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API Security’s Role in Protecting Retail Cloud Apps

Protection from API security threats is crucial, especially for retail companies that hold sensitive customer and financial data ... Read More
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How to Use ASPM to Improve CSPM

In recent years, organizations have increasingly moved their applications and infrastructure to the cloud to take advantage of its scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. However, this shift to the cloud has also introduced new security challenges, particularly in the realm of application security. Attackers are constantly looking for ways to exploit ... Read More
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IT Teams Should Know CNAPP Starts With the Apps

With cloud environments, companies face data protection challenges around more regulations, a higher rate of data loss, and an increase in the number of attacks. As more organizations shift to the cloud, securing those cloud environments has become a top priority. In order to protect their cloud environments, organizations need ... Read More
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Modern APIs Need a Different Security Approach

Organizations leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) regularly, often without giving them much thought. The benefits APIs deliver enable companies to monetize applications in new and exciting ways, ultimately driving revenue and gaining market share from competitors. This is because APIs offer a data transfer approach that allows services within an ... Read More
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Cloud Workload Resilience PulseMeter

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