Maintaining an Energy-Efficient Edge Platform

Over the past 20 years, we've seen a lot of growth at Akamai. When I started at Akamai, we used to have traffic peaks of almost 200 Mbps. From that fledgling startup, ...

Enso Previews Application Security Posture Management Platform

Enso Security today previewed an application security posture management (ASPM) platform that makes it easier for cybersecurity teams to discover applications, identify owners and detect changes. Fresh off raising $6 million in ...
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How ZeroNorth is driving the DevSecOps revolution for the good of software, with new capabilities

Where software was once on the sidelines of organizational success today, it is front and center—with businesses under… The post How ZeroNorth is driving the DevSecOps revolution for the good of software, ...
Bolster Platform Release, v1.2

Bolster Platform Release, v1.2

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We are excited to announce the Beta release of new console features that will allow you to personalize the Bolster Platform home page with additional useful information ...
Qualys endpoint

Qualys Delivers on Promise to Automate Endpoint Security

Qualys this week announced the availability of a Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response (VMDR) platform based on a single agent that detects endpoint vulnerabilities and automates the patching of those systems. Sumedh ...
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ZeroNorth Brings Risk Intelligence to DevOps

In their rush to embrace digital transformation, many enterprises often overlook the importance of cybersecurity and may be exposing themselves to more risk than necessary. Cybersecurity challenges are nothing new; however, businesses ...
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Check Point Adds Big Data Analytics Platform for Cybersecurity

Check Point Software Technologies this week launched a big data analytics platform providing analytics to give cybersecurity professionals visibility into every application and system they have deployed on the Amazon Web Services ...
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How To Build An Authentication Platform

How To Build An Authentication Platform

Today's authentication requirements go way beyond hooking into a database or directory and challenging every user and service for an Id and password. Authentication and the login experience, is the application entry ...

All About Peerlyst, a Thriving Online Platform for Cybersecurity Professionals

I am very proud to contribute to both Tripwire’s the State of Security and to be a regular Peerlyst poster. Peerlyst is a very important online platform for cybersecurity professionals. It’s my ...