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Malicious Actors Exploiting AI Chatbot Jailbreaking Tips

Cybercriminals are sharing trade secrets online to help others jailbreak AI chatbots like ChatGPT ... Read More
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Microsoft AI Researchers Exposed 38TB Private Info

The rush to embrace AI has increased the potential for security problems. Microsoft is just the latest example ... Read More
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Qakbot Takedown Resembles Hack Back, Will Botnet, Malware Be Resurrected?

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Operation 'Duck Hunt' tricked thousands of Qakbot-infected computers into downloading an FBI-made uninstaller. Can it resurrect? Only time will tell ... Read More
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Cyberinsurance Takes Longer to Obtain, Costs More

Organizations are spending more time and exerting more effort to get cyberinsurance, and costs are rising ... Read More
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North Korea BlackBerry Akamai DDoS

North Korean Attackers Penetrated Russian Rocket Designer’s Systems

North Korean hackers not only breached a Russian missile maker, but resided in its systems for nearly six months ... Read More
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DARPA performance security champions

DARPA AI Cyber Challenge Part of White House Plan to Harness, Secure AI

DARPA's AI Cyber Challenge encourages cybersecurity and AI pros to find ways to automatically detect and fix software flaws and protect critical infrastructure ... Read More
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Joint Advisory Warns of Threat From IDOR Vulnerabilities

Insecure direct object reference (IDOR) vulnerabilities are a major threat, according to a recent CISA warning ... Read More
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Critical Infrastructure Workers Better at Detecting Phishing

Fresh research showed critical infrastructure (CI) employees are more likely to recognize and report phishing and other malicious emails ... Read More
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Google Cloud Build Flaw Could Enable Supply Chain Attacks

Bad actors could exploit a design flaw, called Bad.Build, in Google Cloud Build to escalate privileges and gain access to Google Artifact Registry code repositories ... Read More
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Fick memo US cybersecurity

White House National Security Strategy Heavy on Partnerships, Action

After releasing a National Cybersecurity Strategy that it promised would protect this country’s digital assets and infrastructure and also pave the way for a digital future for all, the White House unveiled a multi-pillar plan for implementing that strategy ... Read More
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