Feds Yell PATCH NOW over Windows AD ‘Zerologon’ Vuln

CISA sent an unusual warning late last week. The source of their fears? The Zerologon vulnerability, disclosed last week ... Read More
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DuckDuckGo: Crazy Name, Growing Crazy-Fast

The privacy lovers at DuckDuckGo, Inc. are pleased to say the business is growing fast. Plus, Apple have graciously allowed iPhone users to set DDG’s browser as the default on iOS 14 ... Read More
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BlindSide: Intel/AMD Speculation Bugs Under Microscope Again

Researchers have published frightening details on what they’re calling BlindSide, which relies on co-opting our old friend speculative execution ... Read More
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Russia, China, Iran Meddle in 2020 Election (Unsurprisingly)

It comes as no surprise to hear that Russia is up to its old tricks. China and Iran are also in on the game ... Read More
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China Trolls U.S. With ‘Fox in Henhouse’ Data Security Plan

China says countries shouldn’t attack critical infrastructure. Nor steal data. Nor do mass surveillance. Nor put backdoors in their products ... Read More
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Apple U-Turn: It Will ‘Delay’ Killing Facebook’s Business Model

“Would you like evil advertisers to track you in this app?” Is anyone going to answer “Yes”? ... Read More
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Apple’s Big Brother Attitude Fails to Keep Users Safe

Apple’s Big Brother Attitude Fails to Keep Users Safe

Apple’s insistence on “notarizing” apps fails to “give users more confidence,” as Cook’s crew promised ... Read More
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Kiwi Stock Exchange DDoSed Again and Again (and Again)

The land of the long white cloud seems to have a powerful enemy ... Read More
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Bridgefy FAIL: Insecure for Use in Protests

Bridgefy, a young naïve startup, built an app for use-case A. But many people used it for use-case B, which needs a radically stronger security posture ... Read More
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Uber ex-CISO Charged ‘Obstruction and Misprision,’ say DoJ/FBI

Joe Sullivan, Uber’s former security honcho, stands accused of obstructing justice and covering up a crime ... Read More
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