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driver's license identity verification

Apple Digital Driver’s License Part 2

Recently, Apple announced that several states, including Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah will permit drivers to present a “digital” driver’s license based on an accepted standard stored in ...
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Close up of doctor wearing lab coat and stethoscope and using mobile phone

Ensuring Secure Remote Care For The Elderly

In this article, we’ll be looking at the role that mobile health or mHealth apps and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are playing in remote care of the elderly. We shall also consider ...
software security Vollgar botnet

Execs Need Less Talk, More Action on Software Security

As the software industry struggles to recover from a supply chain security crisis, a study from Venafi indicates industry executives are saying the right things but doing very little to back up ...
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CNA REvil EtterSilent ransomware dark web

Bad Apples: How CNA Attacks Put Everyone At Risk

On September 14, 2021, two unrelated incidents demonstrated not only the vulnerability of users to state-sponsored attacks but the fact that defenders are relegated to playing “cat and mouse” with attackers (including ...
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passwordless Future Without Passwords

Microsoft Ditches Passwords. Will the World Follow?

To password or not to password? The debate has raged for years now with no clear winner. But there may be a little more ‘oomph’ behind the passwordless side this week after ...
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security technical debt

Your Security Debt is Due. Here’s How to Pay it Off 

An acceleration in major supply chain attacks, from SolarWinds to the Microsoft Exchange Server attack to the ransomware spread through Kaseya, should have every developer looking in the mirror and doing some ...
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Update Your Apple Devices to Guard Against Pegasus Spyware Attacks

Update Your Apple Devices to Guard Against Pegasus Spyware Attacks

| | Apple, ios, Mobile, Pegasus Spyware, zero-day
Apple issued an emergency update yesterday for a critical vulnerability discovered in its iPhones, Apple Watches, and Mac computers. Researchers at Citizen Lab discovered a no-click zero-day exploit that works on all ...
Apple spyware Facebook

Apple Patches Pegasus Spyware Flaw for iOS Devices, Macs

Tech giant Apple has released an emergency software patch for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computers which addresses a critical vulnerability to spyware from Israel’s NSO Group, the company behind mobile ...
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Apple Security is Garbage—Change My Mind

Apple Security is Garbage—Change My Mind

Apple just issued an urgent patch for every single platform. The VSS score is 10.0—the zero click, zero day is a huge deal ...
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developer security AI felony mdr cybersecurity

The Rise of Developer-First Security Tooling

Engineers seldom embrace security in the software development process for one reason: They don’t think it’s their job. Neither the tangible benefits of addressing security concerns nor the consequences of ignoring them ...
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