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Ukraine Russia cyberwar hacking

‘Massive’ Cyberattack on Ukraine Cripples Gov’t Websites

Hackers launched attacks on dozens of Ukrainian government websites Thursday night, crippling many and threatening to expose sensitive data. “As a result of a massive cyberattack, the websites of the Ministry of ...
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Log4j emergencies and cyberattacks

SEC, FTC Issue Warning on Log4j Vulnerabilities

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are sending warnings to companies that don’t address the risk from the Log4j vulnerabilities. The FTC in particular has ...
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3 Pillars of a Successful Managed Security Services Deployment

As much as they’d like to be able to, not many enterprises can afford a dedicated, in-house SWAT team of security experts, ready to pounce on and deflect the latest threats to ...
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GUEST ESSAY: JPMorgan’s $200 million in fines stems from all-too-common compliance failures

GUEST ESSAY: JPMorgan’s $200 million in fines stems from all-too-common compliance failures

Last month’s $125 million Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) fine combined with the $75 million U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) fine against JPMorgan sent shockwaves through financial and other regulated customer-facing ...
Attack of the Killer USBs

FBI Issues Warning on FIN7 USB Stick Exploit

The FBI issued a warning that a group of threat actors from the FIN7 cybercrime group has resorted to an old trick—mailing USB sticks loaded with BadUSB malware to companies. The packages ...
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Russian Group-IB EU Russia Project Lakhta’s Accountant

CISA, NSA Warn of Russian Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

After threat actors linked to Russia used multiple techniques to attack a wide variety of U.S. targets, the FBI, CISA and the NSA issued a joint warning to those tasked with protecting ...
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Oxeye toxic workplace ask chloé

Oxeye Tool Can Counter Log4j Obfuscation Attacks

Oxeye today announced an open source deobfuscation tool, dubbed Ox4Shell, that makes it simpler for cybersecurity teams to uncover hidden payloads that attempt to exploit Log4Shell vulnerabilities. Many enterprise IT organizations have ...
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cybersecurity future hope

Why 2022 Should be a Year of Cybersecurity Optimism

2021 has been a year that few in the cybersecurity world will miss. From coping with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to emerging trends and threats in the world of ...
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cloud Public Clouds Spread Malware

Attackers More Successful at Delivering Malware Payloads

Cloud-delivered malware is now more prevalent than web-delivered malware. In 2021, malware downloads originating from cloud apps increased to 66% of all malware downloads when compared to traditional websites, up from 46% ...
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The aspirations of NTT's Health & Wellbeing initiative by Byron Acohido

MY TAKE: What if Big Data and AI could be intensively focused on health and wellbeing?

Might it be possible to direct cool digital services at holistically improving the wellbeing of each citizen of planet Earth? Related: Pursuing a biological digital twin A movement aspiring to do just ...