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Best Practices for Securing Modern Applications

As the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, more and more businesses rushed to the cloud without taking into consideration the security issues that could result from rapid deployment. There is no ...
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CISO corporate security

How CISOs Limit Downtime Without Impacting Security

In the last decade the role of the chief information security officer (CISO) has evolved considerably. Not long ago, the CISO was considered a part of the IT team and their main ...
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Defining Threat Modeling and Its Role in the SDLC

Threat modeling is one of the most essential, and misunderstood, component of the software development lifecycle. It identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities early on in the process, mitigating the risk of attacks, ...
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Unlock a New Level of Security at Secure Coding Virtual Summit

A lot of cyberattacks can be prevented by developers who have the right security tools and training. The challenge is that most do not have a full understanding of security best practices ...
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How Threat Modeling Enabled Election Security

When Christopher Krebs was director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), his job was to make sure he understood the risk management landscape so the agency ...
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OWASP Threat Dragon!

Threat Modeling Application Released By OWASP: Threat Dragon 1.0

OWASP Threat Dragon! Big News in the Threat Modeling racket: OWASP has released version 1.0 of it's highly awaited threat modeling platform as a free, open source and cross-platform tool. Monikered OWASP ...

Brook Schoenfield Discusses Threat Modeling and Secure Design

Inner Circle Podcast Episode 028 Brook Schoenfield, Master Security Architect and Director of Advisory Services for IOActive, joins me for this week’s episode of the Inner Circle podcast. We talk about the ...