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Walking the Data Security vs Data Privacy Tightrope

Walking the Data Security vs Data Privacy Tightrope

Protecting personal, sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands is increasingly one of the top reasons SMBs turn toRead More The post Walking the Data Security vs Data Privacy Tightrope appeared ... Inventa - How it Works (Extended Remix)

4 Ways Mishandling Sensitive Data Wastes Your Time

Besides ignoring the fundamental principles of IT security, nothing can lead to a cybersecurity breach faster than carelessly handling sensitive data. This problem has been prevalent in recent years. However, it seems ...
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Congress Tackles Data Privacy Compliance for FinTech

When Democrats and Republicans in Congress agree on an issue, you know the problem must be serious. In this case, the problem is third-party FinTech data sharing. According to Roll Call, the ...
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A vector graphic symbolizes the move to zero trust cybersecurity.

The U.S. Government Is Moving to Zero Trust Cybersecurity. So Should You.

Earlier this year, the Biden Administration announced ambitious plans to improve cybersecurity across the federal government — and, ... Read More The post The U.S. Government Is Moving to Zero Trust Cybersecurity ...
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Facebook, Instagram Threaten Kids’ Digital Privacy

Social media has changed how we communicate, but it has also transformed the meaning of digital privacy. Because of social media, internet users today have more ways than ever to present themselves ...
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Five worthy reads: Decentralized identity—bringing data back to its owners

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we have discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we explore decentralized identity, aka self-sovereign identity. From boarding a ...
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Protecting Data From Insider Threats

September 2021 marks the third year of National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM), which, according to the NITAM website, aims to help prevent “exploitation of authorized access to cause harm to an ...
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10 Eye-Opening Data Breach Statistics (and How You Can Better Protect Your Network)

While we’re seeing more data breaches than in years past, being proactive can make an enormous difference. Head-in-sand is not the optimal position for any modern organization with a network-based infrastructure. Education ...

When data privacy and protection are rights, don’t get it wrong

Twenty-one years ago, Latanya Sweeney showed that it’s possible to uniquely identify 87% of Americans with just three pieces of personal data: gender, ZIP code and full date of birth. Long before ...
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Digital Driver’s Licenses: Unintended Consequences

Maryland recently joined seven other U.S. states to permit users to carry “digital driver’s licenses.” Under the program—which initially will work with Apple devices like iPhones—users can download a digital credential—a digital ...
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