Mark McClain Discusses Enterprise Identity

Q&A: SailPoint CEO Mark McClain Discusses Enterprise Identity

During last week’s SailPoint Navigate conference I had a chance to sit down with SailPoint CEO and founder Mark McClain. In our conversation, we spoke about the evolution of identity management, its role in enterprise digital transformation and the expanding definition of enterprise identity. McClain has 20 years of experience ... Read More
Security Boulevard

Despite Cloud Popularity, Enterprises Still Struggle with Compliance and Security

As we’ve covered in depth here over the past few years, enterprises have moved to cloud in a big way, with the estimated size of the cloud computing market to have been $130 billion globally in 2017. But those organizations who have made the move, especially when it involves sensitive ... Read More

Enterprises Slack at Security Patching at Their Own Peril

It’s perhaps one of the most well-known and understood foundations of enterprise security – finding and patching outdated software with software updates. However, a newly released survey from cloud IT services provider ServiceNow, Today’s State of Vulnerability Response: Patch Work Demands Attention, found that there is still much work that ... Read More

How much GDPR risk is hiding in your data?

How much risk is hiding in your in the data in your enterprise? Probably quite a bit ... Read More

Think Automation and AI Will Help Close Your Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

Do you think automation and AI/machine learning will help your organization close its internal skills gap? A recent study from the Ponemon Institute found otherwise — at least for now. According to the Ponemon Institute study (funded by security vendor DomainTools) also found that the cybersecurity professional skills shortage will ... Read More

Delta, Sears Customer Data Breach Exposes Risks of Third Party Providers Once Again

Once again, a third-party vendor may have exposed sensitive credit card information of hundreds of thousands of Delta Air Lines and Sears. The attack shows the vulnerability to reputation and risk from attacks on third party vendors ... Read More

Machine Learning is Also a Tool for Cybercriminals

It doesn’t matter what discipline within cybersecurity one looks at, nearly everywhere one looks machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing how security data are analyzed, security tools deployed, and threats identified. I know there’s a difference between machine language and AI, but so many use the terms interchangeably now ... Read More

Annual Report Shows Increased Maturity in Security Operations

An annual study from enterprise software company Micro Focus has shown progress in the security maturity of organizations, but much more work remains. According to the fifth annual State of Security Operations Report 2018, there has been a 10 percent improvement in organization’s ability to meet security-related business goals. According ... Read More

Students to Demonstrate Cybersecurity Skills in Annual Hacker Contest

Over the past few years, considerable attention has been given to the cybersecurity skills gap. In the post Enterprises Continue to Grapple with a Huge Cyber Security Skills Shortage we covered how the global cyber security workforce shortage is on pace to hit 1.8 million by 2022, a 20 percent ... Read More

 Nearly All Cybersecurity Workers on the Job Hunt

Organizations already facing a tough time finding cybersecurity talent may find additional cybersecurity headwinds this year as the vast majority (84 percent) of cybersecurity workers say they are on the lookout for new job opportunities ... Read More