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500+ Google Chrome Extensions Stealing Your Data for Years

Security researchers just found a huge cache of malicious Chrome extensions, infecting millions of browsers ...
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A Well-Equipped Security Team Could Save You Millions of Dollars a Year

Data breaches are expensive. By now, most organizations are well aware of this fact. When it comes to resource planning, however, SecOps teams need concrete data to ensure adequate funding is available ...

POTS – Protective Optimization Technologies: May The Algorithm Be With You

via Adrian Colyer (a Venture Partner at London, UK ensconced Accel, and writing at The Morning Paper comes a sperlative analysis of this outstanding scholarly paper entitled POTS: Protective Optimization Technologies - ...

Imperva Report: Third of Vulnerabilities Lack Fix

An analysis of the vulnerabilities that were disclosed in 2019 conducted by Imperva, a provider of firewall management software, finds there was a 17.6% increase compared to 2018, with 22% of those ...
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Cyberattacks Are Changing: Here’s How

Cyberattacks are changing. Exponential increases in how businesses and consumers engage with technology on a daily basis has unleashed an ever-expanding array of attack surfaces and vectors. And we’re feeling the heat ...
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FTCode: PowerShell’s Own Ransomware

If it is not yet apparent how pervasive and problematic ransomware is, just look at the news. Weekly, and sometimes near-daily, a new variant is discovered or another massive corporation has fallen ...
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5 Security Trends and Predictions to Watch in 2020

The 2019 cybersecurity landscape was once again littered with attacks. From the resurgence of ransomware to mega data breaches, cybercriminals continue to target ...
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Third CISO Roundtable Overview – Building a Defendable Enterprise with Continuous Monitoring

The post Third CISO Roundtable Overview – Building a Defendable Enterprise with Continuous Monitoring appeared first on CCSI ...

Survey: SMBs Plan to Embrace AI but Don’t Know the Risks

Is 2020 the year that AI technology takes hold in SMBs? According to a study from Zix-AppRiver, the answer is yes. Nearly 9 out of 10 SMBs report they have a high ...
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