Risk of Using Old Technology

Old Technology: We All Use It, But At What Risk?

How old technology may be introducing security risks to the corporate network We may think of today’s corporate America as a mobile workforce, with everybody conducting business from their phones or tablets or laptops from any location in the world. And up to a point, that’s true; we can work ... Read More
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Security Challenges for ICS, OT

Meeting the Security Challenges for ICS, OT

Operational technology (OT) makes our factories run and ensures the critical infrastructure can fulfill its services. Yet, when we talk about manufacturing and systems in terms of cybersecurity, the focus tends to be on protecting the IT networks, rather than protecting OT. “The OT that automate production and ensure safety ... Read More
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Voting Security Protect Our Elections

Voting Security: Suggestions to Protect Our Elections

| | Elections, Hacking, voting fraud
It took an 11 year-old-boy all of 10 minutes to hack into a replica of Florida’s election website and to change the vote count. Think about that for a moment: A sixth grader needed only 10 minutes to be able to change Florida’s hypothetical election results. Now, some may argue ... Read More
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Third-Party Extensions Security Risk

Third-Party Extensions: The Hidden Security Risk

Third parties are a well-known risk for any company’s cybersecurity posture (just ask Target or dozens of other large enterprise that suffered a data breach due to an outside vendor or consultant security mistake). But we tend to think of third parties as a totally separate corporate entity. That leaves ... Read More
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Manufacturing Target for Cybercriminals

Manufacturing: A Rising Target for Cybercriminals

| | cyberattacks, IIoT, iot, manufacturing, OT
Every morning, I start my day by reading email about the latest cybersecurity news. These emails almost always involve data breaches or malware targeting a retail outlet, a restaurant, a healthcare company or a financial institution. What do these cyberattacks have in common? They involve organizations that have a direct ... Read More
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MFA Adoption Lags in SMB

Too Costly, Too Bothersome: MFA Adoption Lags in SMB, Consumer Space

We know passwords have become less security protector and more security nightmare. But we continue to use them because they are an easy and cheap form of authentication, not to mention the familiarity. We know how to use passwords, even if remembering all of them isn’t easy. Because we’re used ... Read More
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CEOs Exfiltrate Intellectual Property

Survey: Most CEOs Exfiltrate Intellectual Property When Leaving

| | CEO, data theft, IP
When a nation-state such as China steals the intellectual property (IP) of American companies and government, we collectively cry foul and talk about the need to better secure our IP and other data. But what about when corporate leadership is stealing that information? It is a data theft crime that ... Read More
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California Consumer Privacy Act

Tech Companies Cool Toward California Consumer Privacy Act

There’s a saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation.” And for good reason: It seems many of the laws and cultural norms we now take for granted originated in California. It’s like the state is America’s test lab. Will we see another California initiative go national in the next ... Read More
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Protect Your Robot's Identity

Develop a Game Plan to Protect Your Robot’s Identity

Verifying one’s digital identity is tough. If someone has your credentials, it’s very difficult to detect the difference between legitimate access and a breach. But that verification process is even more difficult when it is a robot in your cloud system. Robots serve a useful purpose. There is even a ... Read More
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Future Without Passwords

Moving Slowly Toward a Future Without Passwords

It seems like every week brings some sort of new password-related frustration. Usually it involves a data breach of some website where passwords weren’t encrypted and are now compromised. But there are other situations that come up, too, like the time I found someone had co-opted one of my email ... Read More
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