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Redefining Security As a Profit Driver

Redefining Security As a Profit Driver

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65% of consumers would never or be very unlikely to continue doing business with a company that experienced a financial data breach. Read our newest blog post to learn how security helps both increase sales and retention, thereby yielding higher profits ... Read More

Red Flag Alert: Service Accounts Performing Interactive Logins

In the world of account security, we often focus on end user accounts as the weak vector vulnerable to attackers. On the contrary, we at Preempt see something that happens just as frequently: failing to limit exposed and vulnerable service accounts. Service accounts often differ from end user accounts in ... Read More

What’s New in 3.1? New Dashboard, Exciting Integrations, and A Free Product!

Preempt is happy to release version 3.1, available today! Included in the release are a brand new security assessment dashboard, exciting features offering more visibility and better password and network security, new technology partners and product integrations, and a free lightweight tool. Let’s delve into what you can expect with ... Read More

Security Weekly Interview: Securing Identity With Conditional Access

Organizations often have incomplete views of who is accessing what, when, where and how across multiple applications and systems. Understanding a user and their behavior is critical to understanding corporate security risk. In an interview in Security Weekly's Business Security Weekly July 22 podcast, Preempt CEO Ajit Sancheti explains why ... Read More

Ping + Preempt: Securing All Access In Hybrid Cloud Environments

Enterprises struggle to understand what is truly going on in their organization: what their users are doing and how to stop risky activity. Add in the complexity of a hybrid cloud environment, multiple legacy systems, unmanaged endpoints, and unsanctioned applications, and it's no wonder organizations struggle to get the insight ... Read More

Zero Trust is a Pipe Dream…

….if you don't even know your users and what they are accessing. (Ha - I got you there with the clickbait title) ... Read More

M&A cyber diligence, talent shortages, and the challenges facing CISOs [Podcast]

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Enterprises are often forced to implement multiple moving parts as the traditional network perimeter is no longer sufficient to protect against modern threats. These disjointed security solutions rarely talk to each other, causing security silos and an overwhelming number of distracting security alerts, Preempt CEO Ajit Sancheti explains in a ... Read More

Can You Stop a Breach in 19 Minutes?

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Spotting an initial breach of a network is already difficult. New research begs an additional question: can you stop attackers from gaining control of your critical systems and applications in a matter of minutes? According to Crowdstrike, if you can't detect and respond to a breach in under 19 minutes, ... Read More

Optimize Your Okta Deployment with Preempt

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Enabling customers to secure their corporate assets while easily moving to the cloud has always been at the forefront of Preempt’s mission. While Preempt shines in preventing network threats with our unique detection capabilities, such as our ability to decrypt NTLM relay attacks in real-time, our goal has always been ... Read More

Three Ways to Limit the Cybersecurity Impact of the Government Shutdown

UPDATE (Jan. 25): Recent news reports state a deal has been reached to re-open the federal government through Feb 15. The issues outlined in this blog continue to apply to public and private sector organizations. As many of you may have read in the news recently, the government shutdown has ... Read More