5 DevOps Trends CISOs Must Watch

Make no mistake, DevOps trends are catching fire in the enterprise these days and for good reason. A new report out by DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA) shows that the highest performing DevOps organizations are crushing their software delivery metrics ... Read More

Four Cool Tools Expected Out of Black Hat

Security professionals, penetration testers and malware investigators are preparing to get energized. In just about a week the hacking community will converge on Las Vegas to drop their biggest discoveries of the year at the podiums of Black Hat USA. This annual confab always offers up a range of great ... Read More
Virtualization Flaw Uptick

Virtualization Flaw Uptick: It’s ‘Just Getting Underway’

Virtualization vulnerabilities are seeing a huge surge this year as security researchers start to truly take the microscope to the full range of virtualization software. Hypervisors increasingly are being used against every level of the enterprise hardware stack—servers, desktops, storage, network equipment and more—and virtualization is what’s powering the cloud ... Read More
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5 Cryptojacking Consequences CISOs Can’t Ignore

The rising tide of criminal schemes to steal compute cycles for mining cryptocurrency has reached a high-water mark. This month researchers report that cryptojacking malware and attacks have overtaken ransomware as the number one malware threat online today ... Read More

Five Reasons Enterprises Aren’t Getting the Most Out of Security Automation

Automation is enterprise cybersecurity's biggest buzzword as organizations seek to keep pace with a threat landscape that grows more frenetic by the hour. But as automation spending skyrockets, many enterprises are finding that they're not getting the most out of their investment ... Read More

Tesla Sabotage Highlights Danger of Insider Threat

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is facing a nightmare insider attack scenario for which too many companies today fail to prepare. Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted this week that an employee managed to intentionally wreak havoc with the software code that underpins the company's manufacturing system. The fallout has resulted in ... Read More

Three Ways DevOps Teams Can Step Up GitHub Security

Last week the team behind Git, a platform that powers millions of the world's developer code repositories--including those on the wildly popular GitHub hosted service--released a crucial security update meant to keep developer environments safe. The patch was made to fix a flaw in how Git handles submodule repository configuration ... Read More
Modern Cryptography Methods

Quantum Research Puts Expiration Date on Modern Cryptography Methods

What would you say if someone told you that the foundational technology upon which most of your security protections are built will be completely nullified in 10 to 15 years? Sounds like FUD, but according to many experts, this day of reckoning is coming for modern cryptography as soon as ... Read More
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Security Must Adjust as SDN Goes Mainstream

After years of hype, 2018 may finally see the start of the mainstream adoption of software-defined networking (SDN). And with it, network virtualization and software defined data centers (SDDC) could be on the cusp of big breakthroughs. So say the results of the new research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) ... Read More
Risky Insider Security Behaviors

3 Most Common and Risky Insider Security Behaviors

Too many organizations today turn a blind eye toward malicious and negligent insider behavior that puts their organizations at higher risk of fraud and cyberattacks. Those insider blinders are costing them hugely. According to a survey out last month from Ponemon Institute, insider security threats are zapping enterprises an average ... Read More
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