next-gen CISOs

COVID-19 Gives Rise to Next-Gen CISOs

Between managing digital transformation and overseeing security in the new COVID-19 normal, are we witnessing the rise of next-gen CISOs? This hasn’t been an easy time to be a CISO. At the end of 2019, the main focus for many IT and security departments was a smooth transition into digital ... Read More
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SMB Security: Backups Need to Include More Than Data

Mass remote work has created many challenges for cybersecurity, but while there is a lot of chatter about the rise in phishing attempts and concerns of data breaches and data privacy issues, there hasn’t been much said about the need for a solid disaster recovery plan for SMBs. Many SMBs ... Read More
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Pandemic Leads to Increase in Human-Like Attacks

A new study shows a marked increase in cyberattacks that mimic human behavior The pandemic didn’t just send millions of workers from their corporate offices to their dining room table; it also created an increase in overall online transactions. Research from Adobe Analytics found that consumers spent an extra $107 ... Read More
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data security

COVID-19 Leads to Greater Consumer Awareness of Data Security

It turns out that IT departments and business leaders aren’t the only ones concerned about the impact of COVID-19 and remote work on data security. The average American has a heightened awareness of the safety of their personal data, which has increased during the pandemic, and nearly half don’t want ... Read More
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DataSecOps: Protecting Data in the Cloud

DataSecOps melds an automated mechanism to manage data, along with security, in an effective operations setup Data is the backbone of any organization. It’s what makes the company run. It is also where all the company secrets are kept. But when data analysts began to engage with IT, there was ... Read More
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credential theft

Credential Theft on the Rise, in Part Due to Remote Work

Credential theft has been on the rise in recent years; more than 80% of hacks are the result of credential theft (most of it coming from successful phishing attempts), according to the 2020 “Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.” This number could increase in next year’s report, thanks to an increase ... Read More
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Misinformation Campaigns Rise Thanks to COVID-19

Misinformation abounds during the pandemic. Vigilance and skepticism are the best defense In late January, Clint Watts, senior fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University and a Foreign Policy Research Institute fellow, gave the keynote address at the CPX 360 Cybersecurity Conference. The topic ... Read More
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There But Not There: Phishing Emails Using Invisible Text

We’re used to hackers slipping malicious links and attachments into phishing emails. That doesn’t mean there aren’t the occasional slip-ups that result in malware infections, but for the most part, cyber-savvy users recognize the tricks used to fool them. In response, hackers have taken it up a notch. In April, ... Read More
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Stress, Age Play Role in Cyber Mistakes

| | age, cyber mistakes, Stress, threats
Human error is known to play a major role in cybersecurity attacks, but why are humans making so many mistakes? That’s what a new study from Tessian investigated, and the results could help cybersecurity teams better address data and network protection as we continue to deal with the pandemic and ... Read More
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IT Relaxing Security Policies During WFH While Employees Step Up Their Efforts

IT workers may have had the toughest transition to the WFH model. Not only were they tasked with preparing entire organizations for remote work, setting them up with the right equipment and ensuring access to the right technologies and software—and doing it in a matter of days or less—but many ... Read More
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