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M&A cyber diligence, talent shortages, and the challenges facing CISOs [Podcast]

Enterprises are often forced to implement multiple moving parts as the traditional network perimeter is no longer sufficient to protect against modern threats. These disjointed security solutions rarely talk to each other, causing security silos and an overwhelming number of distracting security alerts, Preempt CEO Ajit Sancheti explains in a podcast this week.

The interview between Sancheti and UberKnowledge COO Ashwin Krishnan covers the cybersecurity talent shortage, the future of integrating point solutions within cybersecurity software stacks, and the all-too-overlooked challenge of cybersecurity due diligence during M&A and other large scale financial transactions.

Listen to the UberKnowledge podcast to learn:

  • The vital role of identity to security, and how Conditional Access leverages Identity, Behavior, and Risk to provide comprehensive enterprise visibility of who and what is accessing your environment, as well as the ability to automatically prevent threats

  • Why the cybersecurity industry can “win” if vendors demonstrate the willingness to talk to each other and collaborate with open standards and APIs

  • The cybersecurity negligence in M&A: as worldwide mergers and acquisitions total trillions each year, companies across all industries are opening themselves up to threats as they incorporate cybersecurity risks from acquired companies and their subsidiaries


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