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Ransomware Defense: The File Data Factor

Ransomware is no longer just targeting low-hanging fruit, nor can good backups alone protect you. IT organizations need to create a multilayered defense that goes beyond cybersecurity to incorporate modern data management ...
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Protecting Data From Insider Threats

September 2021 marks the third year of National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM), which, according to the NITAM website, aims to help prevent “exploitation of authorized access to cause harm to an ...
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10 Eye-Opening Data Breach Statistics (and How You Can Better Protect Your Network)

While we’re seeing more data breaches than in years past, being proactive can make an enormous difference. Head-in-sand is not the optimal position for any modern organization with a network-based infrastructure. Education ...

A security architect’s POV on a mature data-centric security program, Part 1

| | CISO, DAM, Data Security, Digest
In this three-part series, you’ll hear first-hand from security architects on the front lines about what it takes to move organizations from a compliance-centric to a mature data-centric database security model. You’ll ...

When data privacy and protection are rights, don’t get it wrong

Twenty-one years ago, Latanya Sweeney showed that it’s possible to uniquely identify 87% of Americans with just three pieces of personal data: gender, ZIP code and full date of birth. Long before ...
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Data security is broken: What’s next?

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One out of every two on-premises databases globally has at least one vulnerability, finds a new study from Imperva Research Labs spanning 27,000 on-prem databases, based on insights from a proprietary database ...
ethical Best Practices for Data Security

Building a Unified BCDR Strategy to Protect Data

Data is the lifeblood of every business. But protecting data can be a huge challenge for organizations because of varying legal and regulatory compliance standards—and the way data lives under constant threat ...
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Digital Driver’s Licenses: Unintended Consequences

Maryland recently joined seven other U.S. states to permit users to carry “digital driver’s licenses.” Under the program—which initially will work with Apple devices like iPhones—users can download a digital credential—a digital ...
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Dell Technologies VMware backup and recovery

Dell Technologies Streamlines Data Protection for VMware

Dell Technologies today unveiled an approach to capturing snapshots used to protect data in VMware environments that promises to reduce the total cost of defending organizations from ransomware. Rob Emsley, director of ...
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Avoid Third-Party Breaches with DLP

The majority of data loss incidents have one thing in common: they revolve around third-party data breaches. SecureLink and Ponemon Institute recently released a new report titled “A Crisis in Third-party Remote Access ...
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