SMB security

Report Shines Light on Extent of SMB Insecurity

Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have emerged as the weakest cybersecurity link mainly because so many of them continue to rely on antiquated software that is easy to exploit. That’s the finding of a ...
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Google recordings

OK Google, Stop Eavesdropping on Me!

Google gives contractors access to your voice. And now, recordings made secretly by Google have leaked. About 15% weren’t even meant for Google ...
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summer security

Summer Security: Hackers Don’t Take Time Off

Employees are introducing more security risks while working during their summer vacation, one report says If you’re sitting in the waiting area of any airport around the world with headphones on, listening ...
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cloud security

Barracuda Networks Extends Cloud Security Reach to Azure

Barracuda Networks today announced it has extended the reach of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for managing cloud security to now include Microsoft Azure. Previously available only on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud ...
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DevOps Chat: Cloud-Native AppSec, with Manicode Security

DevOps Chat: Cloud-Native AppSec, with Manicode Security

RSA Asia Pacific & Japan Conference 2019 in Singapore promises exciting and engaging sessions. A likely popular and possibly controversial talk will be “The Future of AppSec is Cloud Native.” Co-presented by ...
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Astaroth-Dropper Trojan Hides in Plain Sight

Malware is getting harder to detect. So says an AV vendor, anyway. But here’s a fascinating case study ...
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online gaming

Tackling the Issue of Online Gaming Credential Stuffing

When it comes to cyberattacks, what causes them and the risks they pose, our attention focuses primarily on the most vital industry verticals: financial, health care, commerce and government. So when I ...
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facial recognition

Federal Facial Recognition by Stealth – With Zero Oversight

FBI and DHS ICE “misusing” drivers’ license photos to catch crims. Privacy advocates are apoplectic ...
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Capsule8 Linux Security

DevOps Chat: DevSecOps and Linux Protection, With Capsule8

Capsule8 is focused on protecting Linux infrastructure whether in the cloud, in containers or even bare metal. The team is made up of industry veterans who understand the problems security pros face, ...
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China Anthem hack

China Targeting USG Employees Via Anthem Hack

The recent indictment of two Chinese nationals for the 2015 hack on Anthem that compromised more than 78 million health records, including 4 million U.S. government employees, moves the provenance of the ...
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