What is Cloud Security and How it Works?

What is Cloud Security and How it Works?

Cloud security is a growing concern for businesses that rely on cloud-based services. The use of these services has become widespread over the past decade or so, but many companies still don't ...
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Sonrai Adds Ability to Determine Vulnerability Blast Radius

Sonrai Security today announced it has expanded its cloud security platform to include the ability to determine the potential blast radius of a vulnerability. The Sonrai Dig platform uses a graph engine ...
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How a Healthcare Provider Secures Its Cloud Infrastructure

Insights from a healthcare security executive on how automating risk mitigation and compliance boosted their cloud infrastructure security. The post How a Healthcare Provider Secures Its Cloud Infrastructure appeared first on Ermetic ...
Data Deletion: A cloud vulnerability

7 Cloud Vulnerabilities Endangering Your Data!

Over the last few years, cloud computing has been growing at a rapid rate. It has completely revolutionized the business world, enabling organizations to keep up with today’s increasingly digitized landscape.  According ...
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Rethinking Cloud Infrastructure Authentication

Hopefully, you’ve moved beyond “p4$$w0r9s” and use secure keys and multifactor authentication (MFA) for all of your cloud infrastructure. However, how many people have access to each little node, piece of software, ...
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Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure Security 

How is Cloud Infrastructure Security Important for an Organization? Embracing new technologies lead to qualitative growth but simultaneously holds high chances of quantitative data breaches. While adopting cloud technology, it is important ...
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Cloud Security Challenges in 2020

Cloud computing has given organizations the ability to harness the power of advanced infrastructure without incurring the upfront costs traditionally required for on-premises networks. Provisioning IT resources requires little knowledge of the ...
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Reduce Cloud Security Complexity With Zero Touch Automation

The increase in hybrid and multi-cloud environments has increased complexity for cloud security Technology has advanced at a rapid pace over the past 20 years, and companies have had to digitally innovate ...
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Cloud Audit Protection Against Security Threats

The post Cloud Audit Protection Against Security Threats appeared first on CCSI ...
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VMware Moves to Close Cybersecurity Loop

VMware announced the general availability of another CloudHealth by VMware service that detects vulnerabilities and threats in real-time while also identifying cloud infrastructure that is potentially at risk of being compromised. Jason ...
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