White House Cyber Ops

White House: Let’s Get It On with Cyber Ops

The White House’s National Cyber Strategy was received by many with yawns and expressions of puzzlement, as the administration of President Trump had been pruning cyber expertise from within the ranks of those advising the National Security Council (NSC). To embrace this as ho-hum would be in error. The strategy ... Read More
Difficulty in Detecting Fraudulent Identity

Real or Fake? The Difficulty in Detecting Fraudulent Identity

Am I who you think I am? My name is on this article, right next to a picture. You could send me a comment on Twitter or do a Google search to see if I’m legitimate. But is that really enough proof to prove my identity, to show that I ... Read More
Cybersecurity Automation Ambitions

Red Hat Extends Cybersecurity Automation Ambitions

Red Hat has announced it plans to extend the open source Ansible framework for automating IT operations into the realm of cybersecurity. Announced this month at the AnsibleFest 2018 conference, Red Hat showcased a preview of a declarative approach to automating IT that is used widely within IT organizations to ... Read More
Things to Know WPA3 Protocol

Study: Most Home Routers Have Unpatched Vulnerabilities

A study performed by the non-profit American Consumer Institute (ACI) Center for Citizen Research revealed that the majority of home routers have tens of known vulnerabilities. For its research, the ACI used a scanner called Insignary Clarity, which can identify vulnerabilities in binary files, to analyze the firmware of 186 ... Read More
FUD to Prevent the Security Breach

Forgo the FUD to Prevent the Security Breach

How fear, uncertainty and doubt feed the false belief that security breaches can’t be avoided Coming off the heels of the Facebook breach news, it might sound downright crazy to suggest that breaches can be avoided. But no organization is destined to be a victim of ransomware or a denial-of-service ... Read More
Fileless Malware Rapid Expansion

APT28 Gets the Spotlight, But Turla Remains Russia’s Elite Hacking Unit

Over the past two years, the Russian cyberespionage group known as APT28, Sofacy or Fancy Bear, has been the focus of many press reports, threat analyses, Western intelligence investigations and, more recently, U.S. prosecution efforts. Yet despite all the varied attacks attributed to it and it’s alleged association with the ... Read More
Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary of Homeland Security: We’re Ready for Election Day Interference

About a month ahead of the midterm elections, the Washington Post’s cybersecurity reporter Derek Hawkins interviewed Kirstjen Nielsen, United States Secretary of Homeland Security, about the current state of the nation’s election security. The interview took place during the Washington Post’s Cybersecurity Summit | 2018. When asked how the security ... Read More
Splunk Brings SOAR to SIEM Platform

Splunk Brings SOAR to SIEM Platform

Splunk this week at its .conf18 conference deliver on a promise to integrate the security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) technology gained through its acquisition of Phantom with the security information event management (SIEM) platform it developed on top of its core operational analytics platform. Other new capabilities added to ... Read More
AI Can Help Close Security Gaps

Ponemon Study Finds AI Can Help Close Security Gaps

Is the tail wagging the dog? Ponemon Institute and Aruba teamed up on a survey released a few weeks ago that found artificial intelligence (AI) is the key weapon for closing IoT-era cybersecurity gaps. Ponemon surveyed 4,000 security and IT professionals in the Americas, Europe and Asia. But the question ... Read More
Hackers Use EternalBlue Exploit Cryptominer

Google Cracks Down on Malicious Chrome Extensions

The next major version of Google Chrome will give users finer-grained control over how extensions interact with the websites they visit. This decision comes after malicious extensions have repeatedly made their way into the Chrome Web Store over the past couple of years. Third-party browser extensions enable many features that ... Read More