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Security in Today’s Global Remote Workforce Era

Here are four ways security teams can support a sudden and large remote workforce Security measures put in place across global organizations historically have not been one of the top three priority ...
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Hospitals Forced to Fight Another Pandemic

The current upsurge in hackers looking to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic has been well-documented, be they scammers and financially motivated hackers or well-funded and skilled state-sponsored groups. This in itself ...
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phishing attack

Report Details COVID-19 Phishing Attacks Based on Emails From White House

COVID-19 phishing attacks are taking twist by impersonating messages from the White House. Research published by INKY, a provider of tools for identifying phishing attacks using machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics, ...
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Why Cybersecurity Should Be Your Company’s Next Social Good Investment

Focusing on security is a social responsibility every company should take to protect its consumers and its data, for the benefit of all In his annual letter on corporate governance, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink ...
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DoJ Calls for Mandatory Data Breach Reporting to Law Enforcement

Should law enforcement agencies be alerted every time a potential breach occurs? The  DoJ thinks so. At a hearing on March 4 before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Department of Justice (DoJ) ...
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Untangle Extends Security Alliance With Webroot

Untangle has deepened its alliance with Webroot to provide tighter integration between the control plane Untangle uses to manage firewalls and the endpoint security software provided by Webroot. Heather Paunet, vice president ...
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Should a WFH SOC Be a New Reality?

In my last article, I laid out a path for how organizations could quickly get up to speed in deploying a work-from-home (WFH) security operations center (SOC) amidst the current pandemic. Since ...
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5 Security  Mistakes Your Remote Team is Making Right Now

Businesses across the globe are now facing a new reality: working from home. Secure remote access to company resources has never been more prevalent or more essential; teams are shifting from the ...
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Russia spies

Russia Hijacks Traffic of Huge Cloud and CDN Services

Google, Amazon, Facebook and 200 other services had their internet traffic routed through Russia on Wednesday ...
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New Ransomware Innovations Bring Shame

As if ransomware wasn’t a big enough problem already, it just evolved from a costly nuisance into a full-fledged data breach designed to shame companies into paying. This new twist on ransomware ...
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