CISOs and the Transformative IoT Cybersecurity Mandate

Through IoT, CISOs can redefine their roles as less risk-avoidance and more proactive risk-reduction Although the “official” statistics remain a bit fuzzy, word on the street indicates an average tenure of 17 ...
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Health Care and HIPAA-Compliant Data Storage

HIPAA-compliant data storage involves implementing both physical and digital safeguards designed to protect sensitive health information from a growing number of threats. Though global ransomware attacks are on the decline, healthcare organizations ...
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Cyber Threats to Medical Imaging Systems and How to Address Them

| | health care, healthcare, NIST
Healthcare continues to see staggering growth in breaches to patient health information. In the first half of 2019 alone, 32 million health records were breached, compared to 15 million records in the ...
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Taking Health Care Out of the Ransomware Hot Seat

For the second straight year, ransomware attacks accounted for over 70% of all malware incidents in the healthcare sector, according to the “2019 Verizon Breach Investigations Report.” Beazley reported that almost half ...
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Fax or Email for Secure Document Delivery

Fax or Email for Secure Document Delivery?

Security threats, data breaches and cyberattacks continue to rise within healthcare, financial, legal, government and hospitality industries. Whether it’s the Yahoo data breach affecting 3 billion accounts or the data breach of ...
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Biggest Threats to Data Security in Health Care

3 Biggest Threats to Data Security in Health Care

According to, there were 2,181 healthcare data breaches between 2009 and 2017 that each involved at least 500 records. Those breaches resulted in the theft or exposure of more than 176 ...
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Healthcare Data Breaches

3 Payloads in Healthcare Data Breaches

| | Data breach, health care
The news is full of a variety of attacks on healthcare data, ranging from ransomware attacks on small clinics and large hospitals to the massive data theft from the behemoth Veteran’s Administration ...
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