CLOUD Act, GDPR Changing Data Protection Game

GDPR is yesterday’s news; the CLOUD Act also poses challenges for companies in Europe: U.S. authorities may also access data that is physically located in Europe if it has been processed or ...
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Skill Sets for Transitioning into a Cybersecurity Career

Changing careers is never easy. How long or far you have already traveled down your particular career path can make the thought of changing careers a little intimidating. Often, people who are ...
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Russia spies

Russia ‘Breached’ FBI Comms; Obama Waited 4 Years To Expel Spies

Back in 2016, President Obama expelled 35 Russians, and seized two Russian-owned properties. We were told it was retaliation for election interference—but was that the whole story? ...
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buying security

Avoid Bad Security Buying Decisions

Organizations must take a strategic approach to their security buying decisions to ensure their budget is well-spent Remaining competitive means staying abreast of—and even ahead of—the latest technologies that empower business. As ...
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Who’s Financially Responsible for Cybersecurity Breaches?

As networks become less secure and the data stored on the cloud becomes more valuable, cybersecurity breaches are becoming both more expensive and more frequent. In the first six months of 2019 ...
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privileged access

5 Signs of a Privileged Access Abuser

With 80% of breaches linked to privileged access credentials, effectively managing and monitoring privileged accounts often means the difference between keeping your organization secure and a catastrophic cyber incident. All it takes ...
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cyber hygiene

Why You Need a Cyber Hygiene Program: Q&A with Alert Logic’s Jack Danahy

In the aftermath of a data breach, organizations must answer many questions. But what often isn’t asked is how effective or efficient its cyber hygiene program is, and what role it will ...
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Simjacker: Silly Name, Scary Game

Researchers have found a nasty new flaw in 1B+ mobile-phone SIM cards ...
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open source

Open Source: Democratizing Cyberattacks

For years now, open source has been an important part of software development—and thanks to it, we’ve all benefited from more and more powerful software and services. Programmers have the ability to ...
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Skills Gap

Think Outside the Box to Close the Skills Gap

The skills gap in cybersecurity is a topic I address a lot, but it is also one of the issues in cybersecurity for which we just can’t figure out the solution. It ...
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