DevSecOps: More Work Ahead

DevOps has come a long way since it got underway in full force nearly ten years ago. As was recently made clear at this year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) in Las Vegas, DevOps organizations have been successful when it comes to knocking down organizational silos, optimizing the delivery of software ... Read More Detects Significant Breach On Enrollment Exchanges

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it has detected anomalous activity in its Federally Facilitated Exchanges (FFEs) Direct Enrollment pathway for agents and brokers. This is the system that enables agents and brokers to help consumers with their coverage applications to the FFEs. One can imagine ... Read More

The Danger of Shadow IT Shines Again

It was late September when the news broke that the personal data of 1.5 million citizens had been stolen from a government health database in Singapore, SingHealth. While authorities called the attack targeted and well-planned, the evidence coming out points to potential mismanagement of the server as being the likely ... Read More

When it Comes to Container Security Enterprises Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Much like the early days of virtualization, containers got a bum rap when it came to data security. I say this because just like virtualization, securing containers is more about securing what is happening inside, rather than the security of the wrapper ... Read More
Microsoft’s Johnson: Data Breach Disclosures

Microsoft’s Johnson: Data Breach Disclosures a Delicate Balance

Whether it’s the Equifax breach or the more recent Facebook breach, consumers are steeped in data breach news and notifications. During the Washington Post’s Cybersecurity Summit | 2018, Cat Zakrzewski, a technology policy reporter at the Washington Post, sat down with Anne Johnson, corporate vice president of the Cybersecurity Solutions ... Read More
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HHS Urges FDA to Do More on Medical Device Security

We’ve been writing for a few years now about the dangers of connected medical devices and how the U.S. F.D.A. has sought to increase the security of these devices. Previously, in St. Jude Takes Steps to Secure Vulnerable Medical Implants we covered the security surrounding St. Jude medical devices. We ... Read More
Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary of Homeland Security: We’re Ready for Election Day Interference

| | DHS, Election Security
About a month ahead of the midterm elections, the Washington Post’s cybersecurity reporter Derek Hawkins interviewed Kirstjen Nielsen, United States Secretary of Homeland Security, about the current state of the nation’s election security. The interview took place during the Washington Post’s Cybersecurity Summit | 2018. When asked how the security ... Read More
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As Bots and Robotic Processes Rise in the Enterprise, so Do Security Risks

As business-technology systems grow more complex, so does the need to automate essential management and security processes. With hybrid cloud architectures, DevOps management approaches, and continuous software delivery pipelines, organizations need to automate as many processes as they can automate. For those tasks that require little or no deviation, many ... Read More
Application Security and DevOps

Application Security and DevOps: Q&A with Author Kenneth Van Wyk

Application security is one of the most important topics in information security, and few know the subject better than Kenneth Van Wyk. He has been a career IT security expert for more than 30 years and specializes in both incident response and software security. Van Wyk has authored two popular ... Read More
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Mobile Fraud, Threats Soar

Study Finds Mobile Fraud, Threats Soar

| | mobile data security
When asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, American bank robber Willie Sutton reportedly answered, “Because that’s where the money is.” While there is some controversy as to whether he actually made the statement, it’s a truism nonetheless and there’s even a diagnosis law named after the famous quote ... Read More
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