Tariffs Expected to Increase Hacks

New Tariffs Expected to Increase Hacks on Intellectual Property

Could a trade war create a spike in hacking attempts? That’s the concern of cybersecurity professionals, who believe that the proposed new tariffs instituted by the United States will lead to an uptick in cyberattacks from China, and this could directly affect American intellectual property (IP). The Back Story China ... Read More
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Time to Rethink Security

Password Apathy: Time to Rethink Security?

Recently, Twitter asked its 330 million users to do something distasteful: Change their passwords. The social media company discovered a bug in the system that caused passwords to be stored in a readable text format. Although Twitter said there is no reason to believe any passwords were stolen or compromised, ... Read More
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Government-Sponsored Cyberattacks

Tech Companies Vow Not to Participate in Government-Sponsored Cyberattacks

Security experts (and security writers) spend a lot of time talking about cybercriminals and hackers—the so-called bad actors who are after data to use or sell on the dark web. But the time has come to expand our thinking of who or what constitutes a bad actor. Many of the ... Read More
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GDPR and Automation

CA Technologies’ Yann Guernion Talks GDPR and Automation

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As of this writing, we are now less than one month away from the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline. Even if you aren’t familiar with GDPR, you’ve probably been getting messages from websites and applications with which you have an account, telling you about their new ... Read More
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Easy Target for Russian Hackers

Routers Prove to Be an Easy Target for Russian Hackers

You may unknowingly be part of a Russian hacking campaign. No, I’m not talking about election tampering; this is a different, but ongoing, tactic. Hackers are targeting the types of routers and firewalls, including those used in homes and small businesses. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) released an ... Read More
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Top Target for Cryptomining

Higher Education a Top Target for Cryptomining

You know an internet-based technology is becoming more accepted into the mainstream when cybercriminals make it a target for attacks. We saw it with malware designed specifically for Apple products, and later with smartphone and tablet apps. Last year, we saw internet of things (IoT) devices used to orchestrate a ... Read More
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Tax Day Identity Theft

Tax Day: Identity Theft Begins Much Earlier Than April 15

Tax Day is on the horizon. This year it falls on April 17 because of the weekend and a Washington, D.C., holiday. That gives you two extra days to get your taxes completed, but it also gives cybercriminals two extra days to commit identity theft and other types of tax ... Read More
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Sophistication in Hackers

2018 Emerging Threats Show New Sophistication in Hackers

One of the problems with threat prevention is that we get too hung up on yesterday’s threats. Security systems are designed for the types of attacks we’ve seen in the past. That’s necessary, of course, because we know bad guys use the methods proven effective. We also know that cybercriminals ... Read More
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Facebook Privacy Breach

The Facebook Privacy Breach: What It Can Teach Us About Privacy Threats Before GDPR

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica situation has almost everyone re-evaluating several important cybersecurity issues. What constitutes a data breach? How do we exert more control over third parties and their access to data? How do we approach privacy concerns that deal with weaponizing data versus financial gain? What does this mean for ... Read More
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March Madness Phishing Attacks

March Madness Phishing Threats: Why Are We Still Falling for Them?

March Madness is one of the most watched—and anticipated—events each year. And each year as March Madness approaches, cybersecurity experts warn about hackers who want to take advantage of the tournament’s popularity with phishing schemes and bogus websites and videos heavy with malware. The NCAA basketball tournament isn’t the only ... Read More
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