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Ask Chloé: Preventing Future Burnout

Welcome to the Ask Chloé column on Security Boulevard! Each week, Chloé provides answers to readers’ questions to help guide them as they navigate the technology industry. This week, Chloé addresses a reader’s fear that ...
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supply chain IoT edge trucking

Securing the Edge in the Supply Chain

The supply chain is something most people take for granted—until something goes wrong. The pandemic highlighted just how quickly business can grind to a halt if the supply chain is disrupted. Organizations ...
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insider risk Risky Insider Security Behaviors

Perceptions of Insider Risk 2021

The month of September is designated “National Insider Threat Awareness Month,” and based on the number of cybersecurity incidents that involve employees, perhaps every month should be insider threat awareness month. Insider ...
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cybercriminals ransomware Barbary Buran

Ransomware Attacks Growing More Sophisticated

Cybercriminals attacked with gusto in the first half of 2021 and attacks show no signs of slowing down. In just the first half of the year, malicious actors exploited dangerous vulnerabilities across ...
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OMI security vulnerability data breach

OMIGOD! Azure Vulnerabilities Are Being Exploited

No sooner had the Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) software agent silently installed by Microsoft on more than half of all Azure instances been revealed then threat actors were already on the case, ...
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‘OMIGOD’ Azure Critical Bugfix? Do It Yourself—Because Microsoft Won’t

‘OMIGOD’ Azure Critical Bugfix? Do It Yourself—Because Microsoft Won’t

Using OMI on Microsoft Azure? Drop everything and patch this critical vulnerability ...
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CNA REvil EtterSilent ransomware dark web

Bad Apples: How CNA Attacks Put Everyone At Risk

On September 14, 2021, two unrelated incidents demonstrated not only the vulnerability of users to state-sponsored attacks but the fact that defenders are relegated to playing “cat and mouse” with attackers (including ...
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passwordless Future Without Passwords

Microsoft Ditches Passwords. Will the World Follow?

To password or not to password? The debate has raged for years now with no clear winner. But there may be a little more ‘oomph’ behind the passwordless side this week after ...
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IBM cloud threat suspicious activitylogging

IBM Report Shows Severity of Cloud Security Challenges

IBM Security Services today published a report detailing a raft of issues pertaining to cloud security, including the fact that there are nearly 30,000 cloud accounts potentially for sale on dark web ...
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hybrid edge Security Struggling Threats

Securing the Edge in a Hybrid Environment

| | edge computing, hybrid, remote work, SASE
A year ago, the buzz in cybersecurity was around how to best secure a remote workforce. Today, organizations have to consider how to secure a hybrid environment, with not just a mix ...
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