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Simplify Zero Trust Secure Access to Business Applications

Simplify Zero Trust Secure Access to Business Applications

As remote work becomes a “new normal” and organizations are increasingly adopting a hybrid IT architecture, they are looking at how they can accelerate Zero Trust security and simplify secure business application ...
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Tips to Help Secure a Remote Workforce

Increasing security of your remote employees is crucial to the security and integrity of your systems and data With the COVID-19 pandemic creating what appears to be the new normal, IT and ...
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How Cybersecurity Will Change Post-Pandemic

The business impact of COVID-19 has been felt in many different industries. Cybersecurity is one industry that has seen a huge impact, with the increase of hacks, malware and phishing attempts popping ...
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We’ve Settled into WFH, But Security Challenges Remain

For businesses, having any percentage—let alone the majority—of a workforce working from home (WFH) requires that the right security solutions and employee best practice guidance are in place. But even so, it ...
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6 Tips for Remote Workers to Avoid Cybercriminals

Remote workers can be especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. Here are six ways to prevent that The COVID-19  pandemic is affecting every facet of our daily lives, including the ways cybercriminals exploit their ...
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Exabeam Extends Security Reach to Multiple Cloud Services

Exabeam has added support for more than 40 cloud services, including Zoom, to its security information event management (SIEM) platform also accessed via the cloud. At the same time, Exabeam has released ...
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Zero-Trust: Stay Safe While Working Remotely

A zero-trust security model can help organizations and their employees stay secure, no matter where they’re located Up until February of this year, working remotely was typically looked upon as a growing ...
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Security: COVID-19 Is Changing How America Works

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t have to mean security takes a back seat for remote workers. Here are a few tips With COVID-19 forcing millions into a new normal that requires working from ...
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Sledgehammer VPN Approach Not Serving Apps, Users or IT

In the new work from home paradigm, zero trust and SASE should take the place of the traditional sledgehammer VPN approach The security world was already changing ahead of the global work ...
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A Remote Workforce Makes Security Training More Critical

Security professionals have long struggled with implementing effective cybersecurity training. Employees don’t like it—and, in fact, many of the training options are tedious or not interactive or frequent enough to ensure the ...
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