DevOps Chats: Tufin SecureCloud Secures Hybrid Cloud Environments

Tufin Technologies has announced SecureCloud,  which combines and builds on Tufin’s Orca and Iris offerings to offer one product for comprehensive cloud security policy. In this DevOps Chats, we had a chance to catch up with Tufin CTO and Co-founder Reuven Harrison to chat about this and the state of ... Read More

The Klaxon Sounds on Ring’s Privacy, Trust Issues

For a video security service that has found its way into millions of homes, privacy and trust are the keystones of remaining in place. Ring, the Amazon-owned video/security service, has been stumbling over its own feet for months as the company addresses issues of its own making. The Electronic Freedom ... Read More
cyber resilient

What We Can Learn From Cyber Resilient Leaders

What separates those organizations that are cyber resilient and those that aren’t? Accenture’s study tells us Organizations are spending a lot on their cybersecurity systems, so it makes sense that they think they are well-protected from cyberattacks. And they are getting better at cyber resiliency and preventing direct attacks. It’s ... Read More
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Apple Joins FIDO Alliance to Eliminate Passwords

The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standard for authenticating browsers that reduces the reliance of passwords to access applications and devices advanced this week after an endorsement from Apple. The FIDO standard consists of a Universal Second Factor (FIDO U2F), FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (FIDO UAF) and FIDO2, a set of ... Read More
WhiteSource Python

WhiteSource Adds Python Support to Vulnerability Discovery Tool

WhiteSource today announced it has extended to reach of its tool for scanning for vulnerabilities in open source application code to include support for the Python programming language. Jeffrey Martin, director of product for WhiteSource, said the company also plans to support other programming languages such as C++ shortly to ... Read More
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More CEOs Ditching Social Media Over Security Concerns

New research from PWC finds almost half (48%) of CEOs in the UK are concerned enough about cyberattacks that they are shuttering their social media accounts. The report, the “23rd Annual Global CEO Survey,” also reveals most CEOs (around 80%) have changed their online behavior due to potential risks. Social ... Read More
Tufin cloud security

Tufin Unifies Management of Cloud Cybersecurity Policies

Tufin today announced the availability of Tufin SecureCloud, which combines two existing offerings to manage cybersecurity policies for both monolithic applications and emerging microservices-based application environments. Company CTO Reuven Harrison said rather than moving forward with separate products, previously known as Tufin Orca and Tufin Iris, Tufin is aiming to ... Read More

3 Strategies for Better Security and Compliance

If you’ve ever rowed a boat with someone else, you know that it’s very difficult to make progress if two people are rowing in different directions. Imagine if you could add a third rower trying to pull you off in another direction entirely. According to a new report, that is ... Read More
2017 Equifax Hack: ‘It was the Chinese Army,’ Alleges DoJ

2017 Equifax Hack: ‘It was the Chinese Army,’ Alleges DoJ

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The U.S. government has indicted four Chinese citizens, accusing them of a hack of Equifax that leaked more than 150 million people’s data ... Read More
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Is Your Web Host Taking Cybersecurity Seriously?

If you’ve read our article on website security tips, and taken all the necessary steps to secure your new website before it goes live, well done. You are clearly taking your own security seriously. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many web hosts. And even more, unfortunately, the security ... Read More