Dumb Privacy Rules

Dumb Privacy Rules: How Lawyers are Ruining It for Everyone

Father Guido Sarducci, comedian Don Novello’s eccumenical doppleganger, had a routine where he discussed the idea of the “5-minute University,” where he would teach you in five minutes everything you would remember ...
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Dark Side Quantum Computing

New Foreshadow Vulnerabilities Defeat Memory Defenses on Intel CPUs

Security researchers have uncovered a new way to exploit the speculative execution feature of Intel CPUs to bypass memory security barriers and leak protected information. The vulnerability, known as Foreshadow or L1 ...
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User Privacy Threatens Security Defenses

Lack of User Privacy Threatens Security Defenses

Data threats come from three general fronts: individuals sharing too much information, data breaches and corporations selling increasingly granular customer data. Security professionals frequently sound warnings for the first two. The last ...
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OneLogin Celebrates Diversity in Cybersecurity by Donating $55,000 at Black Hat Las Vegas

| | OneLogin
30+ of the World’s Top Hackers Join OneLogin’s Inaugural Bug Bounty Bash SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 15, 2018 — OneLogin, the industry leader in Unified Access Management, today announced the results of their inaugural ...
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FireMon’s Annual State of the Firewall Report Finds Chronic Deficiencies in Basic Firewall Hygiene

| | Firemon
Chaos and confusion reign with existing firewall Infrastructure; hybrid cloud and next-gen architectures promise to add even more complexity and risk OVERLAND PARK, KAN., and DALLAS – August 15, 2018 – FireMon, a global ...
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Man-in-the-Disk Attack Lets Hackers Bypass Android App Sandbox Security

Man-in-the-Disk Attack Lets Hackers Bypass Android App Sandbox Security

Researchers have devised a new attack technique that takes advantage of how apps use the external storage of Android devices to store files to bypass security restrictions. Under the Android security model each ...
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Cyber Kill Switch

Cyber Kill Switch: The Good, the Bad and the Potentially Ugly

When WannaCry struck, companies across the globe feared they would be next until an unsuspecting hero emerged, sink-holing the worm with a kill switch. Since then, security defenders across all sectors have ...
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Imperva Completes the Acquisition of Prevoty

| | imperva
REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – August 13, 2018 – Imperva, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMPV), a leading global provider of best-in-class cybersecurity solutions on premises, in the cloud, and across hybrid environments, announced it completed ...
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Industrial Control Gateways

Industrial Control Gateways: It’s Like Exploiting in the 1990s

Industrial control gateways play a critical role in industrial infrastructure, linking systems and sensors that communicate using protocols such as Modbus or serial to IP networks for easier remote management and monitoring ...
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Security Boulevard’s 5 Most Read Stories for the Week

Security Boulevard’s 5 Most Read Stories for the Week, August 06-10

A new week, a new crop of security stories. Last week, U.S. Military ‘Reaper Drone’ Designs, Eavesdropping on mobile devices, Making security priority and Multifactor authentication adoption made the headlines. In addition, ...
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