About Us

Security Boulevard is a division of MediaOps, Inc., producers of leading technology communities like DevOps.com, Container Journal and DevOps Connect. Security Boulevard’s mission is to serve the security and related communities by providing a single destination for information, education and discourse on the leading topics and issues facing the security, as well as the larger IT community today.

When I founded the Security Bloggers Network and the Security Bloggers Meetup and Awards, it was my intention also to establish a home for the security community.  I launched Security Boulevard with a major focus on what came to be known as DevSecOps. In the last three years, our “Security Connect: DevSecOps Edition at RSAC,” along with all of its associated activities, has become one of the largest gatherings in the world for DevSecOps. Today, we are bringing everything together in the realization of my dream. Security Boulevard intersects the security and the Security /DevSecOps communities. Lessons I have learned in publishing Security Boulevard, co-founding StillSecure and other activities culminate here with the launch of Security Boulevard. Launching in September 2017, SecurityBoulevard.com is quickly establishing itself as an indispensable resource for Security education and community building.

Security Boulevard is the home of the Security Bloggers Network (SBN). Over 300 member blogs strong; the Security Bloggers Network has been promoting and distributing some of the leading bloggers content in the security space for over 12 years. The site contains over 4500 posts from the SBN and growing every day.

In addition to the SBN content, Security Boulevard also features original content authored by many of the most distinguished journalists in the field. Audio and video content is also featured on Security Boulevard via Security Boulevard Chats and Security Boulevard TV.

Security Boulevard via MediaOps, is also the producer of several events around the world including DevOps Connect@ RSAC, the Security Bloggers Meetup and more. If it is about security, it is on the Boulevard!

Would you like to contribute to Security Boulevard? Whether as a one-time byline contribution or as a regular contributor, we are always looking for quality content. We only have a few rules to publishing on Security Boulevard. They are:

  1. Must be vendor neutral – no ifs, ands or buts, all contributions must be vendor neutral, as well as non-disparaging of others
  2. All contributions must be transparent as to authorship – no anonymous postings. Our readers need to know who wrote the article, where they work and what their positions are.
  3. Length should be 600 to 1500 words
  4. Original – if it has already been published somewhere else, we will not run it. All of our non-SBN content is original

If after you read this, you would like to contribute, please contact us at editor@securityboulevard.com.

Editorial Leadership

Alan Shimel, Founder and Editor-In-Chief,

An often-cited personality in the security and technology community and a sought-after speaker at industry and government events, Alan has helped build several successful technology companies by combining a strong business background with a deep knowledge of technology.


George V. Hulme, Executive Editor,

George is an internationally recognized information security and business technology writer. For more than 20 years, he has written about business, technology, and IT security topics. His work has appeared in CSO Online, ComputerWorld, Network Computing, Network World, TechWeb and other publications.


 Charlene O’Hanlon, Managing Editor,

Charlene O’Hanlon is an award-winning journalist and editor in the business-to-business technology space. She has served as content director, executive editor and managing editor, and her articles have appeared numerous technology and telecommunications trade publications including The VAR Guy, CRN, PHONE+ (now Channel Partners) and Campus Technology News. Charlene graduated from the University of Arizona (go Wildcats!) with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. An Arizona native, she currently lives in New York and misses the 80-degree winter days.