Wait, What? Nvidia/ARM Sale on Hold—for Security Reasons

Wait, What? Nvidia/ARM Sale on Hold—for Security Reasons

The government of the United Kingdom is investigating the proposed “merger” of ARM and Nvidia, on national security grounds ...
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phishing Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise

Breaking the Phishing Kill Chain

Sophisticated, nation-state attacks on prominent federal agencies tend to capture the majority of cybersecurity headlines. But security pros know the greater risk to their organizations comes from a more mundane, but more ...
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SASE network Palo Alto Networks HashiCorp

Taking Steps Toward an Impactful SASE Architecture

Given the complexity of digitization initiatives for most companies over the last decade, the world has grown acutely aware of how crucial good cybersecurity is for business health. More than ever before, ...
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Monero Aqua Security Stop Cryptomining Cryptojacking Attacks

Monero Cryptominer Attack Exploits Exchange Server Flaw

It didn’t take threat actors long to jump on a vulnerability affecting Microsoft Exchange mail server software. While exploits involving an array of malware from ransomware to webshells are well-documented, Sophos researchers ...
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communications Collecting Non-Facebook Data

Is Facebook a “Party” to Capture of Offline Activity?

Facebook uses tracking plug-ins; bits of code that the consumer is unaware of, to track the behavior of users when they log out of the social media site, and which tells Facebook ...
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web application DataSecOps

Web Application Security’s Lost Year

It’s been over a year now since everything shut down. As we enter into the second spring of the pandemic, organizations are able to better evaluate what worked and what didn’t as ...
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online education Educational

Online Ed is the New Corporate Threat Vector

Schools became a major hotspot for cyberattacks as students moved to online learning. In the last 30 days, education was the most targeted sector, receiving more than 60% of all malware encounters, ...
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cyber Twitter election Russians

U.S. Takes Aim at Russia’s Cyber Ops Ecosystem

The Biden administration is taking the Russian cyber operations ecosystem to task with sanctions pointed at both established Russian companies as well as Russian-controlled entities created by the FSB, GRU and SVR ...
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Diversity in the Cybersecurity Workforce

Like most technology workforce segments, the cybersecurity diversity issue is a very acute problem: there simply isn’t nearly enough representation of diverse backgrounds in cybersecurity roles, from security operations center (SOC) analysts ...
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certificate Fax or Email for Secure Document Delivery

Keyfactor, PrimeKey to Advance Certificate Automation

Keyfactor announced this week announced it intends to merge with PrimeKey as part of an effort to enable organizations to more easily manage certificates on an end-to-end basis. The company also revealed ...
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