ransomware machine learning AI/ML for Threat Intelligence

Machine Learning Tackles Ransomware Attacks

There are approximately 250 known ransomware families, and these families are directly related to the rise of ransomware-as-a-service, according to Bitdefender. “Ransomware infection is just the final step; these modern attacks take ...
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cybersecurity digital value chain remote work

Digital Value Chain Attacks on the Rise

Cybercriminals are moving to exploit vulnerabilities in the digital value chain as organizations fight to secure a rapidly expanding threat surface.  These were among the findings of a report from Micro Focus ...
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QKD quantum

A Qubit of Solace: How QKD Systems Defend Against Future Cyberattacks

Every industry is on high alert when it comes to cyberattacks, and rightly so. A cyberattack can halt business, add unexpected costs to mitigate, damage a company’s reputation and more. Cybercriminals can take ...
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data Sontiq BreachIQ Data Breach Notification Laws

The Basics of Data Breaches

For businesses, the risk of cyberattacks is a very real threat. Businesses hold significant amounts of data about their customers – often financial – so it’s vital to have processes in place ...
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ransomware Macs

Ransomware Actors, Access Brokers Form Lucrative Relationships 

When ransomware crews need access to launch their attacks, they reach out to initial access merchants—malicious actors who offer to sell compromised network access to cybercriminals.   As key enablers in the financially ...
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MITRE ATT&CK Framework Explained: Why it Matters

We all know that cyberthreats have become more frequent, stealthier and more sophisticated. What’s more, the traditional, reactive approach to detecting threats by hunting indicators of compromise (IoCs) using markers like IP ...
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US U.S. State digital national security cybersecurity executive order Cyber Strategy

US Lawmakers Seek Uniform Policy on Nation-State Cyberattacks

Following years of nation-state cyberattacks targeting United States interests, during a Securing Cyberspace panel hosted by the Washington Post, a pair of lawmakers expressed their determination to establish harsher penalties for such ...
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Security incidents in Ukraine reported from January 2022 onward

Impact of the Russian-Ukraine Conflict on Cybersecurity

24th February 2022 will be remembered as a watershed moment in Russia and Ukraine. On that day, following a series of escalations in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, Russian troops began ...
cyberthreats Russian Group-IB EU Russia Project Lakhta’s Accountant

Responding to Risks From the Russia-Ukraine War

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, companies around the world are increasingly concerned with the growing threat of potential cyberattacks and retaliation. In recent weeks, Russian actors have launched an unprecedented ...
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industrial Colonial Pipeline critical infrastructure OT Utilities

Addressing Critical Infrastructure Threats Requires Collaboration

Since long before the current conflict in Ukraine, U.S. national security officials and cybersecurity industry analysts have raised concerns about Russia’s demonstrated capabilities and potential intentions to attack U.S. critical infrastructure (CI) ...
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