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CISO Zoom burnout

CISOs are Burning Out, Missing Holidays Due to Work Demands 

The demands on chief information security officers (CISOs) are mounting, leading many to skip vacation time and even miss holidays like Thanksgiving, according to a Tessian survey of 317 security strategy decision-makers at organizations in the U.S. and the UK.  The study revealed 42% of CISOs have missed holidays like ... Read More
Menlo Security remote work home branch Zix

Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Concerns Hit New High

Results of the 2021 Unisys Security Index are in, and they pointed to a high level of concern about rising cybercrime. The survey revealed that 62% of global respondents are seriously concerned about identity fraud, up 5% from 2020. Also, 60% are concerned about bank card fraud, up 4% from ... Read More
defense contractors FTCode

Defense Contractors Highly Susceptible to Ransomware

Even as cybercriminals take aim at critical infrastructure, many of the United States’ top 100 federal contractors are inadequately prepared to repel ransomware attacks. These were among the findings of a report from Black Kite, which assessed the cybersecurity risk posture of U.S. defense contractors and found 20% of the ... Read More
cyberinsurance Supreme Court Ruling Changes

Are Ransomware Payments Covered by Cyberinsurance?

There seems to be a pattern in data breach and other cyberattack cases: After a breach, a company turns to its insurer for coverage. Sometimes they have specialized cyberinsurance, sometimes not. But often, even if they have paid for what they believe to be comprehensive cybersecurity risk insurance, the insurer ... Read More
talk communication

Ask Chloé: How to Get Your Talk Accepted

Welcome to the Ask Chloé column on Security Boulevard! Each week, Chloé provides answers to readers’ questions to help guide them as they navigate the technology industry. This week, Chloé offers advice on getting a talk accepted at an InfoSec conference. Dear Chloé, I’ve been trying to get my talk accepted at InfoSec ... Read More
BlastWave ransomware blast radius cyberattack

BlastWave Aims to Simplify Securing Edge Computing

BlastWave today launched a BlastShield offering that combines a software-defined perimeter (SDP) with microsegmentation and passwordless multifactor authentication (MFA) to make it easier to enforce identity-based zero-trust security policies on edge computing platforms. Tom Sego, BlastWave CEO, said that while IT teams could combine multiple technologies themselves to enforce those ... Read More
hackers third party security

Ethical Hackers Prevented $27B in Cybercrime

Ethical hackers proved their worth over the 14 months that the pandemic ravaged economies and organizations were at their most vulnerable, preventing $27 billion in cybercrime during the time when flaws threatened to overwhelm security teams worldwide. During the period from May 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021, eight in ... Read More
Rowhammer Redux: ‘Blacksmith’ Fuzzing—Panic Now?

Rowhammer Redux: ‘Blacksmith’ Fuzzing—Panic Now?

Researchers have cast serious doubt on claims that modern DRAM is safe against Rowhammer bit-flip attacks ... Read More
Palo Alto Networks Qualys cloud

Palo Alto Networks Extends Cloud Security Portfolio

At its online Ignite ’21 conference, Palo Alto Networks today unfurled the Prisma Cloud 3.0 security platform that adds tools for securing cloud infrastructure along with an agentless option for securing applications. At the same time, the company revamped its cloud access security broker (CASB) that now automatically secures thousands ... Read More