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Attack of the Killer USBs

FBI Issues Warning on FIN7 USB Stick Exploit

The FBI issued a warning that a group of threat actors from the FIN7 cybercrime group has resorted to an old trick—mailing USB sticks loaded with BadUSB malware to companies. The packages ...
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Phone Scam Targets Psychologists, All My Apes Gone, Supply Chain Skimmer Attack

Phone Scam Targets Psychologists, All My Apes Gone, Supply Chain Skimmer Attack

A phone scam targeting psychologists reveals that even professionals can become victims, stolen multi-million-dollar NFT’s results in a “all my apes gone” plea for help, and details on a skimmer supply chain ...
Authentically Inauthentic

Authentically Inauthentic

Part of the job of a social engineer is creating a good pretext or a good story, that you tell […] ...
ecrime Providing Security Be a Crime

APWG’s eCrime 2021 Symposium Shows Cybercrime Evolving

Cybercrime is here, it is dynamic and it is not going anywhere. The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) hosted its 16th annual Electronic Crime Research symposium, APWG eCrime 2021 in early December. The ...
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Elicitation –A Conversation with Intent

Elicitation –A Conversation with Intent

After a long day, you ask your child or significant other how their day was. Very likely, they will respond […] ...
Social Engineering News Impersonation

Social Engineering News: Impersonation

Social engineering attacks that employ impersonation tactics continue to plague companies. According to the FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report, the top 3 crimes reported in 2020 were phishing scams, non-payment/non-delivery ...
Burnout in Cybersecurity Community

Burnout in the Cybersecurity Community

It is Monday morning and 9am has come too early. You did not sleep well; that unfinished client report weighed […] ...
deep fakes Astoria Company hack

Your CEO Isn’t Real: How to Deal With Deep Fakes

The history of deep fake technology is surprisingly long. Researchers at academic institutions have been developing deep fake tech since the early 1990s. The idea is even older, as popular science fiction—like ...
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Social engineering attacks 2021

2021 Social Engineering Attacks: A Look Back

2021 Highlights 2021 has been a year full of everything from Kim and Kayne getting divorced, to a plethora of new social engineering attacks. Unlike the former, the latter issue ...
charitable giving Giving Tuesday

Securing Corporate Philanthropy on Giving Tuesday

Tomorrow, November 30, is Giving Tuesday, a day of emphasis on charitable giving both by individuals and organizations and enterprises. The Giving Tuesday movement came into being in 2012 to encourage generosity ...
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