Synthetic Data Cave

Allegory of the ‘Synthetic Data Cave’

Can synthetic data solve the issue of fake news and discern truth from lies in the digital world? What lessons can data engineers and consumers of information in today’s digital world take from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave“? Actually, quite a few, when it comes to synthetic data. Facebook recently ... Read More
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Small Security Budget

Making a Big Impact with a Small Security Budget

An excessive security budget isn’t the only way to build strong security Enterprises invest a lot of money into cybersecurity, yet still they get breached. We need look no further than Yahoo! to see the hard, cold truth that if attackers are persistent enough, they will somehow gain access to ... Read More
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Early in the Kill Chain

Detecting Bad Actors Early in the Kill Chain

Disrupting the kill chain before attackers reach their goal Cybersecurity borrows a lot of terms and tactics from the military, and kill chain is one such term used to describe the steps an attacker takes to perform a breach. Malware attacks are among the most prevalent threats that enterprises face, ... Read More
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Offensive Security Hacking

Offensive Security: Hacking and Breaking to Secure the Internet

For most people outside of the IT and cybersecurity industries, the words “hacker” and “hacking” have ghastly connotations. Many envision a criminal bereft of any morals, whose only purpose is to pilfer, spy or defame his victims. Much of that interpretation is wrong. For one, not all hackers are criminals, ... Read More
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Confronting Mobile Security Issues

Confronting Security Issues in Today’s Mobile Workforce

Mobile allows users to work from anywhere at any time, but the extended office demands modern approaches to extended security Whether it’s the local library of the nearest Starbucks, most open-door establishments provide public Wi-Fi access to their patrons. Some users are merely shopping online or creeping their social networks; ... Read More
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Bug Bounty Program Overhaul

Does Your Bug Bounty Program Need an Overhaul?

They’ve become mainstream, but bug bounty programs are vast, varied and complicated When bugs proliferate, there’s potential for an infestation problem that needs to be fumigated. Over the past few years, bug bounty programs have become a popular solution for getting rid of nasty vulnerabilities before they create more widespread ... Read More
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Corporate Security Exposed in Breaches

What’s Under Your Armor? Gaps in Corporate Security Exposed in Breaches

Key takeaways from the wellspring of newly disclosed breaches In the past week, at least three corporate security breaches have made headlines. Given its massiveness the Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app breach is most notable, as it left approximately 150 million user accounts compromised. That’s comparable to the Equifax breach. Soon ... Read More
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Security Intelligence Education Prepared

Has Your Security Intelligence Education Prepared You for the Tests to Come?

The case for breaking down silos and taking an interdisciplinary approach to intelligence In 1983, Dr. Howard Gardner, a well-known psychologist and professor at Harvard, developed his theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner argued that the traditional notion of intelligence was too limited and encouraged educators to take a more interdisciplinary ... Read More
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Multicultural Cybersecurity Workforce Benefits

Benefits of a Multicultural Cybersecurity Workforce

As was the case for the American workforce during World War II, the enormous dearth of talent in the cybersecurity industry presents unprecedented opportunities for women and minorities to fill the jobs gap. According to a new (ICS)2 study, “Innovation Through Inclusion: The Multicultural Cybersecurity Workforce,” minorities represent only one-quarter ... Read More
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Yahoos Data Breach Settlement

Lessons for Boards from Yahoo’s $80 Million Data Breach Settlement

What does it mean for board liability in future data breach litigation? At the time it was disclosed, the Yahoo! email breach was considered massive. The personal information of 1.5 billion users was compromised. In response, lead plaintiff Edward McMahon filed a suit alleging that Yahoo! Inc. intentionally misled investors ... Read More
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