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GitLab Releases Urgent Security Updates for Critical Flaw

GitLab is rolling out security patches that fix a bug that could let attackers leverage scheduled security scan policies to run pipelines as an arbitrary user. Bad actors exploiting the flaw could ...
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Barracuda Networks Issues Email Inbox Rules Manipulation Warning

A Barracuda report found cybercriminals are becoming more adept at manipulating email inbox rules to hide their tracks after taking over an account ...
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Coalition Report Reveals Ransomware Resurgence

A Coalition report showed a a 12% increase in claims made in the first half of this year—driven largely by a spike in ransomware attacks and funds transfer fraud (FTF) ...
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Dig Security Adds Support for SaaS Apps to DSPM Platform

Dig Security added support for SaaS applications to its platform for protecting data stored in cloud computing environments ...
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ServiceNow Strengthens Cybersecurity Controls

ServiceNow's Vancouver release of its Now software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform adds a range of cybersecurity capabilities ...
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APT41 Micron's IP was Stolen

A Wave of Chinese Cyberthreat Campaigns Use Old and New Malware

| | china, cybsercurity, Malware, Phishing
Proofpoint threat researchers are tracking a recent surge in Chinese cyberattacks aimed at Chinese-speaking targets around the globe and that use both older and new malware typically linked to cybercriminals from the ...
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Engagement, Innovation Among Top Traits of Successful CISOs

Top-performing CISOs stand out for their commitment to personal and professional growth, according to a recent Gartner survey ...
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LockBit Affiliates Use RMM Software in Ransomware Attacks

| | Cybersecurity, MSP RMM, Ransomware
Affiliates of the Russia-linked LockBit ransomware group are using remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to distribute its malicious payload to organizations and their downstream customers and partners. Researchers with cybersecurity firm ...
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Barracuda Flashpoint CrowdStrike ransomware machine learning AI/ML for Threat Intelligence

CrowdStrike Extends Scope of Managed Cybersecurity Services

CrowdStrike added a slew of capabilities to its managed cybersecurity service, integrated generative AI tools to investigate incidents and announced the acquisition of Bionic, an ASPM platform provider ...
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Google: Chromebooks Will Get 10 Years of Software, Security Updates

Google next year will begin providing 10 years of automatic security and other software updates for Chromebooks in a move that addresses cyber concerns in the education sector and larger criticism that ...
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