or what constitutes a bad actor. Many of the ... Read More
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