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How to Adapt to Tightening Security Budgets

Cybersecurity is not immune to inflation. As Orion Hindawi, CEO and co-founder of Tanium told the audience at Converge 2022, security teams are being told by their CFOs that they must justify everything they do and use all the tools they’ve purchased. Tight budgets aren’t new for security teams, of ... Read More
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How COVID-19 Changed Cybersecurity

We’ll soon be moving into our third year of dealing with COVID-19, and businesses are settling into what could be a new normal of hybrid work. As the end of 2022 approaches, it’s a good time to take a closer look at just how the pandemic impacted cybersecurity and the ... Read More
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Critical Infrastructure’s Open Source Problem

Open source has a security problem, and that could have real-world impact when it affects critical infrastructure. According to research from Synopsis, 78% of code in codebases is open source, and 81% of the codebases have at least one vulnerability. That number goes up to 88% when the code sits ... Read More
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Gov’t Adds Open Source Security to Software Supply Chain

The federal government is stepping up to protect the software supply chain. Last year, president Biden signed an executive order to improve national cybersecurity and bring better protection to federal government networks. In September, the Senate introduced legislation called the Securing Open Source Software Act of 2022, stating, in part, ... Read More
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Hacking Google: Lessons From the Security Team, Part Two

When it was launched in 2009, the Operation Aurora cyberattack was one of the first major nation-state cyberattacks aimed at private industry. Its impact forced organizations to take a hard look at their cybersecurity systems. Google revamped its entire approach to security in response to Operation Aurora, and the security ... Read More
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Hacking Google: Lessons From the Security Team, Part One

Cybersecurity is a battle that all organizations must fight, and there is really no point in doing it alone. Sharing information – the latest attack vectors, shifts in tactics, new-found defenses – helps everyone. Increasing interconnectedness and the expanding software supply chain means an attack stopped in one location will ... Read More
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How CISA Helps SMBs Address the Security Talent Gap

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One number kept popping up at this year’s (ISC)2 Security Congress in Las Vegas: 98.5%. Attendees at this year’s event heard CEO Clar Rosso and other speakers share that number a few times. What is 98.5%? It is the percentage of small businesses without a cybersecurity professional on staff. While ... Read More
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Insider Threats and Security at the Edge

Edge computing is a vital component of digital transformation, allowing data to be analyzed and used in real-time closer to the point where it is created and consumed. Securing the edge requires a shared security responsibility model, as research from AT&T pointed out, with cybersecurity responsibility spread across three entities: ... Read More
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Ransomware-as-a-Service: The Cloud Model Escalates Ransomware Attacks

Cybersecurity teams know that any technology is not only vulnerable to a cyberattack but also that threat actors will eventually use that technology to launch attacks. Take the cloud, for example. Cybercriminals are using cloud services to their advantage with ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). In a recent report from Venafi, the authors ... Read More
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Personal App Use on the Rise – And So Are Cloud Security Risks

Shadow IT and BYOD are not new problems, but the pandemic highlighted just how much workers rely on cloud applications to increase their productivity. The use of personal apps on the corporate network has become more accepted now than even just a few years ago. But what this has created ... Read More
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