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Achieving Data Protection With SASE

Data is the ultimate asset of modern business and the foundation of digital transformation. It is the currency that funds innovation and growth. Data must be protected with the utmost rigor, but ...
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Why Financial Services Needs Network Transformation

All business industries have seen increasing pressure to digitize their services in recent years, particularly over the past 12 months in response to COVID-19. But few industries have felt this pressure more ...
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Network Security Investment Priority #3: SASE

Global Independent Study of 500 Senior Level Respondents Provides Clear Picture for the Future of Network Security Resource Hub The Future of Network Security Full Report Webinar Infographic Press Release This is ...

The Importance of Uptime and Performance in Cloud Security

Imagine that you just purchased a brand new car featuring all of the latest bells and whistles. You're excited to take advantage of speed camera detection and try out the heated seat ...
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Taking Steps Toward an Impactful SASE Architecture

Given the complexity of digitization initiatives for most companies over the last decade, the world has grown acutely aware of how crucial good cybersecurity is for business health. More than ever before, ...
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digital identity IAM authorization

Smart IAM: The Key to Seamless Sign-Ons

In a connected, but still remote, world, employees are logging in from countless devices and locations. Behaviors that were once uncommon – like accessing the corporate network on multiple or personal devices ...
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home branch Zix

How to Secure the Home Branch Office

Amid the pandemic, most workforces have shifted to remote work and home offices; essentially, transforming their living rooms into corporate branch offices. From a convenience and health perspective, this has worked well, ...
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How to Get the Best Results From ZTNA

The pandemic greatly expanded the work-from-home population. Due to the pandemic, 86% of IT leaders say that at least a quarter of their staff members are connecting to corporate networks through personal ...
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No White Flags—the Value of Cyber Innovation at Speed and Scale

The first ‘till-less’ Amazon Fresh store opened in London recently. Download a QR code, shop and leave with everything being charged directly to your Amazon account. Is this something that we have ...
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Is Misinformation Slowing SASE Adoption?

One of the most notable emerging security architectures in 2020 was secure access service edge (SASE), a technology designed to bring SD-WAN and cybersecurity together on the same plane. Much of that ...
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