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Druva vulnerabilities eBay cyberstalking

Despite Pen Testing Efforts, Stubborn Vulnerabilities Persist

For those security professionals who work to mitigate enterprise software vulnerabilities, it may often seem like Groundhog Day—patching and mitigating the same types of vulnerabilities over and over again. As a just-released report from crowdsourced penetration testing provider Cobalt found, that sense of déjà vu is not their imagination. From ... Read More
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EUAC CUI classified secrets SMB

Confidential Computing Consortium Adds End User Advisory Council

Being able to encrypt data while it’s actually being used has always been a challenge. After all, people and systems need to see information in order to use it. For years, security vendors and enterprises alike have sought ways to encrypt such active data, but it has proven to be ... Read More
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cloud Public Clouds Spread Malware

Cloud Complexity Rattles Enterprise Security Efforts

More than 15 months after the pandemic-driven rush to remote work, enterprises are still paying the price for the faster-than-previously-planned migration to the cloud. According to the 2021 Thales Global Threat Report conducted by 451 Research, 82% of organizations maintain such concerns, especially when it comes to encrypting data stored ... Read More
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zero-trust trust supply chain third-party

Enterprises Misplace Trust in Partners, Suppliers

In an era when many organizations are focused on building zero-trust access control architectures, many are paradoxically extending considerable trust to the third parties they enable to access their systems remotely. And that trust is placing them at significantly increased risk of successful attacks against their business technology systems. According ... Read More
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enterprise encryption

Enterprise Data Encryption Use Reaches Historic Highs

For decades, enterprise data encryption and effective key management were something most enterprises wanted to do but couldn’t — if they tried to do it at all. Only the largest of enterprises with the most mature security teams even attempted it. Fortunately, that’s now starting to change for the better ... Read More
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monitoring Verkada IoT AI surveillance

Verkada Surveillance Hack, Breach Highlights IoT Risks

Building security vendor Verkada Inc. reported a breach of customer surveillance data to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the company said in a statement. News of the Verkada breach broke Tuesday, along with the release of photos and videos from a number of the approximately 150,000 connected cameras ... Read More
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Security at Scale Grow Your Security

Security Budgets to See 2021 Increases, Survey Finds

Last year saw a tremendous shift in security priorities following enterprises’ response to the pandemic. The good news is, business leadership is now paying more attention to information security. The bad news is, enterprise security teams have a lot of work ahead. According to a survey conducted by IDG on ... Read More
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IAM privacy cloud security Biometrics: Giving the Government the Finger

Cloud Security Remains Elusive in Public Sector

Despite the move to the cloud, many government entities grapple with long-standing, cloud-related cybersecurity challenges. Consider a recent survey from data security provider Netwrix, based on responses from 937 IT professionals. This survey showed that, while security challenges persist, many cybersecurity woes in the federal government are self-inflicted. This survey ... Read More
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app Security

App Security Takes a Back Seat in the Drive to Digital Transformation

As enterprises rushed to digitize their business processes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses — if not most— rapidly pushed forward, only to ask application security questions later. According to a survey released last week, conducted by Osterman Research at the request of cybersecurity and application delivery and security ... Read More
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Soon, Quantum Computing Could Break Your Encryption

Quantum computing could break your encryption. It could happen within a couple of years, or it may be a decade or two away. Still, certainly, in the relatively near future, quantum computing will render traditional cryptography obsolete. It’s a challenge every enterprise will have to face, and the sooner they ... Read More
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