Biometric Technology in Our Everyday Life

Biometric Technology in Our Everyday Life

In the digital era, the need for security is higher than ever before as a majority of us keep a huge portion of our lives on our mobile devices. As a result, ...
Shutterfly Facial Recognition Arbitration

Illinois Court Upholds Unilateral Amendment to Shutterfly Arbitration Provision

In a recent opinion, an Illinois federal judge determined that a user’s biometric privacy claims must be arbitrated according to Shutterfly’s 2015 arbitration clause, despite the fact that plaintiff never assented to ...

World Password Day: I Hate My PA$SW*RD

Why do companies still insist upon using passwords? I’d be very surprised if anyone reading this would say they love passwords. In fact, the weakest links in a cybersecurity defense are usernames ...
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passwords biometrics

RIP, Passwords: Hello, Biometrics

A few years back, authentication used to be very simple, i.e. users needed two strings (username and password). If someone knows both, then they can access the account—easy as that. This was ...
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Facebook privacy

Facebook’s Latest Privacy FAIL Costs Company $550M

Facebook has settled a class-action in Illinois for $550 million. It’s alleged that the social network’s face-recognition algorithms are illegal in the Prairie State ...
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Washington Privacy Act (WPA)

New Push for Washington’s Privacy Bill in 2020

Washington state may be leading the charge on privacy legislation in 2020. The state legislature introduced several privacy bills during the first week of its 2020 legislative session, including an updated version ...
Michael Green, CEO, Enzoic

Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2020

Cybersecurity and infosec are constantly evolving. Today, organizations are doing everything in their power to harden their defenses, protect their internal networks, and secure data from increasing internal and external threats. The ...

Deepfakes Pose New Security Challenges

Expect to hear a lot about deepfakes in 2020. It’s not that manipulating images is anything new, but with technology advantages and the increasing use of biometrics as an authentication tool, deepfakes ...
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The State of Cybersecurity Training and Certifications with Kevin Johnson

Top 10 Podcast Episodes from 2019

Thank you for supporting and listening to the show this year! Initial data on our download numbers show that we’ve grown our audience by over 40% in 2019! Having said that, if ...
Face/Off: Security challenges in the age of facial recognition

Face/Off: Security challenges in the age of facial recognition

Facial recognition faces its share of security threats but with constant evolution in the technology, it’s rapidly fighting back against these flaws ...