Mitigating Risks of Shadow IT

Mitigating Risks of Shadow IT with CASBs

According to the RightScale “2018 State of the Cloud Report,” 81 percent of companies are now using the cloud, an indication that it has more than delivered on its promises of efficiency, convenience and cost optimization. Despite mass adoption, there are recognizable security gaps resulting from both misconfiguration issues and ... Read More
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Risky Mobile Apps

Risky Mobile Apps No Fun for Entertainment Sector

In case it’s not already on your risk radar, it’s time to add mobile apps to the growing list of threat vectors. Mobile apps are risky across all sectors, but more specifically, those that come from media and entertainment businesses are putting users at risk. In the month of June ... Read More
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Convenience in Voice, Home Assistants

Who Needs Privacy? Consumers Opt for Convenience in Voice, Home Assistants

Whether it’s Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home or some other voice recognition, home assistants are growing in popularity. As voice and digital assistant devices continues to burgeon, though, many consumers remain worried about their privacy, particularly in light of recent disclosures such as a vulnerability in Cortana software that allowed ... Read More
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Vulnerable Web Applications

Vulnerable Web Applications Leave All Sectors at Risk

Coming into 2018, security professionals expected to see a continued increase in the use of websites as a means of infecting user workstations, according to a recently released report from Positive Technologies. The prediction has proven true. Websites increasingly are becoming the target of attacks, largely because of coding issues ... Read More
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Double Standard of Reporting Breaches

Why the Double Standard of Reporting Breaches?

Most people like to point out when things in life are not fair, often asking, “Why do I have to do it if they don’t?” Cybersecurity professionals likely ask that question when it comes to reporting breaches. According to a new survey, “Cybersecurity’s Double Standard,” conducted by Thycotic at this ... Read More
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Security Mistakes Cripple Network

Security Mistakes that Could Cripple the Network

What’s the solution for the simple security mistakes caused by human error? Every company worries about protecting itself against the next WannaCry-esque cyberattack, but the truth is that most critical issues in the enterprise network are caused by simple human error. In today’s modern environment, security is complicated by the ... Read More
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Employee Security Training

Employee Security Training: If You Train Them, They Will Comply

Ensuring employees have the right security training and understand the risks can help improve online behavior It’s well-known across all sectors that technology alone cannot defend organizations against cyberattacks. Why? Because of end user errors. Employees are working from anywhere and everywhere, oftentimes accessing corporate email via unsecured Wi-Fi networks, ... Read More
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Synthetic Data Cave

Allegory of the ‘Synthetic Data Cave’

Can synthetic data solve the issue of fake news and discern truth from lies in the digital world? What lessons can data engineers and consumers of information in today’s digital world take from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave“? Actually, quite a few, when it comes to synthetic data. Facebook recently ... Read More
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Small Security Budget

Making a Big Impact with a Small Security Budget

An excessive security budget isn’t the only way to build strong security Enterprises invest a lot of money into cybersecurity, yet still they get breached. We need look no further than Yahoo! to see the hard, cold truth that if attackers are persistent enough, they will somehow gain access to ... Read More
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Early in the Kill Chain

Detecting Bad Actors Early in the Kill Chain

Disrupting the kill chain before attackers reach their goal Cybersecurity borrows a lot of terms and tactics from the military, and kill chain is one such term used to describe the steps an attacker takes to perform a breach. Malware attacks are among the most prevalent threats that enterprises face, ... Read More
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