NIST Releases Guide to Better Manage Privileged Accounts

Privileged accounts are those accounts you most definitely never want to lose control over. These accounts include what used to be commonly called “superuser” accounts, those accounts that provide the highest level of access to a system, such as a server, local endpoints, and others. You can consider privileged accounts ... Read More

Managing and Securing Containers Just Got Easier

When it comes to securing a public cloud infrastructure, many organizations are under the impression that the workloads they run are secured by their cloud services provider. This just isn’t so, and the lackadaisical attitude has resulted in a number of high-profile breaches, including the exposure of 1.8 million records ... Read More

Healthcare Cybersecurity in Intensive Care

Despite regulatory mandates and years of costly data breaches in the healthcare industry, a recent survey found that less than one-third of healthcare organizations say they have a comprehensive cybersecurity program in place ... Read More

One-third of All Vulnerabilities Rated High Risk

First the good news: according to a published report there were more than 16,000 software vulnerabilities disclosed during the first nine months of this year. Now, that’s quite a few vulnerabilities that could enable attackers, exploits, and malware to scurry onto an enterprise environment. However, it is 7 percent fewer ... Read More

Think Your Organization Has a Healthy Cybersecurity Culture?

If your organization has a healthy cybersecurity culture, consider yourself lucky — less than five percent of organizations do ... Read More

DevSecOps: More Work Ahead

DevOps has come a long way since it got underway in full force nearly ten years ago. As was recently made clear at this year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) in Las Vegas, DevOps organizations have been successful when it comes to knocking down organizational silos, optimizing the delivery of software ... Read More Detects Significant Breach On Enrollment Exchanges

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that it has detected anomalous activity in its Federally Facilitated Exchanges (FFEs) Direct Enrollment pathway for agents and brokers. This is the system that enables agents and brokers to help consumers with their coverage applications to the FFEs. One can imagine ... Read More

The Danger of Shadow IT Shines Again

It was late September when the news broke that the personal data of 1.5 million citizens had been stolen from a government health database in Singapore, SingHealth. While authorities called the attack targeted and well-planned, the evidence coming out points to potential mismanagement of the server as being the likely ... Read More

When it Comes to Container Security Enterprises Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Much like the early days of virtualization, containers got a bum rap when it came to data security. I say this because just like virtualization, securing containers is more about securing what is happening inside, rather than the security of the wrapper ... Read More
Microsoft’s Johnson: Data Breach Disclosures

Microsoft’s Johnson: Data Breach Disclosures a Delicate Balance

Whether it’s the Equifax breach or the more recent Facebook breach, consumers are steeped in data breach news and notifications. During the Washington Post’s Cybersecurity Summit | 2018, Cat Zakrzewski, a technology policy reporter at the Washington Post, sat down with Anne Johnson, corporate vice president of the Cybersecurity Solutions ... Read More
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