Patch Tuesday Panic: ‘Extraordinarily Serious’ Bug in CryptoAPI

Today’s Windows patch batch will contain a fix for a big, huge, nasty, critical encryption bug ...
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London Stock Exchange cyberattack

London Stock Exchange Outage: A Cyberattack? By Iran?

Secret sources say stock exchange failure might have been caused by a security breach. GCHQ, the "Brisish NSA" are said to be investigating a possible inside job, involving a bogus software update ...
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2020 tax scams

2020 Tax Season Scams Already Underway

2020 tax scams are already underway. Here’s what you need to know to stay safe in the new year The 2019 tax year just ended, which means scammers are now working harder ...
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ToTok App Deleted: UAE Accused of Spyware Scandal

The United Arab Emirates has been fingered by deep-throat U.S. sources, saying its app spies on its own citizens—and perhaps others around the world ...
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F5 Networks

F5 Networks Buys Shape Security to Prevent Fraud

F5 Networks this week announced it is acquiring Shape Security, a provider of a cloud service that leverages machine learning algorithms to identify instances of fraud, for roughly $1 billion in cash ...
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location tracking

Shady Tracking Firms Are Selling Your GPS Location History

In a worrying report, the Gray Lady is waking up Americans to the silent world of smartphone location tracking and brokerage ...
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Report: Malware for Macs on the Rise

It’s looks like Apple Macintosh systems may not be as impervious to cybersecurity threats as many end users have been led to believe. A report published this week by Malwarebytes Labs, the ...
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Ryuk: Cult Character to Ransomware Villain

If a fan of anime or manga is asked their thoughts on Ryuk, a long discussion about the character popularized in Death Note will undoubtedly follow. Ask someone in the InfoSec community ...
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managed detection and response

Shifting from Managed Security Services to Managed Detection and Response

The world of managed security services is changing rapidly, having recently expanded with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. According to Gartner’s 2018 “Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services,” 15% ...
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ZeroNorth Brings Risk Intelligence to DevOps

In their rush to embrace digital transformation, many enterprises often overlook the importance of cybersecurity and may be exposing themselves to more risk than necessary. Cybersecurity challenges are nothing new; however, businesses ...
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