cloud security visibility PwC Survey Finds C-Level Execs Now View Cybersecurity as Biggest Risk

PwC Survey Finds C-Level Execs View Cybersecurity as Biggest Risk

A survey of 722 C-level executives published today by PwC finds 40% of business leaders now rank cybersecurity as being the number one serious risk their organizations face today. In addition, 58% ...
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API attacker Radware Report Sees Major Spike in DDoS Attacks

Radware Report Sees Major Spike in DDoS Attacks

Radware today published a global threat analysis report that finds the number of malicious distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks launched in the first of 2002 increased 203% year over year, mainly ...
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Fortinet Reports Massive Increase in Ransomware Variants

Fortinet Reports Massive Increase in Ransomware Variants

A report published by FortiGuard Labs arm of Fortinet today finds that the number of ransomware variants detected in the last six months has increased by nearly a factor of two. A ...
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AuditBoard Adds Ability to Assess Third-Party Risks

AuditBoard Adds Ability to Assess Third-Party Risk

AuditBoard today announced the availability of a third-party risk management extension to its CrossComply platform for managing compliance requirements. Rajiv Makhijani, senior vice president for emerging products at AuditBoard, said as organizations ...
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panasonic nvidia ransomware XDR ransom ProxyLogon Black Kingdom Egregor

Ransomware With a Philanthropic Twist

In most ransomware attacks, ransomware operators encrypt data on a victim’s network and hold it hostage in exchange for a ransom payment, which may vary from hundreds to millions of dollars. If ...
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CSC Web Mobile DevSecOps cell location data QR spyware NSO MDM mobile data security

CSC Reports Spike in Fake Baby Formula, Semiconductor Domains

A report published by CSC today revealed a spike in fake domain registrations from entities attempting to leverage the ongoing shortages of baby formula and semiconductors to conduct phishing attacks and perpetrate ...
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Teleport auth AI Adoption Lags cloud bias AI identity verification Open Raven

CISA Urges Adoption of Microsoft Modern Auth

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is urging federal agencies and private organizations to switch to Modern authentication in Exchange Online before the deadline of October 1, 2022. Microsoft will begin permanently ...
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Lacework APIs Salt Security Elastic Stack encrypted traffic

Lacework Polygraph Platform Adds Support for Agentless Approach

Lacework this week revealed it is adding an agentless approach to securing workloads that can be employed alongside the agent software the company already makes available for the Lacework Polygraph Data Platform ...
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Gov’t Cybersecurity Standards Not Enough to Protect Consumers

The EU’s proposed Cyber Resilience Act, which would introduce cybersecurity standards and regulations for all products and connected devices, is not enough to actually mitigate the increasing risk of cyberattacks. There is ...
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passwords VPNs mobile application security

Why VPNs and Passwords Aren’t Enough

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. Take passwords, for instance. While few would argue against the necessity of choosing a strong password, many companies and employees continue ...
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