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multi-cloud Wi-Fi 6 access point zero-trust cloud security remote data protection

Underinvestment in Multi-Cloud Security a Pressing Concern

Although the vast majority of businesses are making multi-cloud a strategic priority in 2022 and keeping security top-of-mind, many feel they lack the tools and skills needed to execute on these plans.  In fact, additional security complexities have prevented IT leaders from moving to multiple cloud platforms, even though the ... Read More
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8 Security Developments to be Thankful For in 2021

Rising security risks are happening across multiple fronts—from ransomware attacks aimed at defense contractors to threats stemming from hybrid work environments. Meanwhile, midsize companies are still struggling with security issues and the lingering effects of the pandemic and the accelerated evolution of the threat landscape are having a negative impact ... Read More
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CISO Zoom burnout

CISOs are Burning Out, Missing Holidays Due to Work Demands 

The demands on chief information security officers (CISOs) are mounting, leading many to skip vacation time and even miss holidays like Thanksgiving, according to a Tessian survey of 317 security strategy decision-makers at organizations in the U.S. and the UK.  The study revealed 42% of CISOs have missed holidays like ... Read More
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defense contractors FTCode

Defense Contractors Highly Susceptible to Ransomware

Even as cybercriminals take aim at critical infrastructure, many of the United States’ top 100 federal contractors are inadequately prepared to repel ransomware attacks. These were among the findings of a report from Black Kite, which assessed the cybersecurity risk posture of U.S. defense contractors and found 20% of the ... Read More
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U.S. API security

US, EU Join Paris Call for Cybersecurity

The United States and the European Union announced plans to join the Paris Call, an international effort to combat cyberthreats endangering citizens and infrastructure. Established in November 2018 and supported by 80 international states and more than 700 private enterprises, the Paris Call is based around nine common principles—from protecting ... Read More
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midsize SMBs DarkSide third-party risk management

Midsize Companies Still Struggle with Security

Although more than half of IT decision-makers at midsize companies think cybersecurity is a moderate to high priority for their group, the majority believe the larger organization has not prioritized IT security issues. These were among the results of an UncommonX survey of 220 key IT-related professionals at midsize organizations ... Read More
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ransomware XDR ransom ProxyLogon Black Kingdom Egregor

FBI Warns of Ransomware Threats to M&A

The FBI issued a warning focused on the threat from ransomware actors likely to use significant financial events, such as mergers and acquisitions, to target and leverage victim companies for ransomware infections. The advisory noted that between March and July 2020, at least three publicly traded U.S. companies actively involved ... Read More
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cybersecurity journey CyberHero Adventures Show

Cybersecurity Pros Love Their Jobs, but Fear Burnout

The lingering effects of the pandemic and the accelerated evolution of the threat landscape are impacting organizations’ security practices, as well as the role cybersecurity professionals play in defending critical assets. These were the results of the 2021 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, which collected survey data from a record 4,753 ... Read More
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work JumpCloud remote working work contact center

Lack of Threat Awareness Creates Hybrid Work Risks

Most Americans are unaware of cybersecurity threats, and although more are concerned about cybersecurity, nearly six in 10 have downloaded or installed software, apps or cloud storage programs not approved by their IT department. These were the concerning findings from the 2021 Unisys Security Index, which surveyed 11,000 consumers in ... Read More
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collaboration HR data

Compliance, Security Concerns for Collaboration Tools Leading Some to Opt Out

Regulated organizations continue to ramp up the use of collaboration tools, but compliance, security and supervision concerns are leading those in highly regulated industries like finance to switch off certain features or opt out of entire platforms. A survey of 100 financial services executives conducted by Theta Lake, the Modern ... Read More
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