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Best CIEM Solutions: Understanding Capabilities

Organizations are adopting the cloud in growing numbers, but with this growth comes unanticipated security challenges with user identity management […] The post Best CIEM Solutions: Understanding Capabilities appeared first on Sonrai ...
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How MFA Can Help Prevent Data Breaches

Security experts widely agree that any organization securing logins to its valuable IT services using only a username-password combination is taking a huge security risk. Multifactor authentication (MFA) is one of the ...
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Introducing OCI IAM Identity Domains

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A little over a year ago, I switched roles at Oracle and joined the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Product Management team working on Identity and Access Management (IAM) services. It's been an ...
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Manage Secrets With Invisible PAM

There’s a security innovation paradox in DevOps environments, according to new research from ThycoticCentrify and Forrester.  Organizations want developers to innovate faster without sacrificing security in the process. “As security leaders seek ...
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phishing MFA Microsoft Again Most Spoofed as Office 365 Phishing Evolves

Why so Much Resistance to MFA?

I was speaking with a doctor friend the other day. We were chatting about electronic medical records and how her office secured the patient information. She told me about all of the ...
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Solving the Puzzle of Global Identity Verification

With customer bases that span the globe and the growing prevalence of online fraud, financial service providers know that effective identity verification (IDV) is imperative. But meeting anti-money laundering (AML) and know ...
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The Human Touch in Identity Verification

Businesses and consumers alike are growing more dependent on AI every day. The technology serves as the foundation of almost every digital assistant, search engine, online shopping recommendation or automated technology we ...
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Digital identity now requires multiple data points to confirm a user's identity

What is the digital identity?

As we continue living much of our lives online, we need to close the security gaps in our identity ecosystem. It starts with… The post What is the digital identity? appeared first ...
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The False Identity Frenzy and the Need for Authentication

Emil Sayegh, president and CEO of Ntirety, unpacks the issue of inauthentic identities opening doors to untraceable, fake social accounts and the impact that it has on society. Emil is a cloud ...
WFS migrated to the cloud and closed 20 of 22 data centers by partnering with Sonrai enterprise cloud security platform

WFS Securely Changes Technology Approach

Event Recap: Sandy Bird, Co-Founder & CTO of Sonrai Security, participated in an AWS showcase for cloud-scale data leaders. The post WFS Securely Changes Technology Approach appeared first on Sonrai Security ...