Is SaaS a Threat or a Boon to Cybersecurity?

The IT threat landscape continues to grow by the day, and the latest vehicle for an attack is SaaS—the web-based applications that many organizations have become dependent on for efficiency and productivity, ...
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Benefits of Red Team

How do Red Team Exercises help CISO to Validate the Security Controls Effectively?

Red Team Exercises are one of the best ways for CISOs to validate the security controls effectively. By simulating a real-world attack, Red Team exercises help organizations identify their vulnerabilities and determine ...
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Cybersecurity in the Boardroom: How to Report Risk to Leadership

Cybersecurity threats are continuing to evolve and become more widespread. These advanced attacks include everything from malware and phishing to artificial intelligence, ransomware and more, endangering the assets of governments, organizations and ...
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8 Ways to Avoid CISO Burnout

Times have changed In recent years the job of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has become more and more frenetic and involved. Already stretched CISOs have the added responsibilities of employee management ...

Security Advocacy in the Cloud with Jacob Ansari from Schellman

In this episode, we talk with Jacob Ansari, a Security Advocate at Schellman, where he leads the firm’s security best practices advocacy. He develops and leads educational efforts on security practices, emerging ...
Cybersecurity for Startups with Josh Feinblum from Stavvy

Cybersecurity for Startups with Josh Feinblum from Stavvy

Josh Feinblum is the co-founder of Stavvy, a Boston-based fully integrated digital mortgage platform, where he leads product, engineering, people, and finance. He also serves as a venture partner at F-Prime Capital, ...
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AppSec Champions Bring Security Front and Center

Twenty years ago, Bill Gates foresaw the security threats looming as new technologies were introduced and threat actors were ramping up their efforts. He urged for including security development at every stage ...
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Log4j Computer Security Change is Necessary

How Log4j Reshaped Cloud Security Thinking

IT leaders are changing the way they secure cloud workloads in the aftermath of the Log4j vulnerability, according to a report from Valtix ...
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how to evaluate cloud service provider security

How to Evaluate Cloud Service Provider Security (Checklist)

Public cloud adoption is rising among companies across all industries. In a recent survey, over half of companies indicated they’re […] The post How to Evaluate Cloud Service Provider Security (Checklist) appeared ...
DHS & CISA's Cyber Priorities | Dr. Matt McFadden & Eric Goldstein

Meet CISA: US Critical Infrastructure’s Cyber War General

Executive Summary  Federal support for critical infrastructure cybersecurity is more important than ever in these heightened times of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. There is growing concern Russia will engage in cyber-attacks targeting western ...

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