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quantum computing

4 Steps to Prepare for Quantum Computing

A scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory recently asked an important question: “When full-fledged quantum computers arrive, will we be ready?” This scientist researches quantum information theory and his opinion piece for Scientific American magazine focused on quantum computing’s applications. But it’s a smart question when considering cybersecurity as well ... Read More
VPNs: The Deception in Camouflage Ownership

VPNs: The Deception in Camouflage Ownership

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As active participants within the VPN industry, we are pleased to join initiatives such as the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) and the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI), a consortium of VPN providers tasked with improving digital safety for consumers. Initiatives such as these allow the industry as a whole to take ... Read More

Why SaaS Is the Epicenter for Security Threats

Software as a service (SaaS) has made collaborating between geographically dispersed teams easier and more efficient. It’s replaced classic on-premises solutions across virtually every business function with cloud versions for everything from messaging, storing and sharing files to collaborating across documents, coordinating projects and more. But while SaaS has undoubtedly ... Read More

Successful Security Operations in the New Normal

As more businesses shift to a work-from-home model amid COVID-19, IT teams are facing a surge in security threats. You’ve most likely received some of the phishing attacks that target employees who are adapting to changing work conditions and worried about business and economic news. Under-protected home networks and devices ... Read More

All You Need to Know About HIPAA Requirements

Understanding HIPAA compliance is a requirement in developing a healthcare app for the U.S. market When developing a healthcare app, you need to consider data protection. In 1996, the U.S. government enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect the personal information of patients. In this guide, ... Read More
in-memory computing

Addressing the Security of In-Memory Computing

In-memory computing increasingly is being tapped for its speed and security capabilities As our world embraces online interactions more, it’s important to pay close attention to the speed and security of the systems that drive those exchanges. Both requirements translate into a better user experience, which is a top priority ... Read More
remote work

Managing Security, Compliance for Remote Work

The new norm of remote work under COVID-19 social distancing guidelines hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk. Both companies and their individual employees are struggling to maintain some sense of normalcy while at the same time having to dramatically re-think their jobs and internal processes to keep the business running. One ... Read More

Looking to Reopen Your Business? Prepare Now

If the pandemic has taught us anything over the past few months, it’s that we have to be prepared for the unexpected. Working in the technology industry, we’ve been conditioned to adapt to changes quickly and to be forward-thinking, which enabled many organizations in tech to pivot and deploy a ... Read More

How to Choose Linux Kernel Live Patching Software

In 1991, two unrelated events occurred, each the promise of two very different kinds of freedom: the death of the Cold War and the birth of Linux. Kernel live patching arrived in 2008 during Linux’s teenage years. Today, with the Linux kernel approaching 30 years old, live patching has matured, ... Read More
big data

Big Data and the Importance of Data Integrity

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The Age of Big Data has arrived. According to estimates, 90% of the data in the entire world has been generated in just the past two years. The growth will continue to accelerate, as the total installed base of internet of things (IoT)-connected devices is projected to reach 75.44 billion ... Read More