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Software-Defined Perimeter VPNs

Software-Defined Perimeter: Moving Beyond Traditional VPNs

Information and applications are moving into the cloud at breakneck speed to support the accessibility requirements of today’s increasingly decentralized enterprise—whether it is a commercial, nonprofit or government agency. Workforces are spread out geographically, accessing data from their laptop or favorite smart device. And, customers are located in all corners ... Read More
Is NTA Another Kind of IDS

Is NTA Just Another Kind of IDS?

Earlier last year, Anton Chuvakin of Gartner posted a question I’ve spent the past few years focused on. Actually, I’ve focused on it since working in the Network Security Wizards office on the Dragon IDS back in Y2K, back when it was called Y2K. In the post, Anton posits the ... Read More
What Does Firewall Mean Today

What Does ‘Firewall’ Mean Today?

The term “firewall” became a part of the IT lexicon in the 1980s, when computers were moving out of the research and academic facilities and into very early use in enterprises. That was a long time ago—eons ago in computing years. Three decades ago, networks and computing infrastructure were much ... Read More
M&A Cybersecurity

M&A Cybersecurity: Lessons from the Marriott Breach

The new year is a time of reflection and learning from the mistakes of the past. For many organizations, that means re-evaluating their security posture and making improvements—whether they experienced a breach themselves or watched one of the many headline-making breaches unfold in 2018. One of the most important breaches ... Read More
Humans Alone Can’t Stop Today’s Bots

Why Humans Alone Can’t Stop Today’s Bots

Bot management is a never-ending game of cat and mouse Traditionally, botnets were used to launch Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS attacks. They would exploit vulnerabilities on connected servers and other machines to multiply the effects of their attacks and bring networks to their knees. Today, bots are more ... Read More
SOC Managers Should CARE

4 Things SOC Managers Should CARE About in 2019

While most of us make resolutions for personal change in the New Year, meaningful changes in our business lives require a bit more advanced planning. Especially when those changes require budgets, approvals and internal support. As SOC managers and directors build out and evolve their security operations teams, some things ... Read More
Security Response for Cloud Workloads

Adapting Security Response for Cloud Workloads

Not long ago, enterprise security could be organized neatly around the critical assets needing to be guarded. However, this “moat and fortress” model for cyberdefense is being demolished as the world turns to the cloud. This vanishing perimeter poses a profound problem for CISOs already grappling with other secular trends ... Read More
E-Discovery in Cloud: Security

E-Discovery in Cloud: Security Issue and Compliance Gaps

E-discovery serves as a reliable method for organizations in accumulating, preserving and organizing data for legal and regulatory compliance. However, advancements in technologies such as containers have invoked security and compliance gap into the prolonged reliability of e-discovery platforms during cloud migrations. E-discovery embraces the organizational processes, with the help ... Read More
‘How,’ not ‘Who,’ of Cyberattacks

Why We Should Focus on ‘How,’ not ‘Who,’ of Cyberattacks

Organizations often don’t understand what they need to be protecting themselves from when it comes to costly cyberattacks. The threat landscape is becoming ever more evolved and it’s now rare for a day to go by without a new form of cyberattack hitting the headlines. Interventions by hacking groups into ... Read More
Automated Attacks on Web and Mobile Apps

The Changing Landscape of Automated Attacks on Web and Mobile Apps

In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented surge in automated attacks targeting online businesses. These attacks are aimed at validating stolen payment card details, scraping content, taking over accounts and sometimes even slowing down the target website. In the last post, I had highlighted how competitors could be behind ... Read More