API data security Salesforce AppSec Changing Face of Web Application Security

Radware Survey Reveals API Security Weaknesses

A survey published today suggests there is a disconnect between the perceived and actual level of security being applied to application programming interfaces (APIs). The survey polled 203 IT professionals in Europe, ...
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4 Cloud Application Security Best Practices

In today’s digital-first landscape, more and more organizations move their workloads to the cloud. However, many do not realize that cloud environments come with a certain set of unique security threats.  In ...
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Automox open source M&A

Automox Allies With Rapid7 to Automate Patch Management

Automox this week at the RSAC 2022 event launched an automated vulnerability identification and remediation platform in collaboration with Rapid7, a provider of a cloud platform for assessing the severity of vulnerabilities ...
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Checkmarx access point

Checkmarx Adds Vulnerability Correlation Engine to AppSec Portfolio

At the RSAC 2022 conference, Checkmarx this week announced it has added a correlation engine to its application security portfolio that delivers the results of multiple static code and runtime scans in ...
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Understanding and Preventing Layer 7 Attacks

The open systems interconnection (OSI) is a reference model for layering interoperability and networking of communicating systems via standard protocols. Even though cybersecurity attacks can happen anywhere in the OSI model, Layer ...
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Blowing up DevOps bottlenecks with pull requests

Blowing up DevOps bottlenecks with pull requests

It’s the perfect time, Larry Maccherone said during his DevOps Connect knowledge-sharing session at RSA 2022: The code is fresh in devs’ minds, and they’re hungry for quality feedback.  ...
CodeSec by Contrast Security - Evaluator Guide

CodeSec by Contrast Security – Evaluator Guide

CodeSec by Contrast brings enterprise-level security right to your development workflow for free. Make code and serverless security simple and efficient with quick scan times, market-leading accuracy, actionable results and seamless integration ...
A Sneak Peek Into Contrast's New Developer Security Tool

A Sneak Peek Into Contrast’s New Developer Security Tool

Coming June 2, Contrast Security will be unveiling its newest security scanning tool designed for developers by security experts: CodeSec. This blog provides a sneak peek into what the tool is and ...
The State of Application Security with Tanya Janca

The State of Application Security with Tanya Janca

Tanya Janca, founder of the We Hack Purple Academy, Director of Developer Relations and Community at Bright, and author of “Alice & Bob Learn Application Security” joins us to discuss the current ...
5G CISA SASE Security

Do You Need to Rethink AppSec With 5G?

It’s not quite everywhere yet, but 5G connectivity is growing rapidly. That’s a great thing for remote workers and anyone depending on a fast connection, but what kind of impact will 5G ...
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