phishing attack

Report Details COVID-19 Phishing Attacks Based on Emails From White House

COVID-19 phishing attacks are taking twist by impersonating messages from the White House. Research published by INKY, a provider of tools for identifying phishing attacks using machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics, finds cybercriminals are sending emails that direct individuals to fake websites to learn more about plans to combat ... Read More
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Untangle Extends Security Alliance With Webroot

Untangle has deepened its alliance with Webroot to provide tighter integration between the control plane Untangle uses to manage firewalls and the endpoint security software provided by Webroot. Heather Paunet, vice president of product management for Untangle, said the goal is to reduce the total cost of cybersecurity by making ... Read More
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Vollgar botnet

Guardicore Labs: Vollgar Botnet Targets SQL Server DBs

Guardicore Labs this week published a report detailing how a malicious botnet has been using a brute force technique for nearly two years now to compromise systems running Microsoft SQL Server databases, then deploying multiple backdoors and executing numerous malicious modules including multifunctional remote access tools (RATs) and cryptominers. Ophir ... Read More
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cybersecurity cloud

Cybersecurity Cloud Transition Likely to Accelerate

With more cybersecurity professionals being required to work from home, the rate at which cloud security tools have been transitioning to the cloud may be about to accelerate. A survey of 130 security practitioners who attended the recent Cloud and Security Expo in London suggests the rate at which security ... Read More
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Report Microsoft

Report Highlights Microsoft Admin Privilege Risks

A Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report published by BeyondTrust, a provider of privilege access management (PAM) software, serves as a reminder of how more crucial than ever it is to turn off administrative rights now that many employees are working from home to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The report notes a ... Read More
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COVID-19 Pandemic Drives Spike in Phishing Attacks

As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc around the globe, cybercriminals appear to be reaching new lows in their latest efforts to exploit personal fears to launch phishing attacks. A report published today by Barracuda Networks notes some of these attacks are becoming quite personal. One instance of a blackmail attack ... Read More
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Akamai Managed Security Services

Akamai Expands Managed Security Services

Akamai this week announced it has added a secure web gateway capability to its portfolio of managed security services, while at the same time extending the reach of its service for mitigating the impact of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack to public clouds. The secure web gateway capability ... Read More
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Auth0 to Streamline Analysis of Reputation Data

Auth0 has acquired in part to gain access to an application programming interface (API) through which curated IP, email and domain reputation data will be fed into the Auth0 anomaly detection engine. Delivered as a service, the Auth0 reputational data analytics engine will enable cybersecurity teams to more easily ... Read More
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Contrast Security

Contrast Security Advances DevSecOps

Contrast Security this week added a Route Intelligence module to a Contrast Assess vulnerability assessment that automates the code scanning process. Surag Patel, chief strategy officer for Contrast Security, said Route Intelligence employs sensors in the form of lightweight agents to instrument applications so IT teams can more easily identify ... Read More
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Fusion Creates Online Pandemic Readiness Resource

Fusion Risk Management Inc., a provider of disaster recovery software and services, this week announced it will make available an online pandemic readiness toolkit. Company CTO Corey Cowgill said the goal is to provide organizations with timely and reputable resources, including cybersecurity best practices, to help organizations maintain business continuity ... Read More
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