Box Shield

Box Shield Embeds Security Controls in Document Service

Box Inc. today moved to secure the content flowing through its namesake document sharing and management platform by making available Box Shield, a set of threat detection and governance controls that can ...
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Texas Ransomware

Texas Does Ransomware Bigger: 23 Local Gov’ts Attacked

Another week, another 23 local governments crippled by ransomware, in what appears to be a coordinated attack ...
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Busted: Kaspersky AV Tracks Your Every Click

Kaspersky Lab’s endpoint security products track your web activity. And it allowed any other website to track you ...
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WhiteHat Report: DevSecOps Adoption on the Rise

More organizations have embraced best DevSecOps practices, according to a report published by WhiteHat Security, a subsidiary of NTT Security focused on application security. However, the report also notes that although more ...
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Screwed Drivers: Windows Third-Party Device Code is Huge Mess

Many Windows drivers permit malware to access anything, subverting controls that separate user space from the kernel ...
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voting machines

US Voting Machines Internet-Connected, Despite Denials

Researchers were horrified to discover 35 ES&S voting machines connected to the internet. As you might have guessed, this is not at all good security practice—and it directly contradicts statements by various ...
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DevSecOps pillars

Report Identifies 6 DevSecOps Pillars

At the Black Hat USA conference, the DevSecOps Working Group of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced it has published a report identifying the six pillars on which any set of best ...
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WPA3 Dragonblood

Wi-Fi WPA3 Standard Fails Again as New ‘Dragonblood’ Bugs Found

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s WPA3 standard is under fire again, as researchers find more vulnerabilities ...
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Malwarebytes Launches Malware Remediaton Service

Malwarebytes today launched a malware removal service that makes first responders in the form of cybersecurity professionals available on-demand to organizations currently under cyberattack. Kevin Latimore, enterprise malware removal specialist for Malwarebytes, ...
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Managed Security Services’ Black-Box Approach

Juniper Networks Extends Cybersecurity Strategy

Juniper Networks has extended its campaign to tightly couple security and networking by first making it possible to block threats at the router level using alerts generated by threat feeds and then ...
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