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Apple Joins FIDO Alliance to Eliminate Passwords

The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standard for authenticating browsers that reduces the reliance of passwords to access applications and devices advanced this week after an endorsement from Apple. The FIDO standard consists of a Universal Second Factor (FIDO U2F), FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (FIDO UAF) and FIDO2, a set of ... Read More
WhiteSource Python

WhiteSource Adds Python Support to Vulnerability Discovery Tool

WhiteSource today announced it has extended to reach of its tool for scanning for vulnerabilities in open source application code to include support for the Python programming language. Jeffrey Martin, director of product for WhiteSource, said the company also plans to support other programming languages such as C++ shortly to ... Read More
Tufin cloud security

Tufin Unifies Management of Cloud Cybersecurity Policies

Tufin today announced the availability of Tufin SecureCloud, which combines two existing offerings to manage cybersecurity policies for both monolithic applications and emerging microservices-based application environments. Company CTO Reuven Harrison said rather than moving forward with separate products, previously known as Tufin Orca and Tufin Iris, Tufin is aiming to ... Read More
2017 Equifax Hack: ‘It was the Chinese Army,’ Alleges DoJ

2017 Equifax Hack: ‘It was the Chinese Army,’ Alleges DoJ

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The U.S. government has indicted four Chinese citizens, accusing them of a hack of Equifax that leaked more than 150 million people’s data ... Read More
Busted: Wacom Secretly Tracks How You Use Your Apps

Busted: Wacom Secretly Tracks How You Use Your Apps

Wacom drawing tablets track how you use programs on your Mac or PC, and continuously upload it to Google—without informed consent ... Read More

Cybereason Uncovers Malware Distributed via Bitbucket Repositories

Cybereason, a provider of endpoint protection software, today disclosed that it discovered a malware campaign that has been leveraging Bitbucket repositories from Atlassian to launch cyberattacks. Assaf Dahan, senior director for threat research at Cyberseason, said the repositories have been taken offline since first being discovered last month by Atlassian ... Read More

Siemens Mobility, Claroty Partner to Secure OT Networks

Siemens Mobility Inc. this week announced it has allied with Claroty to secure operational technology (OT) and industrial networking environments. Emanuel Salmona, vice president of partnerships for Claroty, said under the terms of the agreement the unit of the Siemens conglomerate will integrate its data capture unity (DCU) with a ... Read More

Forgot to Renew Your TLS Certificate, Microsoft?

Microsoft Teams went dark for seven hours yesterday. It turns out the Teams team forgot to renew a TLS certificate ... Read More

Imperva Report: Third of Vulnerabilities Lack Fix

An analysis of the vulnerabilities that were disclosed in 2019 conducted by Imperva, a provider of firewall management software, finds there was a 17.6% increase compared to 2018, with 22% of those vulnerabilities representing either high (18%) or severe threats (13%). More troubling still, the analysis also reveals that a ... Read More

Concentric Applies Deep Learning Algorithms to Data Security

Fresh off raising an additional $7 million in funding, Concentric has launched a tool that employs deep learning algorithms to enable cybersecurity teams to identify documents and repositories where sensitive data has been stored. Company CEO Karthik Krishnan said the Semantic Intelligence platform takes the place of relying on users ... Read More