As Cloud, Cybersecurity Grow More Complex Enterprises Lean On AI

A recent report from P&S Market Research pegs the growth in the cybersecurity artificial intelligence market at 36 percent annually from 2017 through 2023, when it expects the cybersecurity artificial intelligence market to reach $18 billion ... Read More

Building a DevSecOps Culture

Talk to any enterprise that has embraced DevOps and are trying to ensure security is adequately integrated into the organization and they'll likely say the challenge is twofold: tools and culture. Moreover, the most difficult of those two is culture ... Read More

Serverless Computing Security Risks

Serverless computing is taking off. By some estimates, many enterprises that are using public cloud have embraced serverless computing. As TheNewStack’s Lawrence Hecht wrote, “After digging in, we found that the survey says 70 percent of enterprises have migrated a significant number of workloads to the public cloud. Among this ... Read More

Healthcare Finally Embracing Cloud in Real Numbers

The time for the healthcare industry to embrace cloud computing has been long. But it’s finally here, according to a recent survey conducted around HIMSS18 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) of Members of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives ... Read More

The Security Benefits Behind the Software Defined Network

Software defined Networking is here, and there’s plenty of talk about what this means for security. As Ericka Chickowski wrote in Security Must Adjust as SDN Goes Mainstream we know one thing: security will need to continue to adjust to compensate ... Read More

Could It Be So? Data Breaches Decline in 2018?

That’s the conclusion of at least one cybersecurity services provider. According to Risk Based Security, following year over year increases in the number of publicly reported data breaches, the first three months of 2018 saw a respectable decline. But while the numbers look good, they may reflect a change in ... Read More

Do Breaches Drive Biometrics Investment?

What’s a leading indicator that an organization may invest in biometric authentication? It turns out that it’s a data breach ... Read More

The Unexpected Fallout of GDPR

We’ve been writing quite a bit about GDPR (along with most everyone else), and its deadline rolling upon us there will be quite a bit more GDPR coverage to go around. But as the deadline draws closer, we’ve beginning to see some of the potential fallout and unexpected consequences of ... Read More
Mark McClain Discusses Enterprise Identity

Q&A: SailPoint CEO Mark McClain Discusses Enterprise Identity

During last week’s SailPoint Navigate conference I had a chance to sit down with SailPoint CEO and founder Mark McClain. In our conversation, we spoke about the evolution of identity management, its role in enterprise digital transformation and the expanding definition of enterprise identity. McClain has 20 years of experience ... Read More
Security Boulevard

Despite Cloud Popularity, Enterprises Still Struggle with Compliance and Security

As we’ve covered in depth here over the past few years, enterprises have moved to cloud in a big way, with the estimated size of the cloud computing market to have been $130 billion globally in 2017. But those organizations who have made the move, especially when it involves sensitive ... Read More