Why Ransomware Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

 2019 was an extremely successful year for ransomware, rife with attacks and many high-profile victims. Of all the cyberthreats, ransomware was proven to be the most devastating. In the UK, it was ...
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Automation: Helping Speed Vulnerability Response

Automation can help organizations respond to vulnerabilities faster and improve their security posture Enterprises across the globe are recognizing the benefits of automation. From streamlining HR’s onboarding process to automating IT help ...
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new CISO

Challenges of a New CISO: The First Year

The first year as a new CISO can be exhilarating and at times downright frightening. You have a lot to prove and minds to win over, but you also have the opportunity ...
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Is Your Company Ready for SOAR?

SOAR can help organizations manage their data security efficiently through automation and orchestration In physics, the rate of acceleration is known as “jerk.” A commonly used term, jerk can often be a ...
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phishing email

How to Forensically Examine Phishing Emails

Learn about the warning signs that can help you identify phishing and how to confirm your suspicions with a forensic examination of the email header In the fight to safeguard data, one ...
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cloud security

Cloud Security Tips for Distributed Companies

As companies adjust to the new normal during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it’s business as usual for cyber attackers. They’re still probing for vulnerabilities to exploit, and the rapid transition to a ...
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How the Coronavirus Lockdown Is Changing the VPN Landscape

The coronavirus crisis has wrought many changes, not the least of which are happening in the world of business. With much of the world under shelter in place quarantines, the number of ...
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Enable Secure Dynamic Network Access With SASE

SASE replaces broad network access with granular, identity-based access to important IT resources The shift in workforce dynamics continues to be one of the most challenging and exciting areas of IT infrastructure ...
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Cyberstress: How Technology Is Changing Our Brains

The internet has become an extension of our brains. Perhaps not surprisingly, this presents at least a couple of different problems. One of those is digital amnesia: the idea that we rely ...
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zero trust

Zero-Trust: Stay Safe While Working Remotely

A zero-trust security model can help organizations and their employees stay secure, no matter where they’re located Up until February of this year, working remotely was typically looked upon as a growing ...
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