cybersecurity salaries

Survey Finds Cybersecurity Salaries Constrained

Despite a global shortage of cybersecurity expertise that is often described as nothing less than chronic, a global salary survey of 1,324 cybersecurity professionals finds nearly half the respondents (48%) earn less ...
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SAFETY Act: A Safety Net for Companies

Cybersecurity Career Path: A Beginner’s Guide

The time is now to start a cybersecurity career, as the need is more urgent than ever Cyberattacks happen every day to all types of businesses and organizations. That’s why keeping hardware, ...
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buying security

Avoid Bad Security Buying Decisions

Organizations must take a strategic approach to their security buying decisions to ensure their budget is well-spent Remaining competitive means staying abreast of—and even ahead of—the latest technologies that empower business. As ...
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chaos engineering

WhiteHat Report: DevSecOps Adoption on the Rise

More organizations have embraced best DevSecOps practices, according to a report published by WhiteHat Security, a subsidiary of NTT Security focused on application security. However, the report also notes that although more ...
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Among Cybersecurity Pros, Security Paranoia Runs Deep

Cybersecurity pros are a paranoid bunch, at least according to a survey Lastline conducted at the RSA Conference in March. It makes sense when you think about it. After all, these are ...
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