What’s New in 3.1? New Dashboard, Exciting Integrations, and A Free Product!

Preempt is happy to release version 3.1, available today! Included in the release are a brand new security assessment dashboard, exciting features offering more visibility and better password and network security, new technology partners and product integrations, and a free lightweight tool. Let’s delve into what you can expect with this release.

Brand New Security Assessment Dashboard 

A brand new tab in the Preempt management console now gives you a visual overview of the domain risks and their relative score. With more risk factors detected, Preempt produces greater GPO analysis in one location. Settings in GPO that are analyzed include SMB signing, password policies, domain admin group administrative privileges, and more. With better visualization, you can prioritize incidents and take action quickly and accurately. 


Enhanced Password Security 

Preempt has integrated the HaveIBeenPwned library, which has a database of more than 8 billion compromised accounts, as well our own password libraries. But we don’t stop here: Not only can you detect weak or compromised passwords, you can also analyze the password against the individual account or group and cross reference that against your corporate password policy for better password security analysis. 

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Extended Visibility 

Protecting devices and their local administrators is the key to protecting against data breaches because attacks often start on the endpoint. Preempt helps quickly identify the potential attack flow from each endpoint to reduce the overall attack surface. In one easy location, you can now identify local and/or stealthy administrators and the domain groups that they belong to. By quickly identifying these points of compromise, Preempt helps you get better visibility to reduce investigation time. 

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RADIUS is a very common and popular way to authenticate, and Preempt now allows you to configure support for any RADIUS-based MFA without the need to create a special integration. Native support for MFA Microsoft Azure through NPS and Gemalto are now available, in addition to our list of existing MFA vendor support

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Real-Time Ping Integration

Preempt has developed tight integrations with both PingID (MFA) and PingFederate (SSO), allowing customers who have Ping deployed to leverage Preempt’s threat analytics and response with Ping’s access management solutions. When malicious or risky activity is detected on any network or cloud asset, Preempt can then trigger a Ping MFA challenge based on policy or risk score in real-time. Please visit the Preempt for Ping page for more information. 

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And Last but Not Least: Preempt Lite!

Available on the Preempt website and AWS Marketplace, Preempt Lite is a FREE cloud-based insights and analytics tool that helps you with your AD security by reducing the attack surface and improving security hygiene. Preempt Lite empowers your security team with visibility into exposed accounts and privileges, weak AD controls, and compromised passwords that pose an immediate threat to your organization. 

preemt lite logo horizontalAttend our live webinar on August 13th to learn about how you can protect your AD environment with Preempt Lite!

Conclusion: Better Threat Detection & More Integrations

With better visibility and threat detection, you have a better understanding of the organizational security hygiene and can take actionable steps towards protecting against threats in your network. In addition, with more integrations and a growing ecosystem of technology partners, Preempt helps optimize your security investments and get more unique value. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local account representation or email us at [email protected].

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