End-of-Life Devices Pose Data Breach Risk

End-of-life devices not properly sanitized of data can cause compliance issues and make corporate data vulnerable GDPR, CCPA and the rest of the alphabet soup of privacy laws should have organizations looking more deeply at how and where they store and use data. While most companies have improved their approach ... Read More
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zero trust

Understanding the Zeros Beyond Zero Trust

Zero trust is a popular cybersecurity model, so much so that speakers at OpenText’s Enfuse 2019 conference said we are now living in a zero trust world. However, while zero trust is the umbrella, there are a lot of other zeros out there that must be managed to give organizations ... Read More
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Reasons Behind the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

There have been a lot of studies this year examining the cybersecurity workforce and skills shortage, but the (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study 2019 has taken a different approach to analyzing the state of the cybersecurity shortage. (ISC)2 has been conducting this survey for more than a decade, and for the ... Read More
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application security

Report Underscores Growing Awareness of Application Security

A recent report shows a greater number of companies are viewing their application development efforts with an eye toward security, as vulnerabilities introduced by poor code hygiene and other factors continue to rise. Organizations are more aware than ever of application security risks, with the number of applications tested rising ... Read More
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What Fortnite Teaches Us About Security Awareness

What does Fortnite do to get kids so addicted to it? Why are kids eager to spend money on Easter eggs and tokens that have nothing at all to do with quests but are just fun? And why do millions of young people watch other people play Fortnite on Twitch? ... Read More
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securing the SMB

Securing the SMB With a Small Budget

Securing the SMB can be a daunting task. You need a healthy budget to cover the costs of a good security system, you need to hire a security pro (and what does a security pro do, anyway?) and, well, you don’t know how you are going to make any of ... Read More
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SMBs Want Better Security. MSPs Struggle to Provide It

A look at the role MSPs play in securing SMBs and where they could use help themselves, as they deal with many of the same security issues In May, I wrote a post that focused on the SMB struggle to recognize and deploy good security, according to a survey from ... Read More
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insider threat

To Determine Insider Threat Risk, Chart It Out

Insider threats are a big problem, but you probably know that. And, consequently, the more people you have with access to your network and data, the bigger your attack vector becomes. While the negligent insider is the cause of most cyber incidents—according to Ponemon Institute, it’s about 64%—malicious insiders are ... Read More
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business Data

Hackers Selling Business, Customer Data at Bargain Prices

Every single one of us is for sale on the dark web. We know that—or at least, we should be aware of that risk. But what we may not know is the asking price for our identities. For all the havoc a stolen identity causes, some of that information is ... Read More
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Spiceworks State of IT Study: Security Spending Up

Technology is transforming everything in the workplace, and with that comes budget increases to pay for all these upgrades. According to Spiceworks’ “State of IT 2020” report, technology spending as a whole is $4 trillion a year, and 88% of respondents said they either plan to spend more or stay ... Read More
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