Solving Today’s Security Challenges with Device-Centric SSE (Security Service Edge)

The modern workforce is highly mobile and dispersed, with workers (employees, contractors, partners, etc.) using a variety of devices to access corporate data from various locations. As a result, traditional cybersecurity approaches ...
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HPE Acquires Axis Security to Gain SSE Platform

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced its intent to acquire Axis Security, a provider of a secure service edge (SSE) platform. The acquisition is part of HPE’s effort to extend the integrated software-defined ...
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The Security Service Edge Journey

I cannot remember a time when IT evolved faster than it has over the last few years. There’s no better example than the rapid transformation that’s occurred over the course of the ...
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The CISO Perspective 2023-02-20 09:19:54

At one point, virtual private networks (VPNs) were a valuable tool for remote workers to access private networks and data centers. But with more and… ...
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Not Just Web Browsing Security: Isolation Strengthens all SSE Functions

Over a decade ago, the National Nuclear Security Administration began using “remote-managed hosted virtualization” to isolate risky web interactions from laboratory desktops used in nuclear research labs. This early version of remote ...
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SASE: Is it Just Another Cybersecurity Buzzword?

SASE: Is it Just Another Cybersecurity Buzzword?

In this sponsored episode co-host Tom Eston discusses SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) and if its more than just the latest cybersecurity buzzword with Carlos Salas from NordLayer. Topics include: – What ...
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Rise of Single-Vendor SASE and the Challenges of Integration

In 2021, just two years after Gartner introduced secure access service edge (SASE), the SASE market size was estimated to hit a whopping $3 billion. The SASE market is expected to reach ...
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Firewalls and the Plateau of Productivity

Firewalls: Something every architect is familiar with. Something that still raises many of our heart rates. At some point in your IT career, it’s likely you’ve had to deploy and configure a ...
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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) vs Security Service Edge (SSE)

At Bitglass, customers and prospects are rapidly architecting and deploying their SASE architecture and approach. In particular, we are commonly asked how they should go about prioritizing such a comprehensive approach; there ...

Are you on a Security Service Edge (SSE) journey?

Last month, in the latest Gartner “Hype Cycle for Network Security, 2021” by Shilpi Handa, and Pete Shoard, Security Service Edge (SSE) was introduced. This segment was not only “High” on the ...

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