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Using AI and ML to Win Against Fraud

Nurturing a Relationship between AI and the Security Team

No matter the industry, adding AI technologies to work processes has made a lot of employees nervous. There is fear that automation is taking over and that robots will eventually push out the human workforce. To quell these fears, it’s the responsibility of business decision makers to instead nurture the ... Read More
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Using AI and ML to Win Against Fraud

Choosing the Right AI Components in Your Security Tools

AI is a hot buzzword in cybersecurity, but just because a security tool is labeled “AI-enabled” or “AI-powered” doesn’t mean the technology will translate easily to your cybersecurity system. There is still a lot to learn about AI, said Anne Townsend, department manager with MITRE, during the RSA session “AI-Powered ... Read More
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AI certificate Fax or Email for Secure Document Delivery

AI Offers Critical Assist to Incident Response

The security skills gap has limited what companies are able to do when it comes to incident investigation and response. And it isn’t just the lack of cybersecurity talent available to hire; security analysts already on staff may not have the specialized skills needed to meet the needs of the ... Read More
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Implementing Zero-Trust Model

Protecting the Hybrid Cloud With Zero-Trust

Cloud security is tough enough, but hybrid cloud adds a few extra challenges, such as visibility between cloud platforms and the difficulty of remaining current with compliance protocols for industry and government regulations. Is zero-trust the answer for hybrid cloud security and its unique challenges? Bill Malik, VP of infrastructure ... Read More
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EOs, Ransomware, and Critical Infrastructure: Q&A with Ryan Weeks

The Ransomware Task Force (RTF) was originally announced in December 2020 as a broad coalition of more than 60 experts in the cybersecurity industry, government, law enforcement and international organizations coming together in the fight against ransomware. Recently, RTF released a report that revealed that MSPs do not commonly provide ... Read More
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training Convince Employees to Care About Security Training

Your Security Awareness Training Isn’t Working

Humans are the biggest risk to an organization’s cybersecurity posture, and it might be a bigger risk than many realize. According to research from Elevate Security, human behavior had a direct role in 88% of total losses in the largest cybersecurity incidents over the past five years and about two-thirds ... Read More
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growing hire How to Start a Career in Cybersecurity

New Hires Speak Out about Cybersecurity Job Expectations

No one really knows what to expect when they first start a new job, especially someone fresh out of college or starting a new career. When that new career is cybersecurity, here’s a little secret – the people doing the hiring probably aren’t totally clear on what the job is, ... Read More
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privacy cloud security Biometrics: Giving the Government the Finger

Contextual Biometrics for Improved Application Security

Securing mobile devices and mobile applications is a nuisance. Security best practices dictate having authentication methods to log in and open the device, and that users should log off every app after each use. Best practices, however, are inconvenient, especially trying to remember unique passwords for dozens of applications. Biometrics ... Read More
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web application DataSecOps

Web Application Security’s Lost Year

It’s been over a year now since everything shut down. As we enter into the second spring of the pandemic, organizations are able to better evaluate what worked and what didn’t as they unexpectedly transitioned to remote work. One area that suffered was web application security, according to a report ... Read More
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mobile app open source apps application layer

Majority of Mobile App Vulnerabilities From Open Source Code

COVID-19 has impacted everything over the past year, and mobile app security is no exception. The Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center (CyRC) took an in-depth look at application security, and discovered just how vulnerable apps that use open source code really are. According to the report, 98% of apps use open ... Read More
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