Drovorub: Russia Pushing Invisible Malware, say NSA and FBI

Fancy Bear is at it again. This time, it’s said to be infecting Linux machines with Drovorub—rootkit malware that’s very hard to detect ...
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Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield Rises to SaaS App Security Challenge

Adaptive Shield emerged from stealth to address the need to better secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Fresh off raising an additional $4 million in funding, the company’s namesake platform identifies and prioritizes weaknesses ...
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cloud security

WFH Pressures Accelerate Cloud Security Demand

The demand to secure cloud services, already high due to digital transformation investments, grew even more following the big push to work from home as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic ...
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Slack Strengthens Cybersecurity Controls

Slack today announced it has made it possible for IT organizations to manage their own encryption keys as part of an effort to enhance the security of its widely employed messaging service ...
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Most Android Phones Can Be Pwned Just by Watching a Video

More than 400 bugs in Qualcomm Snapdragon chips mean the Android phone in your pocket could be tremendously vulnerable ...
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Centrify Automates Password Reconciliation via Client

Centrify has extended its password access management (PAM) service to enable password reconciliation on the client. Torsten George, cybersecurity evangelist for Centrify, said enabling password reconciliation using Centrify client software in conjunction ...
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Intel Leak: 20GB of Secrets Just the Start, Says Perp

A large cache of confidential documents has been exfiltrated from Intel and leaked ...
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Chrome Web Store FAIL: 300+ More Scam Browser Extensions

A researcher has found yet more malware in Google’s store. Something’s obviously not working ...
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Scammers Adjust as App Install Fraud Falls

According to the AppsFlyer annual report, “The State of Mobile Ad Fraud 2020 Edition,” fraud that targeted mobile apps and games fell 30%, or $1.6 billion, during the first half of 2020 ...
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open source security

Linux Foundation Addresses Open Source Security

The Linux Foundation announced this week it has launched yet another consortium, this time in the hopes of bringing some order to multiple previous efforts to address open source security. The Open ...
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