SandboxEscaper Drops 4 Windows Zero-Days on GitHub

SandboxEscaper Drops 4 Windows Zero-Days

A Belgian security researcher just unleashed four Windows zero-days. T. van Houtte, also known as SandboxEscaper, dropped her proofs-of-concept onto GitHub this week ...
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49 Million Instagram Users’ Private Data Leaked via AWS

Another day, another unsecured Amazon instance: This time, it’s the sensitive data of almost 50 million Insta "influencers" at risk ...
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$100M ‘GozNym’ Bank Trojan Gang: 6 Arrested, 5 at Large

$100M ‘GozNym’ Bank Trojan Gang: 6 Arrested, 5 at Large

These five handsome specimens are wanted for alleged conspiracy to steal $100 million from bank accounts. Six others are in custody after a coordinated operation by European and U.S. law enforcement ...
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WhatsApp Zero-Day Let NSO Spyware Pwn Phones

A buffer-overflow vulnerability in WhatsApp is being exploited to remotely take over victims’ devices. All it took was a missed call to infect the app on iOS and Android ...
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Russia's ‘Fake News’ Swirls in U.S. and Europe

Russia’s ‘Fake News’ Swirls in U.S. and Europe

Here come yet more stories of Russia interfering in elections, Moscow-sponsored attempts to sow discord, and Putin-led conspiracy-theory spreading. But it has to be said: They’re suspiciously thinly-sourced ...
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Photo App Pivots to Violating Its Users' Privacy

Photo App Pivots to Violating Its Users’ Privacy

Ever AI is accused of playing fast and loose with user privacy. An investigation alleges it’s been using billions of private photos from millions of users to train an AI facial-recognition product—aimed ...
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Dell Hell Gets Hotter via Bad Bug in Every PC, Laptop

Every Dell endpoint running Windows has a nasty remote-code execution vulnerability. The security hole is in the SupportAssist module ...
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Did Huawei Hide Backdoors in Telco Kit? Or Is This More Bloomberg BS?

Today’s revelation that Huawei put backdoors into telecoms equipment is perfectly shocking. But is the story all that it seems? Yes, it’s Bloomberg again, trying to sound authoritative about security. But—some say—failing ...
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Jeff Bezos

Alexa! Why Are You Stalking Me? (Did Amazon Lie?)

Amazon whistleblowers supposedly say thousands of Alexa team members can see your precise location. But just two weeks ago, didn’t the company pinky-swear they couldn’t? ...
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Popular ‘WiFi Finder’ App Leaks 2 Million+ Passwords

A widely-used Android app for finding free wi-fi passwords was horribly insecure. It’s been sitting on an unsecured back-end database, open to the internet ...
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