Google Finally Pulls Chinese Apps Stealing Personal Data

After six million downloads, two spyware Baidu apps have been removed from the Play Store. What took Google so long? ...
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Congress Passes IoT Security Act, but is it Toothless?

The House and the Senate have both passed a bipartisan bill to shore up the security of “internet of things” devices ...
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Japanese Orgs Hacked ‘by China’ in Long, Widespread Campaign

Chinese state-backed threat actors APT10 have been hacking Japanese businesses for at least a year ...
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Trump Fires DHS Cybersecurity Agency Over Election Remarks

Chris Krebs, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), has been fired by President Trump. His crime? Making a “highly inaccurate” statement about the 2020 presidential election. CISA called the election ...
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Vertafore Leak: Private Data of 28M Texans

An insurance software vendor ’fessed up to losing control of a huge cache of personal data. Vertafore lost the details of 27,700,000 Texas drivers ...
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Disconnect Your TCL Smart TV From the Internet—NOW

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Researchers are sounding the alarm about Android TVs from TCL. A pair of bugs make them serious targets for hackers, and the TVs have a Chinese backdoor ...
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Great British Prank: Company Name Contains XSS Hack

A prankster registered a British company name containing a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. Hilarity ensued ...
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23% of Windows in Use is Old, Insecure Win7 or XP

Windows 7 and XP are obsolete, but that hasn’t stopped almost a quarter of Windows users using them. It’s a security nightmare waiting to happen ...
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Google ‘Irresponsibly’ Discloses Windows Zero-Day

Google discovered a “threat actor” exploiting a pair of bugs—one in Chrome and one in Windows ...
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Therapy Center Hacked, 40,000 Patients Sent Ransom Demands

A psychotherapy center was hacked, losing sensitive healthcare data on more than 40,000 patients ...
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