Are Cybersecurity Intelligence and Security Metrics Statistically Significant?

It is customary to begin an article on cybersecurity with some statement about the exponential growth of threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, etc. I’m no different. It seems like a reasonable, generally accepted thing ...
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Gaps in Resources Continue to Plague Cybersecurity

Organizations large and small continue to struggle with cybersecurity, not because they don’t understand the threats but because they are challenged with effective vulnerability management and other gaps in resources. Despite 2018 ...
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Breach Discovery Takes 197 Days

Survey Finds Breach Discovery Takes an Average 197 Days

A new global study based on 500 interviews conducted by The Ponemon Institute on behalf of IBM finds that the average amount of time required to identify a data breach is 197 ...
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Average cost of a data breach exceeds $3.8 million, claims report

Average cost of a data breach exceeds $3.8 million, claims report

Data breaches are getting more expensive. That’s one of the findings of a new global study by the Ponemon Institute that examines the financial impact of a corporate data breach. So what ...
Security Patches Move Faster

Security Patches: Move Faster to Keep Up With the Bad Guys

You’re tired of hearing it. Most security pundits are tired of saying it. Applying and testing security patches with alacrity is one of the keys to avoiding data breaches. And it looks ...
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