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Understanding SASE and Zero-Trust to Strengthen Security

Cyberthreats have reached unprecedented levels; cyberattacks are happening more frequently than ever before and highly sophisticated cybercriminals are laser-focused on devising innovative new ways to compromise networks. Ransom demands are increasing and ...
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container zero-trust ZTNA

Getting to Zero-Trust Solution Design

Implementing a zero-trust (ZT) security architecture today is a bit like buying a car in 1901. You had to buy the chassis from one company, the body from another and the seats ...
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Cato Networks BYOD tablet Mobile Devices for GDPR Compliance

Cato Networks Adds Risk-Based Access Controls to SASE Platform

Cato Networks today revealed it has added risk-based access controls to its managed secure access service edge (SASE) platform. Eyal Webber-Zvik, vice president of product marketing at Cato Networks, said this capability ...
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network security Safer Internet Day Network

Survey Shows Lack of Confidence in Network Security

A survey of 2,045 IT leaders found that, despite technological advances, the majority of respondents still don’t have much confidence in their network security. The survey was conducted by Cato Networks, a ...
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Improving Edge Computing Security in 2022

More organizations are turning their eyes to edge computing as cloud adoption reaches new heights. Experts predict there will be 55 billion edge devices by 2022 as latency and resilience demands grow ...
5G SASE Security

How SASE Enables and Secures 5G Networks

The buzz has been growing around 5G MEC (multi-access edge computing) as the new networking standard that promises faster speeds, greater bandwidth and optimized mobility as the technology has moved from concept ...
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Aryaka network security

Aryaka Delivers SASE, SD-WAN Managed Service

Aryaka today unveiled a managed service, dubbed Aryaka Prime EZ, that combines the capabilities of secure access service edge (SASE) and a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) into a single offering. At ...
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zero-day hardware zero-trust prepare

Is the Market for Hardware Security Appliances Doomed?

When enterprise firewalls were introduced in the mid-1990s, they served a critical function. By enforcing network connection policies, they made it possible for organizations to connect their still-evolving corporate networks to the ...
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microsegmentation NDR network SASE K8s Network Traffic Analysis Security Goals

SASE Adoption Hampered by Lack of Education

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations around the globe to accelerate their digital transformation plans. Transition journeys that would normally take months or even years to complete were finalized in only a ...
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hybrid edge Security Struggling Threats

Securing the Edge in a Hybrid Environment

| | edge computing, hybrid, remote work, SASE
A year ago, the buzz in cybersecurity was around how to best secure a remote workforce. Today, organizations have to consider how to secure a hybrid environment, with not just a mix ...
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