Navigating the Waters of Generative AI

Navigating the Waters of Generative AI

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Part I: The Good and the Bad of AI Few would argue that 2023 was the year AI, specifically generative AI (Gen AI) like ChatGPT, was discussed everywhere. In October, Forrester published ...
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The xSPM Trend: Security Posture Management for Everything

The xSPM trend represents a holistic approach to managing and enhancing the security posture of diverse IT assets ...
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Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations

Healthcare Needs Risk-Based Cybersecurity for Comprehensive, Effective Protection

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In the first blog post of this three-blog series, we discussed the extraordinarily powerful “perfect storm” of cyber risk faced by healthcare organizations. The second blog post reviews how data security risks ...
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Organizations Unprepared to Face Cloud Security Threats

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) State of Security Remediation report underscored the difficult balancing act cloud security experts face ...
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TEGWAR, AI and the FTC – Gov’t Agency Warns of Deceptive AI Contract Language

Data collection and use policies need to be reexamined because of AI. The FTC is trying to address the issue ...
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3 Ways the CTO Can Fortify the Organization in the Age of Generative AI

Most enterprises testing the generative AI waters primarily lean on their CISOs and general counsel. But the CTO should be involved, too ...
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Data Security: Beyond Threat Hunting to Monitoring Data Flow and User Behavior

Cybersecurity is moving from conventional threat detection to a strategy that emphasizes context and preempts user behavior to detect anomalies ...
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Eureka Security Extends DSPM Reach to File Sharing Services

Eureka Security extended the reach of its DSPM platform to protect documents such as spreadsheets stored in file-sharing services ...
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3 Ways Insider Threats Put Your Company at Risk in 2024

Employees are often heralded as a company's most valuable asset, but these insiders can also be an organization's biggest risk ...
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2023 Sees Record Data Compromises Amidst Changing Tactics

Cybercriminals are shifting their focus toward targeted identity fraud and scams resulting in fewer overall victims ...
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