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WHOIS is Changing

WHOIS is Changing: Analyst Impact

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is almost upon us and while businesses are scrambling to ensure they are compliant, another discussion is happening within the information security space among analysts: What’s going to happen to WHOIS? Greatly celebrated for its ability to form connections and break open ... Read More
VPNs Aren’t Dead

VPNs Aren’t Dead, They Just Need to Evolve

Companies have long relied on VPNs to secure corporate data and devices for remote workers, suppliers, contractors and other people authorized to access the company network. As technology continues to evolve, VPNs have held strong as a tried-and-true method for corporate security. However, the nearly 20-year-old technology is being seen ... Read More
Implementing Zero Trust Model

Implementing the Zero Trust Model

There are two types of companies, as the old(ish) saying goes: There are those who have been breached and those who have been breached and don’t know it yet. Cyberthreats are some of the most significant and challenging issues facing the world today. With advanced technologies propelling the world into ... Read More
Spam Bots and Fake Accounts

Spam Bots and Fake Accounts: Helping Solve the Security Identity Crisis

Despite how it sounds, in today’s age of fake news and fake accounts, websites that collect more identifiable information about their users are better-positioned to protect identities and even solve the widespread problems of spam bot and illegitimate user accounts. For context, look at the likes of Twitter and Facebook, ... Read More
Fileless Malware Rapid Expansion

Why Fileless Malware Will Continue Its Rapid Expansion

Fileless malware has received a lot of attention lately, and with good reason. In the last year, fileless malware, also commonly referred to as a zero-footprint attack, has successfully infiltrated a number of financial and other institutions that are generally thought of as being very secure. These kinds of attacks ... Read More
Securing the Network

Securing the Network—and Your Organization’s Future—with a SOC

Just as you wouldn’t give your house keys to someone you just met, organizations don’t want to do business with those they don’t trust. As digital transformation becomes the norm, it provides opportunities for growth and exposes vulnerabilities with the potential to breech the trust that businesses work so hard ... Read More
Top 3 Takeaways from RSA 2018

Top 3 Takeaways from RSA 2018

The risky state of IoT, security ‘now mattering’ and a call to action by attendees all resonated with me at this year’s RSA Conference. The RSA Conference was back again in 2018 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco this week. This year’s conference boasted 17 keynotes with more than ... Read More
Outsourcing Cybersecurity to Foreign-Based Firms

The Danger in Outsourcing Cybersecurity to Foreign-Based Firms

Sending cybersecurity work offshore isn’t just a bad idea for individual organizations; it can be a security issue. Facing a severe shortage of qualified cybersecurity workers—the InfoSec unemployment rate is expected to be zero until at least 2021—many organizations have no choice but to outsource at least some of their ... Read More
Get Ready for GDPR

Time is Running Out: How to Get Ready for GDPR

The risks of non-compliance are serious, follow this GDPR action plan to avoid disaster The number of successful data breaches on companies of all sizes has been growing in recent years and so has the potential price. The average cost of a data breach globally is $3.6 million, according to ... Read More
Effective Data Removal

Everything Must Go: Effective Data Removal When a Business Closes

Ineffective data removal from corporate desktop computers, laptops, external drives, servers and other IT equipment containing highly sensitive data can pose a serious security risk down the road.  In March, Toys ‘R’ Us broke the hearts of millions when the company announced the closing of all its 735 U.S. stores ... Read More