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The New Wave of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The only constant is change. The ongoing effects of COVID-19 have taught us that change is inevitable to survive. One major area that has been affected during COVID-19 is how we interact ...
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Why Employees Aren’t Really “Getting” Your Cybersecurity Training

The post Why Employees Aren’t Really “Getting” Your Cybersecurity Training appeared first on Digital Defense, Inc ...
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RangeForce Expands Security Training Cloud Service

RangeForce today unfurled Battle Fortress Cyber Range, a cloud-based service through which red/blue teams can conduct security training using modules and content they can reuse across multiple exercises. Will Munroe, vice president ...
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RangeForce Offers Special Browser-Based, Hands-on Simulated Cybersecurity Learning as a Service to Any College

Special pricing delivers immediate, affordable and high-quality cybersecurity training to students pivoting to an online learning model MANASSAS, VIRGINIA, March 25, 2020 — For the price of a college textbook, any North ...
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exchange server Executive Order on America's Cybersecurity Workforce

Executive Order on America’s Cybersecurity Workforce: From Strategy to Reality

President Donald Trump’s recent Executive Order on America’s Cybersecurity Workforce has created surprisingly little buzz within the cybersecurity training community. This is likely because, as exciting as it is to have the ...
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Mặt nạ "sinh đôi nhân tạo" của Bkav đánh bại Face ID: Không dùng Face ID trong giao dịch thương mại

Social-Engineer Newsletter Vol 09 – Issue 114

In This Issue: "Smile, Facial Recognition in Use." Facial recognition software has been growing in popularity with companies and government agencies throughout the world. Can this technology be easily circumvented and used ...
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Survey Surfaces Range of Cybersecurity Disconnects

A new survey of 300 IT professionals working in organizations with 100 or more employees conducted by Syncsort, a provider of tools for managing large amounts of data, finds 85 percent are ...
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