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Security Budgets to See 2021 Increases, Survey Finds

Last year saw a tremendous shift in security priorities following enterprises’ response to the pandemic. The good news is, business leadership is now paying more attention to information security. The bad news is, enterprise security teams have a lot of work ahead. According to a survey conducted by IDG on ... Read More
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cloud security Biometrics: Giving the Government the Finger

Cloud Security Remains Elusive in Public Sector

Despite the move to the cloud, many government entities grapple with long-standing, cloud-related cybersecurity challenges. Consider a recent survey from data security provider Netwrix, based on responses from 937 IT professionals. This survey showed that, while security challenges persist, many cybersecurity woes in the federal government are self-inflicted. This survey ... Read More
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app Security

App Security Takes a Back Seat in the Drive to Digital Transformation

As enterprises rushed to digitize their business processes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses — if not most— rapidly pushed forward, only to ask application security questions later. According to a survey released last week, conducted by Osterman Research at the request of cybersecurity and application delivery and security ... Read More
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Soon, Quantum Computing Could Break Your Encryption

Quantum computing could break your encryption. It could happen within a couple of years, or it may be a decade or two away. Still, certainly, in the relatively near future, quantum computing will render traditional cryptography obsolete. It’s a challenge every enterprise will have to face, and the sooner they ... Read More
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Report: 2020 Sees Spikes in Mobility, Fintech Fraud

Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented number of both business and financial transactions have shifted online. And where money and information go, so do fraud and other crimes. In a newly released report, “Know Your Customer” and digital ID verification firm Veriff identified a widespread increase ... Read More
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Bugcrowd Report Shows Marked Increase in Crowdsourced Security

The impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on how enterprises work—and secure their workers and data—will last for years. And while the long-term ramifications are yet to be known, a recent survey from Bugcrowd shows a marked increase in crowdsourced vulnerability assessments. According to the Bugcrowd “2021 Priority One” report, ... Read More
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security spending

Enterprises Increase Security Spending but not Efficacy

One of the constants in cybersecurity is that wherever there is a breach there is a high probability that there’s a stolen credential involved. With that perspective in mind, a recent report by security vendor Pulse Secure and the CyberRisk Alliance shows that enterprises are underestimating the importance of the ... Read More
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To Succeed, Security Leaders Must Align Themselves With The Business

 Aligning organizational business objectives with security has always been challenging New initiatives are often kicked-off without security being a consideration Analyst firm finds, when security and business objectives are aligned, there are tangible business benefits ... Read More

Healthcare Institutions Fall Short of National Cybersecurity Standards

Healthcare breaches continue in high numbers Vendor report details minority of healthcare providers can't meet NIST CSF criteria Healthcare providers can get back on track, but it will take a strong focus on an effective remediation plan ... Read More

Healthcare Data Breach Costs Rise

Getting to understand the costs of data breaches is always tricky. Deciding what variables need to be part of the equation is always tricky. And so is determining the actual costs of such nebulous concepts as "customer churn." But whether it's possible to peg the precise cost of a data ... Read More