The Difference Between Insider Risk and Insider Threats

Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. You may be wondering why we’re starting this blog post off with a third-grade math fact, but when it comes to understanding your insider risk landscape, this can be a helpful reminder. Just like this basic tenet of ... Read More
GigaOm Recognizes DTEX as the Only Outperforming Leader in 2022 Data Loss Prevention Radar Report

GigaOm Recognizes DTEX as the Only Outperforming Leader in 2022 Data Loss Prevention Radar Report

There is nothing more gratifying in a crowded market filled with good technology, built by smart people, than to be recognized as a ‘Leader.’ And thus far in 2022, on the heels of a great, 2021, we are continuing to be recognized as an innovative, human-focused data science organization who ... Read More

Case Study: DTEX InTERCEPT Helps Multinational Retailer Gain Visibility into Risk in Retail Stores

As insider risks and threats become more prevalent with the rise of e-commerce and hybrid work, cybersecurity tools are struggling to evolve to recognize the human behavioral element of insider risk. This is especially troublesome for retailers that need to protect corporate data and sensitive customer information like credit card ... Read More

Thoughts on Gartner’s 2022 Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention

With another Summer comes another addition of the Gartner Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention. More key findings, more great analysis and more well thought out recommendations for Security Risk Management (SRM) leaders. But this year was a bit different than previous. You see, this year Gartner analysts Ravisha Chugh ... Read More

Employees’ Side Hustles: The Hidden Threat to Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

Do your employees have a side gig they’re passionate about? They may be unintentionally putting your security at risk. Here’s why you shouldn’t overlook those side gigs. A 2021 report by the U.S. Census Bureau said the trend of working two or more jobs is on the rise and with the gig ... Read More
What to Consider in your Multinational IRM program

What to Consider in your Multinational IRM program

In a previous post we discussed why companies need a multi-national strategy when building their Insider Risk Management (IRM) program. Briefly, it’s far too easy for organizations to be tripped up by the regulatory landscape. For each jurisdiction you need to know what data you can capture, what steps you ... Read More

The Cost of Ownership Demands Attention: Choosing the Right Tool for IRM

We have talked a lot about the differences between Insider Risk Management and Insider Threat Surveillance solutions for defending against malicious insiders. Most of the points we have brought up are technical differences, including their impacts on privacy, the benefits of behavioral analytics, and their different levels of support for ... Read More

Insider Risk Intelligence—A Value Multiplier for the Cyber Ecosystem

We all know there is no “silver bullet” to solve address all security threats. Enterprise security professionals use a variety of solutions to reduce risk, including firewalls, intrusion prevention, web application firewalls, and other on-the-network and anti-virus, data loss prevention, and endpoint detection and response on endpoints. These tools need ... Read More

Workforce Cyber Intelligence and Security News Digest—June 2022

We’re back again with another monthly Workforce Cyber Intelligence & Security News Digest, as the month of June has quickly come and gone. What a busy month, with a majority of our team kicking things off at the RSA Conference in San Francisco just a few weeks ago. After two ... Read More

Time to Value for Insider Risk Management is Key to Adoption & Success

In previous posts we have covered several critical factors for organizations to consider when comparing insider risk management and insider threat surveillance solutions. This post will discuss a more basic business factor: Time to Value. When organizations evaluate solutions, they consider features, total cost of ownership, and the impact on ... Read More

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