Insider Threats: Fear for Small Businesses

Insider Threats: A Big Fear for Small Businesses

In the list of things that keep SMB leaders awake at night, insider threats rate at the top. Here’s why this threat is far bigger for smaller companies. A recent report finds ...
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IBM Report Details Shifting Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

IBM Report Details Shifting Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

One of the most frustrating aspects of cybersecurity is the cat-and-mouse game played by cybercriminals and organizations: By the time an organization mounts an effective defense against one threat vector, cybercriminals have ...
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Gaps in Resources Plague Cybersecurity

Gaps in Resources Continue to Plague Cybersecurity

Organizations large and small continue to struggle with cybersecurity, not because they don’t understand the threats but because they are challenged with effective vulnerability management and other gaps in resources. Despite 2018 ...
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Cybersecurity Challenges We Can Stop

2 Cybersecurity Challenges We Can Stop Talking About, and 2 We Can’t

Cybersecurity is a perpetually hot topic. At certain points, however, it becomes evident it’s time to stimulate new conversations about subjects that require more focus and cease discussing others. Here are two ...
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43% of Enterprises Not Ready to Say Goodbye to Windows 7

43% of Enterprises Not Ready to Say Goodbye to Windows 7

2020 will bring the end of Windows 7, following Microsoft’s announcement that it will no longer offer support and updates for the operating system starting January 14, 2020. But companies appear to ...

Protecting Against Man-in-the-Browser Attacks

If you’re entrenched with network security at your organization, you are most likely familiar ... The post Protecting Against Man-in-the-Browser Attacks appeared first on SlashNext ...
More Targeted Attacks, Less Malware

Dialing in Mayhem for Profit: More Targeted Attacks, Less Malware

You can count on three things these days: death, taxes and the ever-increasing, evolving nature of security threats. According to Positive Technologies’ latest “Cybersecurity Threatscape” report, cyber incidents were up 47 percent ...
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Critical National Infrastructures on the Radar; British MPs Say Attack Is Imminent

Critical national infrastructures such as the energy sector, public transportation, commercial facilities, government and defense, and medical services, among others, have been under attack in recent years, following a large volume of ...

Enterprises and Governments Trust Hacker-Powered Security to Identify Unique Critical Vulnerabilities

Data breaches not only cost companies millions, but they also inflict reputational damage, customer turnover and operational costs. The average cost of a data breach has risen 6.4% to a global average ...