DDoS Attack China

Telegram App DDoS from China Hinders #612strike Protest

Telegram, the encrypted messaging app, has come under sustained denial-of-service attack. The DDoS was traced to IP addresses in China ... Read More
Software Intelligence, With Dynatrace's Alois Reitbauer

DevOps Chat: Software Intelligence, With Dynatrace’s Alois Reitbauer

Dynatrace is a company that really reinvented itself as it saw the world it played in changing over the last few years. They moved from tracing and APM to what the company calls software intelligence and smart monitoring. In this DevOps Chat we sat down with Alois Reitbauer, chief technology ... Read More
AI Vectra Funding

Vectra Raises $100M More for Cybersecurity AI

Vectra has garnered another $100 million in funding to accelerate development of a threat detection and response system running in the cloud that makes extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI). This latest round of funding brings the total investment in Vectra to $200 million. Company CEO Hitesh Sheth said Vectra’s ... Read More
Orca Security Cloud Security Funding

Orca Security Picks Up $6.5M to Improve Cloud Security

Orca Security has picked up an additional $6.5 million in funding to further development of an analytics platform that provides visibility into cloud applications and infrastructure without requiring organizations to deploy agent software and network scanners. Company CEO Avi Shua said the Orca Cloud Visibility Platform, scheduled to be available ... Read More
Security Lessons From the CPB Biometric Data Breach

Security Lessons From the CPB Biometric Data Breach

On June 10, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) announced that it—well, a contractor of its—had suffered a data breach involving photographs of persons and license plates of cars at its ports of entry. There are a bunch of lessons to be learned from this breach. In no particular ... Read More

Edgewise Networks Simplifies Microsegmentation

Fresh off raising an additional $11 million in financing, Edgewise Networks this week launched a platform that enables organizations to apply microsegmentation via a single mouse click. Edgewise Networks CEO Peter Smith said the company’s Zero Trust Auto-Segmentation platform employs machine learning algorithms and analytics to discover the topology of ... Read More
Sandbox Proof of Concept Best Practices

Check Point Adds Big Data Analytics Platform for Cybersecurity

Check Point Software Technologies this week launched a big data analytics platform providing analytics to give cybersecurity professionals visibility into every application and system they have deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Zohar Alon, head of the cloud product line for Check Point, said the CloudGuard Log.ic ... Read More
Women in Cybersecurity No Longer an 'Anomaly'

Women in Cybersecurity No Longer an ‘Anomaly’

Truth be told, there are many women in cybersecurity who are tired of talking about women in the industry as if they are anomalies. For many female professionals, it’s far past the time for the narrative to change. Rather than be seen as a token representative of their sex, these ... Read More
CBP Loses Photos

Border Protection Loses Photos of Travelers in Data Hack

Customs and Border Protection admits to losing some pictures of people going in and out of the US. Or rather, that its contractor lost them, which amounts to the same thing ... Read More
Election Security: Back-to-Basics Approach Best Bet

Election Security: Back-to-Basics Approach Best Bet

Any conversation about the security of our digital future inevitably involves the subject of election security. Whether it’s an attempt to mitigate the risk of foreign adversaries using misinformation to influence national elections or mitigating the vulnerabilities in voting systems across different municipalities, ensuring the integrity of election results is ... Read More