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Industry Spotlight

5G Health Care's Biggest Security Threat

Health Care Security Must Mature With 5G

It’s clear that 5G technology is rapidly coming of age, and is enjoying wide adoption across every industry. According to Gartner, the market for 5G infrastructure was predicted to hit $4.2 billion over the past year, with two-thirds of companies deploying the technology. Health care is a leading application for ... Read More
cyberresilience Information security architecture

Cyberresilience: Your Data Insurance Policy

In the wake of the Colonial Pipeline hack, businesses all over the world are getting a very loud reminder that they could be next to be compromised by a ransomware intrusion. For many, it’s not an ‘if,’ but a case of how and when. Even multinational businesses with comprehensive cybersecurity ... Read More
web app election security government

Elevating Web App Security to a National Priority

It’s been an eventful few months in terms of sizable cyberattacks. First, we had the SolarWinds hack, then the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack made cybersecurity acutely real for millions of people in the U.S. Most recently, the Kaseya ransomware attack disrupted more than 1,000 businesses over the July 4, 2021 ... Read More
Colonial Pipeline critical infrastructure OT Utilities

Colonial Pipeline Hinted at Critical Infrastructure Threat

The long gas lines, panic buying and price spikes are fading into memory. But the ransomware attack in early May 2021 on the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S. must continue to drive urgent action by the industry and policymakers to protect the nation’s key infrastructure. The assault on Colonial ... Read More
open banking Endpoint security financial services

Securing UX in Open Banking Apps

Historically, only large, well-established banks had control over the majority of consumer and corporate finances, making it highly challenging for smaller financial services providers to break into the market. Open banking has transformed the way organizations and consumers manage their money, as users can now conveniently access their finances from ... Read More
physical office kiosk

Top 5 Physical Security Considerations

With the rise of IoT technology across every aspect of business, security convergence is quickly becoming the new norm. In a world where just about everything is connected to the internet and to other devices, old strategies are becoming obsolete. Treating IT and physical security as separate entities and ignoring ... Read More
in-memory computing SIEM

Real-Time Threat Assessment With In-Memory Computing

Today’s security information and event management (SIEM) solutions are inundated with incoming events and tracking potential threats to network infrastructure. Significant events must be identified and correlated to detect lateral movement and kill chains to signal when an attack has occurred or is in progress. Given the huge volume of ... Read More
medical device health care cyberattacks

How to Protect Medical Devices from Ransomware

Cyberattacks on hospitals are rising, and patients are worried. Is my personal data at risk? Could ransomware or hackers effectively shut down the ER near me?  Consider these findings from a March 2021 report by cybersecurity provider Morphisec:   About one in five Americans said their health care was affected ... Read More
credential F5 Labs artificial intelligence

Reducing the Risk of Credential Leakage

Long-term cloud credentials are often scattered throughout source code, on laptops or desktops, on servers, in cloud resources and in other locations. It’s easy to copy them across machines, creating credential sprawl that increases your leakage risk. It’s unnecessary, too, because these types of credentials are only required when non-cloud ... Read More
cybersecurity insider risk

Can Managed Security Keep Businesses Safer?

In the last two decades, the cybersecurity industry has grown from a niche sector into a dominant force in the business world. Today, Gartner predicts that cybersecurity spending will reach $150 billion this year, almost double what was predicted in 2015. These figures highlight that the cybersecurity industry is growing ... Read More