We Phish You a Very Merry Christmas and a Fraudulent New Year

The holiday season is kicking into full gear, and so is the annual holiday cybercrime surge. As gift givers scour the web to seek out the best deals, cybercrooks put in extra work to profit off of the holiday shopping frenzy ... Read More

SOC Prevalence and Maturity on the Rise

While most individual security analysts today are still overworked and battling burnout, the good news is that the process and organizational support they need is improving across the industry. A new report out last week shows that security programs are growing more mature and performing better as the number of ... Read More

Every Hour SOCs Run, 15 Minutes Are Wasted on False Positives

New research out in the past few weeks show that false positives and alert fatigue continue to plague security operations centers (SOCs) worldwide. And, according to the research, it's killing the SOC's ability to keep teams intact and to respond quickly to threats ... Read More

Breach Costs Keep Creeping Upward with Financial Fallout Lasting Years

The cost of data breaches keeps increasing for companies, and new research indicates that the financial impact can continue to sap company coffers for years after the incident occurs. Released this week, the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report from Ponemon Institute showed that the average data breach now ... Read More

Incident Response Lessons Learned from JPL Cybersecurity Fails

A few weeks ago, the U.S. federal bureaucrats from the NASA Office of the Inspector General’s audit division put together a thorough document detailing the security woes at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The details come together in a classic “what not to do” anti-case study that many security professionals ... Read More

5 Cloud Security Concerns That Still Keep Cybersecurity Pros Up at Night

Many cybersecurity leaders today express greater levels of confidence than ever before in their cloud security posture. Cloud security tools have greatly matured over the last few years and that, combined with the inevitability of cloud dominance in modern IT, has helped them reach a wary acceptance of the new ... Read More

The Rise of the Data Protection Officer

As global organizations doing business in the EU settle into the second year of enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the sweeping data privacy rules have spurred a boom in the hiring of data privacy professionals in the past year. At the spear tip of this hiring spree ... Read More
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Breach Incidents on Record Pace for 2019

Poorly configured cloud resources and plentiful credential leaks are vaulting 2019 toward the record books when it comes to the volume of publicly reported breach incidents. A new report out this week by Risk Based Security on data compromise incidents during Q1 2019 shows that these events are happening more ... Read More
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The State of Web and Mobile DevSecOps

As the leaders in coverage of the DevOps world, we are constantly pressed upon to convey the true state of DevSecOps at any given moment in time. We try to dig up the state of the union by asking important questions of IT executives, DevOps champions, security leaders and other ... Read More
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‘Security as Necessary Evil’ Mentality

3 Ways CISOs Can Break Out of the ‘Security as Necessary Evil’ Mentality

Security Boulevard Exclusive Series: What I Learned About Being a CISO After I Stopped Being a CISO In this series we’re talking with former CISOs to collect the lessons they’ve learned about the job after they left—either to work as start-up founders, consultants or vendor executives. The goal is to ... Read More
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