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Using AI and ML to Win Against Fraud

Choosing the Right AI Components in Your Security Tools

AI is a hot buzzword in cybersecurity, but just because a security tool is labeled “AI-enabled” or “AI-powered” doesn’t mean the technology will translate easily to your cybersecurity system. There is still ...
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AI certificate Fax or Email for Secure Document Delivery

AI Offers Critical Assist to Incident Response

The security skills gap has limited what companies are able to do when it comes to incident investigation and response. And it isn’t just the lack of cybersecurity talent available to hire; ...
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Chatbots, Maintenance and Monitoring: Security Automation

Last week the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) unveiled its virtual victim assistant, ViViAN, to serve identity crime victims after-hours and on weekends. Developed in partnership with the SAS Institute, an anti-fraud ...
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automation business risk

Is Automation the Answer to Security Fears?

Technological advances have revolutionized our lifestyles, but they have yet to eliminate one of our most primal fears. While we enjoy the fruits of our online existence, we still live under the ...
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Cybersecurity Executive Order: Can automation fix the nation’s misconfiguration problem?

President Joe Biden signed and released an Executive Order (EO) from the White House on May 12th, addressing his plan to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and protect federal government networks. This order ...
Webinar: Future-Proofing Security Programs in 2021 and Beyond

Webinar: Future-Proofing Security Programs in 2021 and Beyond

2020 was a year of learning, with surges in ransomware, nation states infecting supply chains from Solar Winds to Microsoft, and radical new work models that might presage a “new normal.”  ...
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What’s Next for Connected Devices in Health Care?

According to a Deloitte study, approximately 68% of medical devices will be either connected or connectable to a health system network by 2025. Each of those devices simultaneously represents an opportunity for ...
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Visibility, Context, Automation are Key to Security Control

Remote work is now ingrained into the fabric of how companies operate. Many have already realized this new working paradigm optimizes productivity. So much so, that an ever-growing list of companies – ...
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