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Will Consumers Punish Vendors That Suffer a Data Breach?

If a new survey from API and application protection vendor ThreatX is accurate, a majority of U.S. consumers are less likely to work with a company following a data breach. At least, they claim that they are. The ThreatX survey highlighted consumers’ evolving attitudes toward data breach concerns and their ... Read More
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Organizations Preparing for Cyberwar

Perhaps—just maybe—2022, mainly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the use of offensive digital operations, will go down as the year executives started taking the threat of cyberwarfare as a realistic risk against their operations. This week, device security platform provider Armis took a stab at quantifying the ... Read More
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Mitigating the North Korean Cybersecurity Threat

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky recently published an analysis that detailed how a North Korean threat actor, which it called the BlueNoroff group, is stealing cryptocurrency by bypassing the “Mark of the Web” flag security feature within the Windows operating system. Kaspersky’s advisory is only the latest in a string of cybersecurity ... Read More
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NIST Completes Satellite Command-and-Control Guidance

NIST’s popular cybersecurity framework is finally ready for space. Well, not really outer space—but it will be applied to the security of ground satellite command-and-control systems. In recent years, the security of satellites has caught the attention of the military and lawmakers. Col. Jennifer Krolikowski, chief information officer at U.S ... Read More
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FDA, MDIC and MITRE Publish Medical Device Threat Modeling Playbook

Modern medical devices are complex, networked and often vulnerable to attack. With that in mind, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has funded the development of a playbook for threat modeling by the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) and MITRE. The playbook is designed to help health care organizations ... Read More
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Health Care Under Cyberattack: Unprotected Medical IoT Devices Threaten Patient Care

Connected devices bring organizations more information and convenience, but they also increase an organization’s attack surface—and medical devices are no different. According to a survey released by reviews platform provider Capterra, as health care organizations connect more medical devices to their network, they are also attacked more often. Capterra’s 2022 ... Read More
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Enterprises Fear Continued API Sprawl, Security Weaknesses

There’s no doubt that APIs enable developers to better customize their applications. Yet the continued growth and success of APIs as the glue that holds together digital transformation is proving to increase risk and create API manageability challenges. Axway’s 2022 Open Everything Strategy Survey results revealed the top concerns among ... Read More
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Forrester: Rethink Reliance on Professional Certifications

To many IT and security professionals, industry certifications are a necessary evil. Primarily due to common—yet increasingly questioned—hiring practices, certifications are vital for entry-level cybersecurity workers who need to establish a baseline understanding to potential employers. However, Forrester concluded such certifications might hurt the cybersecurity talent pool in both the ... Read More
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Third-Party Risk Management Efforts Remain Lackluster

Despite calls to re-shore and streamline supply chains during the great availability disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises are still increasing their reliance on third parties. They’re doing so to optimize productivity or, at the very least, remain competitive. While third-party suppliers often provide cost-effectiveness, speed and help increase ... Read More
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Ukraine Deputy Cyber Leader on Lessons From Russia-Ukraine Cyberwar

As the conflict with Russia intensified into war earlier this year, the cyberattacks on Ukrainian interests didn’t come as a surprise to Victor Zhora, who recently spoke via video link with BlackBerry CEO John Chen at BlackBerry’s recent Summit 2022. Zhora, Ukraine’s deputy cyber leader, explained that the Ukrainian government ... Read More
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