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Cloud Security

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Closing the Readiness Gap: How to Ensure a Fast Recovery From the Inevitable Cyber Attack

While many businesses invest heavily in frontline defense tools to keep out bad actors, they spend far less time and money preparing for what happens when the criminals eventually get in ...
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Trump donation scam

Cybercriminals Target Trump Supporters with Donation Scams

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is known for aggressively trying to raise money, even sending emails to donors hoping to cash in on setbacks like his conviction late last month on 34 felony ...
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Sysdig Bids to Bolster Brittle Cloud Infrastructure Layers

By centralizing, enriching and correlating identities to events, the suggestion is that security and platform teams can break silos and readily share findings to expedite investigations ...
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QR code phishing

A New Tactic in the Rapid Evolution of QR Code Scams

QR codes have been around for three decades, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 that they got wide use, with restaurants, health care facilities, and other businesses turning ...
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SASE Market Growth Continues, Led by Cisco, Zscaler 

Companies are achieving revenue growth by addressing the needs of mid-market enterprises, offering tailored solutions that provide high value at a competitive price point ...
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Penetration-Testing-as-a-Service: An Essential Component of the Cybersecurity Toolkit

PTaaS involves outsourcing penetration testing activities to a trusted third-party service provider, saving busy internal teams valuable time and offering an objective outsider’s perspective of their systems ...
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The “Spammification” of Business Email Compromise Spells Trouble for Businesses Around the Globe

| | email, GenAI, Phishing, spamming
Whether it be purely text-based social engineering, or advanced, image-based attacks, one thing's for certain — generative AI is fueling a whole new age of advanced phishing ...
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Netcraft Uses Its AI Platform to Trick and Track Online Scammers

At the RSA Conference last month, Netcraft introduced a generative AI-powered platform designed to interact with cybercriminals to gain insights into the operations of the conversational scams they’re running and disrupt their ...
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