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Palo Alto Networks Updates CNAPP to Improve Cloud Security

Palo Alto Networks today updated its cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) with a dashboard that makes it easier to prioritize risks and incidents. In addition, the dashboard provides IT teams with more ...
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The Evolution of Cloud Security Posture Management CSPM

Reading Time: 6 minutes Get the right CSPM platform to automate your cloud against hundreds of configuration and security best practices ...
Introducing the Shared Security Model for Cloud Native

Introducing the Shared Security Model for Cloud Native

Launching ThreatMapper 1.4: A framework for defense against the evolving threat landscape – built by the community, for the community When public clouds first came into existence, cloud providers had to educate ...
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6.5TB of Sensitive Data Flies Away in Airline Cloud Data Breach

Reading Time: 4 minutes So What Happened? Just a few days ago, Pegasus Airline experienced a high-magnitude AWS data breach compromising 6.5TB of data. Ultimately, 23 million files were publicly exposed, including ...
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CNAPP and the World of Cloud Security

Recently we’ve been seeing more and more talk about CNAPP. It’s a relatively new term coined by Gartner that stands for cloud-native application protection platform. Gartner has added CNAPP to their hype ...
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Automation is the Top Cloud Security Priority

Two years of pandemic-forced remote work has shown how much organizations depend on cloud computing. Employees want to work at home, convinced they are more productive from a remote office than at ...
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CSPM: What You Need to Know in the Cloud

Cloud Security Posture Management, CSPM, is a valuable discipline that helps organizations discover and automatically remediate threats, misconfigurations, misuse, and […] The post CSPM: What You Need to Know in the Cloud ...
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Cloud Workload Security

Cloud observability and security are quickly becoming mainstays necessary to manage and secure cloud-based applications and infrastructure. At Black Hat 2021, Datadog announced their new Cloud Workload Security offering, providing real-time eBPF-powered ...
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Deloitte Acquires CloudQuest to Gain CSPM Platform

Deloitte this week announced it is acquiring CloudQuest to gain a cloud security posture management (CSPM) platform that it will now make available as part of the portfolio of security services it ...
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Making the Right Cloud Security Investments

With more remote workers, there is a greater need for cloud computing services. With more cloud computing, there is a greater need for cloud security. An Exabeam study found that companies are ...
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