The FINCEN Files Leakage

This week began with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) providing a view and analysis into thousands of financial transactions contained within Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) that were leaked from with the U.S. FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). The ICIJ effort was augmented by old-fashioned research and interviews conducted ... Read More

What to Expect When You’re Expecting … To Be Hacked

If you interview the IT and security staff of a company that has had a breach, very few of them would say they were expecting to get hacked. These “survivors” are often in a state of disbelief that it has happened to them and suffer from analysis paralysis when it ... Read More

Feds Yell PATCH NOW over Windows AD ‘Zerologon’ Vuln

CISA sent an unusual warning late last week. The source of their fears? The Zerologon vulnerability, disclosed last week ... Read More

Barracuda Networks Centralizes Security Across Azure SD-WAN

Barracuda Networks announced today it has extended the CloudGen WAN gateways that it deploys in Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN Hubs to enable cybersecurity teams to apply multi-factor authentication to remote users using policies enforced by Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD). Tim Jefferson, senior vice president of engineering for data, network ... Read More
data encryption

Encryption Requirements Driven by Data State

Have you ever had that feeling that something is amiss? While conducting research on when data encryption is required, I noticed something that seemed a little off. It is commonplace for regulations to require measures be taken to protect data. Many regulations recommend encryption to protect data as it exists ... Read More

WeChat Banned, TikTok Saved

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of activity surrounding two Chinese apps, TikTok (Bytdance) and WeChat (Tencent) and their ability to continue to have a presence in the United States. The activity hit a crescendo Sept. 18 when the Department of Commerce announced prohibitions affecting the two apps, ... Read More
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COVID-19 Leads to Greater Consumer Awareness of Data Security

It turns out that IT departments and business leaders aren’t the only ones concerned about the impact of COVID-19 and remote work on data security. The average American has a heightened awareness of the safety of their personal data, which has increased during the pandemic, and nearly half don’t want ... Read More

U.S. Requires Servers to Ban TikTok, WeChat Traffic

On Sunday, Sept. 20, Chinese company ByteDance’s TikTok and WeChat die. President Trump’s executive order, which prohibits any “transactions” with ByteDance thereafter, has now been clarified to note that “transactions” include both the transfer of data to and from TikTok, as well as the hosting or downloading of the applications ... Read More

DuckDuckGo: Crazy Name, Growing Crazy-Fast

The privacy lovers at DuckDuckGo, Inc. are pleased to say the business is growing fast. Plus, Apple have graciously allowed iPhone users to set DDG’s browser as the default on iOS 14 ... Read More

The Curious Case of SunCrypt

Toward the end of August, the gang behind the SunCrypt ransomware strain announced they had joined the Maze cartel of ransomware operators, which currently boasts Maze, LockBit and Ragnar Locker. After that announcement, reports began emerging of the first high-profile victim of the gang. However, not all is as it ... Read More